Troy Dizon Review: Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend

Treat yourself the Best, and you'll get the Best - TD

The 247 Attractive Man System – Troy’s concepts of 247 AM are literally instructions for life of a winner. And isn’t it funny how people say “I wish life had instructions”? If you understand it with the right mentality and practice what he preaches until it’s part of you, you can’t lose. I truly understand now the worst enemy you have is no one else but yourself. It can be adapted to anyone. For me, it was the mentality shift and views on how I look at each things Troy helped me achieve.

I was going through my first questionnaires he sent me before my first Private Instruction camp and well I’ll just copy and paste few of them. It’s like a glimpse of where my mentality was at the time and where it would’ve been heading if I hadn’t met Troy.

a) What are your strengths, talents, accomplishments, things you’re proud of. Good things others notice in you.
I honestly don’t even know. As a child I’ve been taught not to be a bragger. I don’t care about being recognized even if I should be recognized, rather I’m SCARED to be recognized sometimes.

e) What is your Vision for your dating and social life 2-6 months ahead?

I want to make it a “hobby” to just talk to any girl I want to talk to, or rather a daily routine so I don’t give a shit if one tries to play that hard to get game with me. I can just move on.

Lol. And this was just about 15 months ago and it’s still painful to read for me. I’ll attempt to explain what my mentality was like at the time.

I went through most of his programs starting with COCs to the Lifestyle Retreat and I continue to follow him to this day because his mentoring gave me verifiable legit result after result over that amount of time. I realized when it came to Troy whether in person or off, he had a purpose whether it was business, social interactions, archetype, social media, and fitness, there’s a purpose and when he made a decision. He focuses on detail of the direction he is headed from how he is headed to why he is headed to his goal. Also, he played every scenario like a chess, depending on the situation, he put the best foot forward accordingly and always ready. In the other hand, my life was full of hobbies on auto pilot and usual comfortable habits to a linear method way of thinking. For example, habitually, every morning my first goal was to get to work. I thought about going to work and coming back home to eat and sleep. On my way to work, I never thought about the directions I’m taking to get to work which ended up in arriving there unconsciously. I was busy thinking about how works gonna suck and blam! The next thing I know I’m at work. Everything just “happened” for me. I had a goal but “waited” for something good to come along “hoping” for the best.

Inside I deeply hated an idea of just letting things happen to me and having no control over what I do and want. It translated to how I walk, positioning, and even my goal of “I want to make it a “hobby” to just talk to any girl I want to talk to, or rather a daily routine so I don’t give a shit if one tries to play that hard to get game with me so I can just move on.” It’s no surprise I didn’t have any motivation or confidence to go for what I want when I was hoping something good would happen to me, and when it came to women, it was the same.

Recently, I went through Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend. It wasn’t really focused on women but rather on his life. I remember talking about his ethics on business, economy, the way he was raised, my point of view and his view on it and etc. It was basically how he lived his life. And there was one thing that had an impact on my mentality. I remember sitting at a Cadillac dealership and Troy pointing out the salesman’s name tag. It had his name and PHD from Texas Tech but yet he was a salesman and his income was dependent on so many variables. I remember thinking “so you spent what, 8years at least at school educating yourself and now you’re in full of debt and you still need your boss’s permission to negotiate for your sale?” And there was Troy was sitting next to me here buying a Cadillac doing what he loves out of choice. A big difference. I looked at myself as well later on that week. Being in the military, I’m constantly told what to do or what to focus on. We all wear the same uniform, follow the same rules, and everything is about the same. It’s not something I can change but I do have the power to change my mentality and how I view it. I see military as a blessing to train myself to make it into something that has a reason for me for the next few years that’s left. I study the leaders of military and learn what works and what doesn’t learning from their mistakes, I like to study each individual to see where they come from and how I can adapt to them for my purposes, and also it helps me create details of who I will surround myself with and associate with to achieve a full filling life when it’s time for me to depend on solely on myself for my life. I learned the most powerful tool is your desire to want the choice, to want control over life, and to have the mentality of a winner.

To this day I see Troy traveling all around the world doing what HE loves, with a woman that HE wants by his side. Troy does what he preaches in everything he does. I lived most of my life believing things merely happen to people due to luck. However, he’s the walking example of the opposite. On top of it, living that side of the life, I can tell you it sucks and you have no motivation and see time as worthless virtue and effects you as a whole. Now, I am in another country where I don’t know anyone and for now I cut off connections with all the friends I grew up with back in the states to help me focus on myself and go for what I want. To help others at first I need to be selfish in what I want. It feels good to know that you can have the power to do anything and it starts with the decision to believe in it. And now I see why women are just beneficial.

It’s still a challenge for me to get out of my lifelong habits and I’m no where near where I want to be , but what value would it give you if you get it easily? (even with women) With help of Troy’s 247 AM system and his mentoring, and the mentality of mine continuously shifting to the right direction, I feel that things are going to change drastically in the next few years and continue til I die. A big thanks to Troy and his system


247 Attractive Man, Texas

PS: There are 2 available slots for Private Instruction/The Magic Weekend in Asia before I leave for the US, that’s the March 30-April 1 Weekend as well as the April 6-8 Weekend. If you are interested IMMEDIATELY email us at or skype me at tdtroy10 so we can iron out the details as soon as possible.

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