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Troy Dizon Blog: A Message to our Critics Who we could care Less About plus the Underdog Mentality

It’s funny how the ONLY criticism we get for being us comes from the (underdog, value-less) PUA or pick up artist crowd. Whenever we try to explain our stuff to normal people who have some real good common sense, we get nothing but mutual agreement because its not rocket science to be attractive and everybody […]

247 Attractive Man on the Philippine Star Today!

If you’re here because you saw us on the Philippine Star today, then I’d like to personally welcome you  to 247 Attractive Man. If you missed the article and want to know about what we’re about, CLICK HERE TO READ “ATTRACTION INCARATE” We don’t market ourselves heavily, but we do pride ourselves in what we […]

Troy Dizon Quotes to Live By November

I once said to a Lifestyle Retreat client of mine who had the very rare chance of living with me for 2 and a half weeks that to understand one’s system is to understand the man who created it. I’ve been a mentor to over several hundred people over the past 8 years, and I […]