Troy Dizon Video Blog: On Winners and Losers

This is what happens when you live in a hotel waiting for another Europe bootcamp… you start video blogging and dropping golden nuggets. This message is great especially for those just starting out, and for those who are making the effort and are persisting along. Keep the faith guys!

If you missed my article that has Invisible Returns on it CLICK HERE

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  1. By Gel O. Shot, January 30, 2012 @ 2:38 am

    Yeah man, I totally feel you on this.

    I hold a lot of the same beliefs you mentioned here man, though I think from a different perspective. I once read this article that said that spending your money on experiences is much more fulfilling than spending on possessions. I thought about this, I mean, in my head, buying those new sneakers or unloading on a ton of new electronic gadgets seemed like what most people would love to spend their money on, and make them feel good.

    But then I realized 2 things about that:

    1) You don’t get many stories out of it.

    When you look back into your past, the best stories always come from “I did/went…” not “I had/owned…” We don’t look at life for the things we’ve had, and people won’t be interested in our lives if all we talk about are possessions. Its always more interesting and entertaining to relay events, and we’ve always been hardwired to love experiences.

    I mean, a car is just a car, but if it were the car that Sean Connery used in Goldfinger, for example, the price goes up, why? because the object went through an experience. We should value ourselves the same way. Its not about what we’ve got but what we’ve been through.

    2) Experiences help you grow

    Sure you have a new camera, or a new iPad. They’re still tools, tools that should help you develop. If you’re using your iPad for presentations, or to help you take down notes or as a compact version of a computer that you need, then great. But if all you’ve got your iPad for is to show it off or play Angry Birds all the time, then that’s a waste of money.

    Experiences give you the opportunity to grow, to gain perspective, and to understand yourself and the world around you that much better. These are things that will help you pick-up women, and more importantly improve your life. The more you’ve done the more valuable you feel, the more confidence you gain and the more valuable people will perceive you.

    Invisible Returns put you into a position to do all that, so yeah… its a pretty huuuge deal. I never heard that term before watching this, so thanks man for putting more structure into my thought process. Till the next one! haha

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