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Hey, whats up everyone.

I get asked all the time on how the heck I’m able to churn out some of the best content that everyone who is a real man (and not a pick up fartist) looks for at the speed of a Lamborghini Super Veloce.

I have never failed to send great content via our DAILY Free Mastermind Emails, our Champions of Choice products every 15th, my Twitter account and our site articles.

I am also currently a dating columnist, fitness and conditioning trainer, and soon to be relationship advice expert for both men and women.

It’s simple.

I’m able to do all this because the truth is men want to have that long term goal of being the complete package.

To have the power of choice with women, a sound mind and body, financial stability and a quality social network (not to mention spiritual and emotional health), is definitely the holy grail for many men who believe that they have the capability to get there.

It doesn’t matter of you’re in your teens, twenties, thirties, fourties or fifties… you may outgrow picking up chicks at the bar, but you’ll never outgrow wanting the Holy Grail of being a complete package.

Being this type of attractive man will echo into your kids in the future and your next generation. It’s that important. When you factor in what happens in your daily lives 90% of the time, you’ll realize that there must be an evolving, forward moving path to being good in all areas of life or else you’ll end up in the black hole of mediocrity as time passes you by and that will SUCK.

Can it be done? Of course it can be done. I believe I’m there, and so are many other men I’ve “raised” into this beautifully crafted system.

Unfortunately, most pick up freaks and weirdos out there don’t think that way. For some reason they’ve been sold to the idea that phone numbers, mini-reactions, and hanging around fellow freaks who “sarge” is their own holy grail. For that they are stuck with the Underdog Mentality, limited self-knowledge, limited social advantages, and almost no credible, consistent results in the areas I just mentioned (not just women).

2 Years or less into it and they’re GONE. Then one day they’ll wake up to the fact that its really stupid and inconsistent. THEN they’ll go back to their normal lives, which is now WORSE because they’ve accumulated bad habits AND missed out on life the entire time. Sad. I remember seeing this guy who I met in the community back in 2004. I still see him in the gym looking real awkward, no social interactions, and from what it appears no friends.

I believe that after 8 years of doing NON-PICK UP ARTIST STUFF, we can provide men with the path to the holy grail…. over awesome products and programs that are either already launched or about to be launched. Believe me, once you get to figuring out at least 75% of the Holy Grail you won’t ever have to worry about going to the club, or doing day game, or whatever pick up stuff these clowns are doing.

2011 is going to be yet another awesome year. We’re going to improve and diversify on our strengths, and improve on the little kinks that we need to. Rest assured, we’ll give you guys what you WANT and NEED to become the complete package.

Here’s something to ponder on while you continue to read the free mastermind emails or get your COC member’s packs:

The goal is to create the best you and attract the person you want who is right next to you, whether its the hottie in the local sorority or at the dance class, or the group of girls at the party you got invited to, or the super cute bank teller who handles your checks every day. If you can’t attract the person next to you by default there’s something wrong with what you’re doing and you need to QUIT PICK UP.

If you have to go MAJORLY OUTBOUND, meaning you have to suit up, go out to the streets and stalk women, or repeatedly go to the clubs and go home and go to the club again, then again there’s something wrong. You’re not by default attractive (and we’re talking everything here not just looks). You really don’t have a consistent level of influential and charismatic communication, and you probably don’t have the dimensions that by default attract people.

There’s nothing wrong with going out by the way, but don’t let it be the FIRST TEST of your attractiveness, because its not. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If people that know you aren’t attracted to you don’t get your hopes up that a stranger will. :)

BUT don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. To wake your ass up from your current course and take you to the right path.

Oh, and a final word to our critics: if you don’t like what you see at 247 Attractive Man, then GTFO. You don’t have to buy a SINGLE thing from us because we’re not selling anything to you bozos. Before you even do anything to criticize us, look at yourself first, and fix your problems, because we’re OKAY. We’re fine without you pick up artists. Remember haters every brick you throw at us is just another brick we add to another Skyscraper we’re building.

If you’re a fan of the Godfather, you know that in a few years the goal of the Corleone Family was to become mainstream and be devoid of all the scums of crime, well in our case just give it a few and we will be devoid of the scum of the pick up artist world. They won’t be able to touch us because they won’t even understand what the heck we’re doing. I guarantee it.

Today, until 12 Midnight is our final day to get Champions of Choice at a $5.00 discount by doing the Tweets of the Week stuff so I suggest you get on it. However, from what I’m seeing it seems everyone who gives a damn about 247 is ALREADY a COC Member hahaha!

Cheers (from the Lab)


2 Comments to “In the Lab: The New Troy Dizon Blog”

  1. By Mr A4, December 14, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

    Greatness written in a blog. Troy you are the boss

  2. By T-Bennett, December 14, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

    Coincidentally, my final project for this winter semester is to create a ‘personal mission statement.’

    At first I consider this a very lucky moment that Troy drops a bomb of a blog that really helped me create an overall premise for the project, but then I realize that great luck comes to those who put in the geuine work, hustle, effort, and heart into improving their lives.

    In the end, the ‘magic bullet dealers’ can kiss our ass. The scum of the earth, who can promise that ‘you can be a winner, while living like a loser’, can rot in their little corners of hell. The reason why it looks so effortless, why it looks like we just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, is because we put in that work. We owe it to ourselves to be our BEST selves, plain and simple.

    Back to the topic at hand, I look forward to growing with the brothas at 247 AM. We’re going to shoot straight up, beyond attracting women, to attracting SUCCESS. The Holy Grail is out there, gentlemen, and its ours for the taking.

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