Excerpts from Troy’s Fashion Book: Fashion, Credibility Dates, and Wilmer Valderrama

Being in more short term relationships and long enough long term relationships than you can count with your fingers ten times over, I can say that the reality is that looks DO matter.

Do you know what it feels like showing off a hot girlfriend, or at least going out with an insanely hot friend? Almost every guy has that very attractive friend that needs a pal to have drinks at the bar or watch a movie with, and though some of us end up at the friend’s zone, we can all agree that it’s an indescribable feeling. Your smiles are ear to ear, your posture is great, and your face is GLOWING with pride. Why? Because the girl in your arms is so attractive that you’d love for everyone to see her. It makes you attractive by association and that’s why it feels awesome. It feels great looking at all those people thinking “how the heck did HE land her?”

From a woman’s side, I’ll tell you this: Women don’t need you to look like a Channing Tatum. Although I consider myself as a very attractive man, I certainly do not have the looks of Mr. Tatum nor am I close. I have, however, FELT like a Channing Tatum. I’ve been the guy that she talks up to her friends a lot; the one she’s excited to bring out to birthdays, soirees, parties and so forth, and the one she loves to take photos with for those memorable moments. I am not Channing Tatum, but I sure know how he feels. I know it when I’m on a date with a girl and we accidentally bump into her friends. I often time see the twinkle in her eye when they do their whole “girlfriend wink” at each other in a subtle gesture of mutual agreement.

Put simply, its called PRIDE. She’s proud of her man and she wants to flaunt him.

For me, and most attractive women I’ve had the pleasure of sharing thoughts with, they say that they really want in a man initially are the following:

1) That he is PRESENTABLE, and

2) That he can be CONFIDENT in the face of her friends

That’s the minimum. Fortunately for us, our fashion sense does the job for both goals. Our fashion sense makes us presentable, and when we get the positive external evidences from that, we BECOME more and more confident during these outings with our dates.


One of my favorite serial daters that usually gets what he wants is Wilmer Valderrama, of “That 70’s Show” fame. During his hey day, he’s dated the who’s who of Hollywood debutantes. Lets see, there’s Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashlee Simpson, Minka Kelly, Avril Lavigne, Mila Kunis and Demi Lovato. That’s a pretty impressive rotation over his 20’s that most mere mortals will never touch. Now what really intrigued me about him was that he wasn’t the rock star type or over the top in any way. He was cool, relaxed, confident, and presentable. For years I tried to read up on him and even emulate things he did dating wise, especially how low key he was.

The big thing about Wilmer is that he rarely, rarely takes women out on one on one dates. I guess being a Hollywood actor going for Hollywood actresses can have a certain social pressure to it. There’s the paps (short for paparazzi), the tabloids, and possibly career conflicts for both. In the non-celebrity world, there might not be flashing cameras, brazen fans, and tabloid covers, but you can see something very similar. In any woman’s world there is such a thing called REPUTATION. That reputation is based on who she talks to, dates, and sleeps with. There’s definitely some pressure in that.

How do we overcome the pressures a woman encounters when it comes to dating? We try to lessen it. We want to be as low key as Wilmer when he does it. But how can you do that when you’re pretty dangerous? When you’re a charming, well-dressed, and confident character that can make average women nervous? When a girl goes out on a date and her mother hen knows its just some loser who will treat her to a free $50 dinner and a movie, the alarm bells never really go up. However, when the guy she’s with sounds like danger, i.e. someone who can actually GET with her over the course of the night and make her forget she left her panties in his condo, then the date might not even happen.

That’s the problem with guys nowadays. They are so anxious to get women on one-on-one dates. They want them alone, perhaps with the logical sense that it will lead to some intimate scenario, but what happens is usually the opposite. They end up forcing the scenario on women without the women feeling the moment, and it goes bust. It’s really the reason most men are stuck on the first and second dates. Matter of fact, most guys can’t even get girls to go out with them because of that pressure. She’s still 50/50 on whether you’re presentable with her so why should she sign on the dotted line to go out with you?

Being a man known for having excellent fashion, it makes absolutely no sense to isolate and bring a woman to a one on one scenario because you’re not winning multiple times over. As a fashionable man, your goal is to be flaunted over and over to as many of her friends as possible. This creates a huge demand for you as most of her friends end up complimenting her for having a great choice of a date, and well, that will then make her put an electric fence over you and lock you down for herself. This has been Wilmer’s (and my own) style for the past how many years. It’s popularly known within 247 AM as the Credibility Date. By agreeing and booking  group dates, and appearing very presentable and confident to her friends you can make her want YOU instead. Plus, if for any reason the date doesn’t pan out, you’ve met several possible prospects in her friends who could probably want you for themselves as well.

I’m sure that a lot of you who are reading this have long term goals of dating someone notable. What I mean is that you’re learning this hopefully to get a girl that’s exceptional: in looks, smarts, how she carries herself, and of course her values as a woman. With that, you have to understand that dating a woman like that has pressures that come from outside forces: her friends, her friends, and well…. her friends. The best way to get around that in one shot, is to obviously become presentable, and confident in the face of pressure. Having an excellent sense of fashion, as I’ve said before, accomplishes that handily.

Have excellent fashion, and use the Credibility Date, and you’ll be flawless in dating notable women like Wilmer (and me)….

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  1. By Red, July 21, 2012 @ 3:41 am

    wow. a relevant situation actually happened where i insisted on a one-on-one and thus blew it. troy, you never cease to hit the right buttons

    btw that’s just awesome about valderrama, i’m just used to him being the weird exchange student on that 70’s lol

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