Why Follow the Path to Become 247 Attractive (Part 1)

Hey guys, today its “uncle tom” wise words time from Troy Dizon…

To gain motivation and purpose in anything you do in life, you must understand the WHY first. If you’re gonna put your eggs in THIS basket – read and apply our teachings, sign up to be a COC member, take a Masterclass — you must be clear about WHY you’re doing this.

If you’re not that clear on doing this, let me give you some very powerful reasons so you don’t turn this stuff into a stupid computer game hobby like those PUA’s out there.

So WHY do this?

Because of two things. Let’s start with the first one and then tomorrow I’ll send u the second one. Now don’t forget that we have around 45 FREE Lessons and 2 FREE EBOOKS on becoming 247 Attractive starting from gaining quality friends to where to meet better women to actually excelling in dates so put your email below to start receiving them.

Okay back to the first powerful reason.

First Powerful Reason: Do this to Gain Experience

Look I’m 29 years old, and whatever most of you guys are trying to get out of dating I probably achieved in my early 20’s. Let me just say that the journey on how to get good with women and actually experiencing it first hand is one of the most fulfilling paths I’ve ever taken.

My mega-wise, always youthful father once told me, “son, experience always counts because its something that can never be taken away from you.” Its true. You can’t refute anyone with enough experience. This is also the reason why most men who know better listen and follow my advice to a T.

Isn’t it funny that the guys who usually “rate” women are the ones that can’t even get them in the first place?? That in itself shows lack of experience with women. Don’t be this guy because its embarrassing. If you don’t have experience don’t be judgmental.

Being with a wonderful, beautiful, sexy, smart woman is only but a figure of our imagination in the beginning.  Especially when we don’t really have much experience, we can just base things out of the theoretical.

I used to look at a woman and base it just off her looks, or her sense of style, or her body type. Nice legs, nice butt, perfect smile, “smiling eyes”, wavy hair… you name it.

So I used JUST THAT as my basis, and dated LOTS of women who I liked physically. Yes, I dated a few models who I thought were attractive cuz that’s what I thought, then sometimes I dated the girl next door (which I actually like better). Other than satisfying my lust and the need for a warm body to sleep with that night, I found out that it wasn’t just enough over time and I started looking beyond that.

Then as I learned some of the basics of meeting women, I realized that there were things that I NEEDED past just looks to actually satisfy me. Things like a vibrant personality, ability to laugh at her own mistakes, and confidence not shyness.

I started using my gut to feel out certain women, and realized that some instantly turned me off even if they were physically beautiful. I always get turned off by shy girls who can’t open up. I also got to meet confident women the more I got better.

THEN as I dated more of those women, I realized that there were more things I wanted, such as a down to earth personality, values, survival instincts, and the ability to keep a relationship.

More importantly, I’ve learned to AVOID certain women or personality types of women that I don’t want to be around, thus lessening the amount of stress I will have to deal with the future and yet again make me focus on the cream of the crop women.

And that’s how I keep ending up with women that I want. Even as I grew up and evolved as a man I can say that nearly every time I’ve gotten the women that I’ve always wanted. This is from a THIRST to gain experience.

Most people end up in relationships they don’t want.  You may or may not be in this category but just look at the divorce rate for starters. Do you really want to settle for less or settle just because she was the best thing you could ever get? I think not.

So keep the purpose alive, and you’ll be motivated every day to be the man YOU can be proud of.

(oh, and don’t forget to attend my FREE SEMINAR online this Saturday while you’re at a moment of clarity :))



2 Comments to “Why Follow the Path to Become 247 Attractive (Part 1)”

  1. By A From Cali, February 3, 2011 @ 3:20 am

    This post rings true on so many levels! What has been so great about my experience in working with Troy is that I’ve been able to put myself in the position of truly having quality options to choose from in terms of who I’d like to pursue. Moreover, I feel that although it’s commonplace for people to say “oh just date lots of people and get out there,” I get the sense that a lot of guys – including me in the past – never even reach a point where they’re dating multiple people at the same time or even consecutively within a short timeframe. In my own life, I think I almost viewed being single as this terrible/annoying purgatory between relationships where I’d just have to suffer until I somehow came across someone worth pursuing – just one… and then I would tunnel-vision focus on just that one girl until voila, I ended back up in a relationship.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve found that now that I’m flirting with and dating multiple girls (all of whom I would totally consider as being my type in one way or another), my list of “requirements” has subsequently sharpened as well – and in part I do think it is a result of the opportunity for direct comparison. Obviously no girl is perfect and I’m most certainly far from it, but maybe one girl likes to dance and I love to dance, and another girl doesn’t dance isn’t interested at all… which is a bit of a deal breaker for me. Or one girl is really outgoing while the other one is a little more shy and reserved… and quite frankly, I’m fairly quiet at heart so I need a girl that’s automatically a bit of an energizer bunny to balance me out.

    Long story short: Can’t wait for part 2 of this article, and in the meantime I encourage you all to work on your lifestyle, etc. and put yourself in a position of being able to honestly feel like you can make a choice, because that makes all the difference.

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