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In the Lab: The New Troy Dizon Blog

Hey, whats up everyone. I get asked all the time on how the heck I’m able to churn out some of the best content that everyone who is a real man (and not a pick up fartist) looks for at the speed of a Lamborghini Super Veloce. I have never failed to send great content […]

Troy Dizon Quotes to Live By November

I once said to a Lifestyle Retreat client of mine who had the very rare chance of living with me for 2 and a half weeks that to understand one’s system is to understand the man who created it. I’ve been a mentor to over several hundred people over the past 8 years, and I […]

Oh Boy, Another Troy Dizon Blog Post. This is Going to be a Controversial One.

It’s Troy Dizon blog time. Today we’ll talk about getting in your head, more PUA fallacies, my solid stance on the dating industry and the PUA world, and some words from the heart. This isn’t a “tips” thing, it’s a blog – so expect me to go all out on this one. Grab a Mountain […]