The Investment Mindset

Do you have the magic pill mindset? Keep reading because that sh*t will get you nowhere!

Look, lets just get the magic pill thing out of the way shall we? This is another golden post for everyone who gives a damn on how they want to become attractive the right way. But first, lets raise your awareness.

TRUE FACT: The dating industry is probably 90% BEGINNER, i.e. tons of bad habits, clueless on the fundamentals, and mindsets have to be reprogrammed. I’ve been answering literally the SAME questions since 2003. If I didn’t have higher level clients it would be another ground hog day for me.

The problem is most of these beginners EXPECT that just because they’re paying for something they can GET GOOD THAT EASILY. Its either that or the band aid thing. Beginners will pay for a quick band aid but later on realize that committing to band aid type of advice did them nothing later on.

(And for the “I just want freebies” people… well they totally don’t have the investment mindset and they are ROYALLY SCREWED!)

All these beginner things are definitely fixable, but it depends on HOW MUCH one is willing to invest in himself to do it… how much he wants to fight his bad habits and older demons, and how much he WANTS success. (Again, we are just your coach/guide in the process).

Now what REALLY gets me sometimes, is that most of the beginners talk AS IF they have a choice with the women they meet. I’ll hear straight up EXCUSES such as…

“She’s not my type/Her race is not my type”

“She’s not hot enough/attractive”


I’ll quote Carl Verneshot on this, as he said “don’t ask for anything you don’t deserve.” I.E. HOW SURE ARE YOU that even an average girl will get attracted to you???? This is a case for beginners I’ve been trying to tell my clients all this time because it just screws up your mindset thinking this way! ITS CALLED BEGINNER BULLSHIT!

If you KNOW for a fact that you have NO IDEA on how to get girls and HAVE NO EXPERIENCE on getting girls, do you actually think you have a choice at this point? HELL EFFIN NO.

How would you know if you’re at the total beginner level? Answer these questions:

1) Are there any women right now who DESIRE to date you?

2) Are there any women right now calling/emailing/texting you?

3) Are there any women out there who OUTRIGHT have said they want to date you?

Look, if the cumulative answer to these questions are ZERO, then brother, you have to really take a deep look of honesty in yourself and say,

“This isn’t a pill, this is an INVESTMENT.”

This isn’t just an investment… its a LONG TERM Investment.

Time to get out of that BEGINNER BULLSHIT!

Time to get out of that beginner BS and into the world of being a 247 Attractive Man!

Well, the best thing to get out of it is for me to reveal to you what happens to our clients after they take our products or live camps.  Let me share you what happens to our alumnus in the SHORT RUN and the LONG RUN so you know exactly where you are  and where you will be if you decide to follow this path.


Our Alumni generally learn through REVELATION. We have more LEGIT success stories than anyone in this dating community, and we’re talking happy, successful dating lives and not short stints. Since we teach our guys not to be theorists, there’s one thing that most of our freshly acquired alumni do, and that’s GAIN EXPERIENCE.

Failure? As a newbie, I’ll tell you right now that you’re EXPECTED to fail!

The good news is that its within failure that you learn exactly WHY you messed things up.  Moreover, with every failure you can adjust, re-adjust, and re-adjust again on your next tries. Again, if you have the investment mindset, this shouldn’t affect you negatively at all. You are merely learning the game better than everyone else who are stuck in empty theory and are playing too safe.

Some of my best guys believe it or not FAILED A LOT during their first few months at 247 AM… not out of failing over the same things, but failing due to curiosity and imagination. See, mentally, I like to train my guys as RISK TAKERS… and I don’t hold them back if they try something that might go 50/50…. either way its a learning experience that might teach them new things they never discovered when it comes to social interactions, self development, or women.

So to sum it up, the short run is a relatively volatile period for our clients who want to attain greatness in the long run. The path is filled with mistakes, failures, and also some successes. Not everyone is dealt with the same cards so the way to learning is different for everybody. WHAT MATTERS IS YOU THINK ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE.

So, in Summary, the Short Term is About:

1) You will learn through revelation

2) You will make mistakes, LOTS of them

3) If you treat everything as a learning experience, you will gain Success and EXPERIENCE


Now if you’ve put your armor on like a Spartan or a Samurai and you’ve braved through the wars in the field, you will NATURALLY mature and prosper and results will come in even if you don’t proactively go for them.

This is the case with a select number of men I call the best of our class. At this point the experience they’ve had at 247 AM coupled with the exponential increases in their skills of dating women have taken their lives on AUTOPILOT. In this case there is VERY MINIMAL picking up involved because women can smell these guys out quick. That’s where you start getting results via the now-infamous DO-NOTHING-METHOD.

They’ve made the mistakes, made the corrections, became HUNGRY for even more stuff from us, and more importantly have APPLIED it into their many facets of life, i.e. meeting women, creating dating game plans, building allies and social outlets, using facebook, etc…. eventually building a VERY POWERFUL CORE IDENTITY

This is EXACTLY where I know you want to be… if you didn’t want your life to become attractive on autopilot I’m sure you would have chosen XYZ method over us… paid them boatloads of money for a magic pill only to find out that you had a sucky short term doing their method.

But if you’re in it for the long haul, then you understand the Investment Mindset and choose to really create a “2.0” or “3.0” version of yourself. Trust me when i say there’s a lot of cool stuff to learn, just ask brother Stone who has boatloads of women and is still humble enough to learn something new.

So, in Summary, the Long Term is about:

1) Creating a Powerful Core Identity

2) Applying the tools and game plans customized to your lifestyle and making it work for you

3) Being humble enough to learn more and invest in yourself even more.

4) Consistent success with very little proactive effort.

All of that CAN BE ATTAINED IF you have the investment mindset. That means really putting the effort and understanding that you might be cutting your losses NOW but they’re all just learning experiences for LATER. Look at where all the guys I met back in 2003 are right now? They’re practically gone and went back to being generic guys.

A DISCLAIMER though: You’ll have to FIGHT. You’ll have to deal with everything that’s wrong with you, fight your demons and really want that long term success. Don’t worry, we’re here with you pal. We’re on the same side of the fence as you and we want nothing but long term success for you.

This is exactly why we MONITOR a lot of our client progressions. You can get started investing in yourself through us by being a member of Champions of Choice, Starting up a Mentorship Program, OR if you’re hard core, join a Masterclass Live Bootcamp. Whichever path you choose, you can be assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way.

To Success!


6 Comments to “The Investment Mindset”

  1. By Jordon, July 6, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

    Wise words as always Troy.

    Those saying the girl ain’t hot/attractive enough for ya, or too old/young/poor/rich. Go on man. Continue with your excuses while we bang em all ;).

    All of em needs to wake up, and realize that without taking the first step, nothing is done, and nothing will be achieved.

    If you’re shitty, go fix the main problem. It ain’t complicated.

    So I end off with this,
    “Don’t play hard to get if you’re already hard to want.”


  2. By Shane Groove, July 6, 2011 @ 5:35 pm

    Well said Troy! I completely agree with everything that you wrote. A lot of hard work was put in by me. I remember the failures and seemingly endless adjustments I had to make to become the man I am today. However the more I worked on improving myself, the better my results. Eventually it all clicked and I no longer felt like i was trying. “Doing nothing” and getting results became my immediate norm.

  3. By Tuan, July 6, 2011 @ 5:56 pm

    Troy is right – your willingness and desire to change has to be so deep that you’re willing to FIGHT for it.. this isn’t something you “try out” like a short-lived hobby – it’s a long term EFFORT of continual improvement.

    Trust me when I say the 2.0 version of you is SO MUCH BETTER than 1.0 version… 2.5 better than 2, 3.0 better than 2.5… etc etc

    Your demons will never go away unless you stand up to them and fight, each and every time.

  4. By Bry, July 7, 2011 @ 3:33 am

    I couldn’t agree more . You gain more success for everytime you fail which leads to building a better mindset everytime 😀

  5. By Red, July 15, 2011 @ 5:27 pm


    I am going to plagiarize by copying that amazing quote in your last line. LOL

    Good article, Troy! I really do plan to invest in this, unfortunately can’t atm because of school/financial issues, but I swear to God I’m getting in your classes sooner rather than later


    • By admin, July 17, 2011 @ 4:50 pm

      Hey Red.

      I don’t doubt it. We shall see you in a 247 AM Live Event very soon!


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