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247 Attractive Man Private Instruction Review: Saturday Night 5’11” Model Pull

Hey guys. I would like to share and immortalize my unforgettable 247 Attractive Man Private Instruction weekend with Troy. I can say first hand that I experienced “the magic.” I got laid 3 separate times during the camp, one for each day, and Troy did not disappoint.  My private instruction camp was one of the […]

Troy Dizon Review: Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend

The 247 Attractive Man System – Troy’s concepts of 247 AM are literally instructions for life of a winner. And isn’t it funny how people say “I wish life had instructions”? If you understand it with the right mentality and practice what he preaches until it’s part of you, you can’t lose. I truly understand […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Europe Private Instruction Results!

Hi this is Adam. I just finished Troy’s Private Instruction camp in Portugal and it was such a life changing experience that I hope this review can encapsulate everything that happened (or at least 80%). At first, Troy and I started contact via a Skype call where I could ask some questions and get to […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Busting Ghosts and Bad Lifestyles

A few days ago, I took my first Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program call with Troy. It turned out to be one of the most insightful conversations that I have ever had. To most of the guys that are reading about this program and want to know more about it, here are the highlights from the […]

247 Attractive Man Review: No Miracle Pills, Thank You

Last weekend was my first time to finally have an in-field experience with Troy and the rest of the crew (with a seminar the afternoon before and a debriefing the afternoon after). It was one of those eye-opener nights, full of “aha’s” and “oooh’s” of realization. Let me talk frankly on my highlight of the […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Right After Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program Call 1

Here’s yet another 247 Attractive Man slash Troy Dizon Review from our huge vault of reviews and results. I’d like you to read it because this guy was a dedicated student with the right mindsets – so with the right mindset and approach to training you too can get awesome results like him: Troy! I […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Amsterdam (Amsterdamn!) Masterclass

“Troy is by far the most solid person that has all his shit in lockdown which is phenomenal.” Here it is, yet another insight to the field of working with us at 247 Attractive Man. As promised I’m going to post a review of my last camp in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and let you know […]

Champions of Choice Member Review: Member Gets to Third Base on a Date EASILY

Hey Troy, I just want to really thank you for continuously putting out good stuff that help guys like me become better people. Since I met you last November 2010, I have been trying to apply the things I learned from the Masterclass and the cocs. You changed my perspective in how to handle women […]

Troy Dizon Review: Mentorship Program Alumni from the UK gets 3 Girlfriends in 2 Calls

Hey there, this is Kyle from the UK and first off I want to say thanks so much to Troy and 24/7 Attractive Man for always hitting the nail on the head with all their programs and products. I’ve been a client of theirs since mid-2010 and I can say that their stuff works supremely […]

Troy Dizon Trains 5-Time US National Karate Champion (Pics)

Before I make that big announcement, here I am enjoying a well-deserved holiday season in Texas. The year 2010 was pivotal for us at 247 Attractive Man. Let’s see, we did a rebrand of Troy Dizon Dating first, we literally blew up Champions of Choice, over delivering on our most affordable product and getting a […]