The 2nd Old School Tactic Video: The Commitment Wheel Technique

Here’s What One of Our Champions of Choice Members Have Been Saying About the Monthly Podcasts:

“First off Troy, thanks for being my Obi-wan. You have been the apparition that has been guiding me away from mediocrity, and I have not even shaken your hand.”

“COC 13 was retention method…dude. I am leaving Houston after practicing this constantly and I have cobrajacked multiple women. Ted and I hone our skills constantly; I do this primarily at work dude, and it has resulted in literally cobrajacking the entire staff. I own that restaurant when I walk into it. I have fucked 60% of the staff, and infiltrated their circles and fucked those girls too. It is all about the core values bro. I emanate a genuine vibe that comes from complete honesty.”

“I speak my mind wherever I am, and a new value I am working on is defending what I say in the moment and never backing down. I had to steal x=x, because that is solid platinum. I refuse to be juggled by women; if they do not look me in the eye or talk to other men, I cut them off from my attention completely. (and that usually results in the best term I’ve ever heard – the cobrajack) I have my rules and I do not break them. I am constantly revising and adding to this, and it is turning me into a amazingly well-oiled machine. I am the farthest thing from a robot, and all the women I meet see this. It is just a matter of deciding which breasts I want.”

“Honestly, it is really easy once I get a women to a show with foreshadowing, sing about sex while looking a woman in the eye, and then plug a core value after the set. Sara Loeb said she would love my dick everyday while I was inside her. “BAH DAH DA DAH DAAAAH I’m loving it.”

-Steven Bigham, Houston Texas

In 24 Hours we’re launching our Champions of Choice 17: Old School Tactics – and we’re all still on the process of settling in on the new site.
When You Sign up, You’ll get
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You’ll also find a field report there on a new client of ours who tried the old school tactic I taught on the last video and had a pretty favorable result:

Field Report: I Was an Ass, and What’s WEIRD is She Showed Up Excited!

Oh and just in case you missed it:

The 1st Old School Tactic Video: The Forgiveness Scale

FYI Champions of Choice 18 Will be about the X Factor that 90% of Guys in the Community Don’t Have – COOLNESS. More on the COC after the launch of 17. Our COC Gold Coaching Staff will be doing their first online coaching seminar on August so if you want the most affordable coaching PLUS COC, then grab the Gold Membership.

We got 24 Hours to go!


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  1. By DirtySmurf, July 15, 2010 @ 5:22 am

    Ahh…the wonders of compliance. One of my favorite things in my arsenal is getting her compliance. I like to start small, slowly ramp it up and next thing you know it, she’s taking me out on dates and to the movies. The good part? She won’t leave me for another guy. Why? Because she’s INVESTED in me. One warning though, you still have to offer value! This video is $$money$$. Use it. It’s free!

  1. Instant Date | 24/7 Attractive Man — October 18, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

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