Aces Strategy

The 24/7 AM technique for getting Aces (9’s and 10’s) in the club. Either you approach them in the beginning, when most guys are struck with intimidation, OR if you miss that window create tons of line of sight in the end. Based on my pulls of women who are “Aces”, option 1 works the easiest.

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Each Social Demographic has an idea of what an attractive male is, in terms of looks, cultural education, and habits. Knowing this can boost your game and you will get attraction by default because of your preconceived first impression. This is also the reason why you should calibrate your image based on the scene you’re into and not do something foolish, like Peacocking.

When you have your Archetype customized to the crowd you want to attract, by default you won’t get rejection problems like PUA’s do, because you’re not totally off beat to what they know attractiveness is. So, if you’re a boy next door with a preppy look, you might attract College girls because you’re in that demographic of attractiveness. Archetype management reduces rejection by A LOT if used well.

Listen: Archetype and Date Conversion Podcast Click Here


Child-Like Excitement

A compilation of energy, genuine excitement, and curiosity. When you’re in a venue with a celebratory mood, it creates a natural vibe that magnetizes women. Pre-partying and being the “manager” or “ambassador” of the venue are add-on skills to make it happen even more.

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See: 24/7 Attractive Man Podcast #2 – Troy Interviews Europe Instructor Julian Falcon

Commitment Wheel

One of the hallmark foundations of the 24/7 AM System, the Commitment Wheel is based on the saying, “small leads to big.” You shouldn’t ask for big commitments first from women, but start small and gradually build it up. It can be over hours, days, or even weeks or months. For pulling women on the same night the Commitment Wheel must be much sharper and that version is taught specifically on the Masterclass Live Programs.

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Core Values

Core Values are your base beliefs, mantras, or rules simplified so she can easily connect with it. Core Values are the keys to agreement, instant connections, and long term bonding. This requires a proper environment to do so, and of course a woman who’s intelligent enough to share what she’s about!


Date Conversion

Using a specific set of skills carefully used in conjunction with a 247 Attractive Man’s lifestyle to seamlessly, successfully and REPEATEDLY do the following:

1) Getting/Influencing women to go out with on dates, and

2) Getting a romantic and/or sexual outcome from these dates

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Dilutent Effect

The total opposite of Singularity of Purpose. The Dilutent Effect happens when you introduce multiple threads and tangents of conversation to the point where the actual purpose of the interaction (A Sexual or Romantic Outcome) dissipates. Also happens when one over talks or does not sexualize the interaction.


A Dimension means a side of your personality. Like a six-sided dice, we have many sides to our personality. Conveying those, with the Duality of Humanity, is a better, non-needy, and more consistent way to get women attracted to you. Every 247 Attractive Man instructor is a Master “Dimensions Flipper.”

Double Relate

The conversational technique that uses a “double bind” – when you tell 2 opposite spectrums in one sentence, with a “but” or “sometimes” to show the duality of humanity. This goes VERY WELL when it comes to Relatability.


I’m an extrovert and sometimes an introvert (or vice versa)

I love classy places where I can dress up in a tux or a suit, but every now and then I just want to put a t-shirt on and play pool at the local bar.

I think I’m crazy at times. I think too much about partying and guzzling a LOT of alcohol, but in truth I’m a lightweight.

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Duality of Humanity

The psychological concept that utterly CRUSHES the nice guy syndrome. Knowing that we, as humans are both good and bad, perfect and imperfect, helps us 24/7 Attractive Men become very relatable to women, thus creates closeness and comfort.

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A Hallmark technique we use to embed the future into a woman’s imagination as a possibility of a further date through words.  It is an art form on its own and requires good word play, critical thinking of future time lines, and a REAL personality to draw her into.

See: Audio: How do I Seal the Date and Have Her Not Flake


High Point

The uniqueness (and effectiveness) of the escalation we have at 24/7 is based on the knowledge of high points – knowing when the interaction is at it’s peak – when things are going well. Once you hit a high point in the interaction, there are only two options to go from there – Lead or Leave. If you decide NOT to do any of these two options, you will then move on to a low point of the interaction and it will fizzle. The KEY attribute in becoming good at high points is DISCIPLINE…. discipline to NOT get carried away by your increasing successes within the interaction…. discipline to actually push control when it’s needed the most. ALL ESCALATION IS BASED ON HIGH POINTS.

See: 24/7 Attractive Community Success Reports



Our short word for planting a seed, an idea, a core value in a woman’s head during preconceived seduction. Just like a seed we water that idea during the actual seduction, and get the girl.

Instant Date

An Instant date is a date you make “on the spot” when you’ve reached a high point in the conversation with a woman in the day time, and one of your next best options is to lead it somewhere. It’s quite fun because it starts up the commitment wheel and makes her more familiar with you, and it can be a high because normally guys don’t think they can just pick up women from a book store, park bench, or even the street.

See: The Instant Date – Should You Do It?


Girly Hormones

When you project dominance through very good nonverbals, i.e.

1. Steady eye contact

2. Standing your ground and not swaying your body too much

3. Not looking away while talking to her, and

4. Having good voice projection

Girls will usually become more “feminine” – they’ll start giggling, waving their hair, sway around, get a bit shy. That’s when you know they’re going “girly hormones” over you. It means your dominance via body language worked.

Green light

This means lead or go home/lead or get blue balls. Leaving is not an option. This is especially used in one night stands or same night lays, but needs exceptional ability to spot the high points and act upon them, as well as using singularity of purpose on the sexual vibe as well as good logistical knowledge to pull off. Some clients and instructors have done 5-minute, 14-minute, and even daytime green lights. The fastest recorded green light ever was 10 seconds, and that was done with some heavy line of sight and preconceived seduction. Oh, and do not forget to put a natural barrier as well.



A Star Wars analogy of the character Jar-Jar Binks. This generally means a person that does and says things that no one gives a fuck about. This could be also because of that person’s eccentricities and being a total non-prospect.

The Result? You’re never taken seriously and your dick continues to stay virginized. (credit for the definition: Darth T-Pain)


“Bro, stop being a Jar-Jar!” which means, “Dude no one cares about what you’re saying.” (credit: Cool VP Henry)


Kaboom Girl

A woman with IMPACT. She’s got swagger, awesome posture, and wherever she goes she turns heads and breaks necks. She is also archetyped out and has a body of a stunner.

“What makes a girl a Kaboom Girl? Think about it. What makes something go Kaboom… IMPACT.” – Prototype


Line Of Sight

An infield technique used for Preconceived Seduction where you should be within women’s field of vision, as opposed to being surrounded by a big crowd or choosing to just hang out in the shadows. The premise is that women are visual, and because you’re within their “line of sight” they can pretty much decide on you even before you approach them. Obviously doing this right, by using acts of conveyance and credibility, can put things to your favor. Do it wrong, i.e. acting lost, dumbfounded, or without anyone to talk to, and you’re toast.


Love Chemicals/Love Cocktails

The effect inside of a woman when you convey the Five Attributes consistently over a period of time, whether short or long term. When she feels a chemical reaction inside of her towards you she will then decide to go after you.

See: What is Preconceived Seduction? Part 2 – Eliminating Misconceptions


Meet Up

A non-needy, non-pushy, “showcase myself” date. Most generic guys will dash fast to an isolated, high pressure date upon one positive sign from a woman. In 247 AM we take our time to let the women REALLY WANT US… by doing low-pressure, come-over-meet-my-friends activity dates where the women comes over and decides herself that you are truly attractive… minus all the problems guys face when isolating a girl with a date.

Mutual Agreement

The effect of “keeping it real” and speaking from your gut from the get go is instant agreement from women in conversations. This is a powerful prerequisite for everything to happen afterwards. When your thoughts are immediately validated and she connects with you the possibilities are endless… but conversation wise this must be achieved. The way to do it is by speaking from your gut and not caring about initial reactions. Whether its bad or good, you’ve made an impression and conveyed leadership, which is a plus plus.

Most men that are into conversational systems that relate to women have this problem of establishing Mutual Agreement because basically in convos they keep agreeing and allow themselves to be trampled. Check our Relating to Women article for more on that!

Mutual Agreement is covered heavily in the January Champions of Choice Release, Conversational Leading/Dance Game. Back Order it Here Right Now!

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Natural Barriers (Verbal)

A Natural barrier is the most excellent test to see if your Commitment Wheel is going to push further. You do this by verbally producing obstacles or problems for her and see if she goes out of her way to go past it. Only do a natural barrier when you’ve ascertained that you are a prospect.


“Don’t you have work tomorrow?”

“Don’t you have to tend to your guests?”

“Aren’t you a nurse? Don’t nurses work everyday?”

“I’d kiss you, but there are too many people around.”

When they jump through that, kaboom your Commitment Wheel just got further.



The 247 AM Definition of our Social Network… which includes female friends/prospects/lovers/FBuddies as well as friends and allies.

Planting Seeds

The hallmark psychology of Preconceived Seduction. This involves being patient, and carefully dropping “seeds” to set up a seduction. This is usually in form of verbal seeds (such as core values, sexual hints and innuendo, and foreshadowing)


Simple Mutual Agreement Statements (SMAS)

Short, obvious statements used in the beginning of the interaction to gain agreement, called the “yes effect.” This greatly reduces any rejection factor and opens a window to more conversation.

Example # 1: When I see a Woman shading herself from the sun with her file : Xavier : Someone should get a gun and shoot down the sun. Girl : Haha yah! (Mutual Agreement High Point) It’s been like this the whole week!

Example #2: When I see a Woman holding a drink at a club : Xavier : Cheers! -Hold glass out for her to clink- Girl : Cheers! -Begin conversation-

Example #3: I see a girl in the bookstore holding an interesting book Xavier: That book is so good, it’s actually on my coffee table when I bring guests to my house. Girl: Yeah I know! Post Secret is too awesome to ignore!

Sky Scraper Theory

The saying, “Women are Sand Castles, they can easily change with the tide or the wind… We Men are Skyscrapers… we are strong and are made of steel foundations…” is the premise of unshakability.  This means that as a man, you should start from an inward change first, getting together what you believe in, what you want… be FIRM with it, and deliver that outwardly. It also means you do not want to “put too much stock” into what women say. What matters is what YOU want and what YOU want to say.

Watch: 48-Minute Video on Unshakability

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Social Domination

When you’ve mastered becoming incredibly social and charismatic, and you can literally work the room, you’ve got social domination.

See: Nolo Talks Venue Domination Basics

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State of Fascination

Also known as “the stratosphere” or state of heightened mood and excitement. This is the main goal when using tactics and techniques learned during Instant Connections Formula, and is a prerequisite to charming a woman or influencing people in general.

Take: Instant Connections Formula Online Seminar (See Schedule)


Time Calibration

Used during Night time on bars and clubs. It’s important to know the STAGES of how the night progresses in these venues:

10:00-11:30 PM – Vibing/Making Friends/Building Allies/Setting Up Sexual Seeds

11:30-12:30 AM – Music becomes more pumped up/Mini-Leading Stage/Build on your Allies

12:30-1:30 AM – Music becomes SO loud it becomes difficult to pick up/time to collect from Allies/Isolate women or bounce them

1:30-3:00 AM – Post club Conversations/Set up the Bounce


Vibe Shutdown

A Vibe Shutdown occurs when you go out with the explicit intent of picking up women, either with simply just the intention or having a set of scripted openers, lines, and routines in your back pocket. The lack of pre-partying also contributes to a vibe shutdown. Because of the lack of genuineness and spontaneity most guys just “turn off” when going into social places especially when they don’t get the reactions or external validations they need.

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Woo Woo Mentality/Shit

Mainly part of the Positivity Problem where guys hype themselves up and overly use their emotions to motivate themselves, then things fall flat in their faces because “Woo Woo” blinds awareness and the assessment of the situation. Imagine a crack addict getting all excited. After being told there are chicks below the 30 foot ditch he’s SO EXCITED he jumps off the ditch and dies. That’s an analogy right there.

I have to quote one of my students here who said that Woo Woo only works for a SINGULAR purpose, like say doing 20 push ups, or opening a group when you’re nervous, but other than that, Woo Woo is absolutely useless and gives you more problems than good things. Rather than work on solid premises or foreshadowing, Woo Woo guys don’t get laid systematically because of low or zero awareness.

Here’s an example from Pro athletes. When a professional football or basketball or soccer team is down and they need to go for the win, they don’t get together like the Mightly Ducks (see the movie) and go “quack! quack! quack! quack!!!” to hype themselves up, do they?

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