The 247 AM Manila Weekend Kicked Ass! Plus Lessons

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Expect some really good commentary and reviews from the guys who went. To all 14 of you who went (even the past clients who came to support us that night), I appreciate everything.

I also want to thank our buddies from The Distillery Fort for having us teach at the venue that afternoon. That took out a lot of work describing what an awesome bar looks like and helped the guys big time in the field.

It was great to be back teaching and utilizing the skills at a small bar/wine lounge. If you’re a regular 247 AM Patron and you missed out on this epic weekend, here’s a quick run down of the infield lessons from the Weekend.

1) Don’t be disillusioned by guys with girls in a bar. Most likely they are (work-related or school-related) friends OR are a couple. What matters is you befriend all of them (genuinely) because that’s the stepping stone to get to their girlfriends. If you’re not patient and judgmental of people you will have a difficult time with this very KEY piece. If you want a product we have that shows you how this is done, I suggest picking up Champions of Choice # 31: Attractive Charisma on Back Order.

2) Pick up in these venues is a MEGA-FAIL – when you have a small bar with everyone looking at each other and being friendly, the awkward guy who goes from girl to girl trying to hit on them is gonna get burned in the end. Not our style.

3) Line of Sight will either be your success or undoing – Again, when people are looking at each other the whole time, its your choice to act the part (of the cool guy with the cool friends), OR stand there doing nothing like there’s a firing squad about to shoot you. Compared to a big nightclub, the nightclub is actually a lot EASIER because its forgiving on the LOS. If you want the foundations for this, I suggest picking up Champions of Choice #1: Social Domination

4) Take your Time – We came in there at 11, we got out at 2:30. When you have almost FOUR HOURS (the length of two movies) in such a small place, its all about patiently dominating it by laying out the foundation in the beginning – make your name known and make strategic allies. People are not going to be thinking about sex when they just come in… but they eventually DO somewhere in the middle of the time they’re at the bar. Again, If you want the foundations for this, I suggest picking up Champions of Choice #1: Social Domination

4) Very few people can take strangers home at the bar – If anything, zero. The only guys who we saw pulled? Our guys. They patiently did their thing in the beginning, saw the opportunity, went at it, created barriers, had a game plan, worked the high points, and closed it off for the win. For a complete low down this, I suggest getting a back order of Champions of Choice #32: Closing The Deal with Women.

Alright, that’s it for now. The Lifestyle Retreat is in 2 Weeks and the PI Rounds in Asia are getting Taken! London and US are almost completely sold out!


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5 Comments to “The 247 AM Manila Weekend Kicked Ass! Plus Lessons”

  1. By Tuan, September 26, 2011 @ 11:55 am

    On number 3, about Line of Sight. Truth written all over it.

    Thanks Troy for another stellar article!

  2. By Alvir, September 26, 2011 @ 1:29 pm

    Number 1 for me is very important cause this will tell the venue who is the cool guy.

    once you see through the “MIST” the illusion that hold you back to talk to a group, everything will be easy.

    then you can now see the big gameboard to plan your steps.

    thx troy for letting me see through the illusion on the bar.


    • By admin, September 26, 2011 @ 1:55 pm

      @Alvir, I’m glad you saw that first hand man. Yes, #1 is definitely a big Awareness Lesson… and again you can’t see that in a text book. It was my pleasure thanks for attending the Weekend!

  3. By Sean, September 28, 2011 @ 4:13 pm

    Hi Troy,

    Patience was a BIG factor and a great lesson to my results. What most people saw was the mid game of my plan, at around 11:30 pm.

    Though we were supposed to meet at Distillery at 10:30 pm, I was already there at 8:30 pm with some of the gang. The group with the girl I liked rolled in at 9:00 pm. At 9:30 pm, I took advantage of an opening by offering to take the group’s photos when a member whipped out a camera. I foreshadowed that I would introduce them to friends and left. I didn’t talk for the group again until around 10:00 pm. I introduced 2 members of the class. I stayed for 10 minutes maximum. I left at the high point and returned with more friends again at 10:30 pm. Then I worked my magic at around 11:30 pm. This was the first time the group introduced me to the girl I wanted. I left at a high point and came back at 12:00 pm. I felt the group’s fun vibes and fed into their energy while I was busy with the girl I liked. I foreshadowed my pull at 1:00 am, initially for a coffee shop mini date. But I had to adjust to her circumstances and suggested bring outside. I pulled her outside the bar at 2:30 am.

    So let’s do the math. I stayed in the bar for a total of 6 hours. I spent 30 minutes being at the group’s line of site. It took me 2 hours just to be introduced to the girl I wanted. It took me 3 1/2 hours to foreshadow pulling her outside the bar. It took me a total of 5 hours just to pull her out and be intimate with her.

    Unlike in the dance club, pulling a girl while relaxing and having fun in a bar, is a game of patience. What I love about this scene is that I can actually converse and friends with more people, unlike in the dance club. Also, time is irrelevant when you’re making progress with the interactions with the girl you like. Of course, you’ll have to consider when the bar is closing.

    Thanks Troy! You’re golden nuggets never seem to amaze me. What I did yesterday was a BIG change compared to my previous Masterclasses.

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