The What to Say Next Problem

Do you bore girls to death? Keep reading fellas... keep reading.

The What to Say Next Problem is one of the biggest problems men have ever undertaken since the other problem called, “get a job and make money.” When you’re out on a date, or at the bar, or are just simply having a conversation with a woman, this problem is what prevents you from actually expanding your current dating rotation to where it should be.

We meet women everywhere and that is a FACT. Whether you’re at school, work, at the bar, or with friends, it is an absolute excuse when men say they don’t know anyone around them that they’d actually like to pursue something romantic or sexual with. Its just an excuse because for the past how many years of their lives, every time they’ve engaged in a conversation the problem has always been WHAT TO SAY NEXT.

Most of their conversations stall after a couple of exchanges, and then they’re usually left with only three options:

1) Push forward with questions, like, “so, how’s your mom?” :)

2) Try hard to come up with a Hail Mary topic, “so, guess who’s going to Italy next year,” hoping it will “hook”…


3) Bail out embarrassingly

Most of you guys who are reading this now are doing one or the other, or ALL THREE. I guarantee you that if that’s what you’re doing you’ve missing the point ALMOST EVERY TIME. I’m sure that at one point you just freaking wonder why the “magic” hasn’t happened yet. Most of you will wonder from here how you can navigate through the murky path of getting closer to a sexual outcome given the fact that she’s been to Italy and she loves spending Summer in Tuscany. You wonder how you can get that happy ending when she’s been talking about her mom nonstop for about 30 minutes.

That’s even GIVEN you use these failed strategies. Most guys won’t even get to this point and end with the What to Say Next Probem. So, let me give you guys what’s been keeping us at 247 away from this problem. A lot of these strategies I will talk about in the next Champions of Choice audio release, Social Domination 2.0, which should be out tomorrow Midnight.

The first pointer is understanding your Time Constraints of conversations with women. If you listened to the last podcast I launched on Tumblr, you don’t have much time. She will only have a small window of LEGITIMATE SEXUAL/ROMANTIC INTEREST, and that’s given you look and act the part. If you do, then your verbals should do the job. Again, you must understand that there’s not a whole lot of time for her to respond sexually to you.

Now that you understand the window is small, that means you’re going to stop trying to win this convo like a marathon. Think sniper. Come in, make your point, get the effect, get out. Don’t go for the long-run and then end up with the What to Say Next Problem and you miss that window of her prospecting you as a stud.

The second pointer is to literally not talk about ANYTHING that will divert to boring, non-sexual, and non-exciting topics. Anything depressing like how your job sucks, how you wish the other American Idol winner won, or how bad the traffic was today should be eliminated. This could be incredibly difficult for you conversationalist guys, who literally have no one else to talk to in their lives other than the girls at the bar. Try having some friends and confidantes to talk to about your other life stories, but when its time to come into the arena, you better have your best on. You’re here to win not talk and then later be lets-just-be-friended. Be more efficient and reserve certain stories for those “kaboom” moments when you meet a girl you reall like.

The third pointer is to use STORIES. Instead of topics, which most guys don’t really put any color to, stories are what girls really latch onto the most. Its their primary mode of communication… and anyone who’s been around mom, the sister, the aunts, and the girlfriend KNOW that this is how they talk. Women don’t really care about the “weight” of any topic per se, but they care about the “journey” and the “details” in a story that make them so fascinated. One of my favorite RnB artists, Neyo, was once asked why his songs were so damn relatable, and he said that he was raised around women all his life, and he used the stories they told as topics for all his songs. Genius.

How stories can get you out of the what to say next problem is easy. The fact that there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end to the story, plus all the applicable details create MANY opportunities for a girl to react, relate, and come up with a story of her own. A journey full of color and details makes for a much more free-flowing conversation than coming up with a topic that has a 50/50 chance of being relatable. I’ve heard some guys bring up topics that might seem interesting to them, but are completely not interesting to the girl. The problem? NO STORY.

A Story also makes things more understandable. A girl might not know anything about Diablo 3, but when you tell the story of the midnight pandemonium when it got released, or you playing the thing when you were in high school, or the fact that its just awesome to kill demons on the computer, it makes things understandable to women even if they aren’t even remotely aware of what you are talking about.

Now, this is all assuming you’re a follower of 247 Attractive Man. We specifically teach our readers and clients to lead exciting lives and really get their shit together as the back bone of everything they do. Remember, that lifestyle is still needed to pull this off. A pig is still a pig, even if you put lip stick on it. If you need guidance on the lifestyle aspect make sure you call me and we can talk about the Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program.

So, when you combine the lethal cocktail of understanding the time constraints, avoiding “death” stories, and be incredibly masterful in telling stories to women, the What to Say Next problem will be the last thing that’s on your mind. The only problem you’d be worried about is what exciting story to tell because you’ve got a handful in your back pocket just waiting to unload. Imagine killing it every time you engage in a conversation with a quality girl. That’s what we’re all about.

This coming weekend, May 26th is our 2-hour online seminar on Skype called Instant Connections Formula. Its a specialized seminar where we teach our own unique brand of storytelling which is the TRUE SHORT CUT to getting attraction from women. We’ll go over how to construct the stories, how to deliver them, and when to do them.

The early sign ups is over, but you can still join the Instant Connections Formula seminar by signing up HERE. Even if you can’t attend for any reason signing up will get you the recording of the seminar itself.

Again, I hope to see you on our May 26 Instant Connections Formula Online Seminar on Skype. Sign up HERE and you can get the slot and the recording.


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