Troy and Henry Show Ep 4 – Media Manipulation Tactics to Chumpify Men

I feel really bad for the kids of this next generation... find out why on this podcast

I don’t care what anyone says is what’s important in dating and self development, but for me, AWARENESS IS EVERYTHING.

It makes the blind see what’s ahead of them, and gives someone with vision even more potential for success… and we at 247 AM are here to make sure that you, our dear readers/listeners/clients know all about the BS out there that’s basically preventing you from where you want to be… in terms of manhood, confidence, women, and building that awesome lifestyle.

Today’s BS comes courtesy of THE MEDIA. – When you’ve got a TON of romantic comedies, underdog mentality producing songs, commercials, and tv shows FLOODING your TV’s, computers, ipods, billboards, etc. it really really distorts a guy’s way of thinking and handling their situation with women. This should be a trip down memory lane for a lot of you guys out there, because it was for us!

Our excellent panel of 247 AM Experts will be talking about all the BS mentalities that these movies do to program you, like:

– Desiring Women from afar and not doing shit (our favorite)

– Making a BIG move to impress women….. and the worst,

– Sacrificing things to make women somehow feel affection


Not only will we make you aware about all these things, but we provide some great solutions to “reprogram” yourself. We’ll also suggest some movies to watch to get your mind right (unfortunately not many of them are made nowadays).

Listen/Download the Entire Show HERE


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