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Troy Dizon Blog: A Message to our Critics Who we could care Less About plus the Underdog Mentality

It’s funny how the ONLY criticism we get for being us comes from the (underdog, value-less) PUA or pick up artist crowd. Whenever we try to explain our stuff to normal people who have some real good common sense, we get nothing but mutual agreement because its not rocket science to be attractive and everybody […]

In the Lab: The New Troy Dizon Blog

Hey, whats up everyone. I get asked all the time on how the heck I’m able to churn out some of the best content that everyone who is a real man (and not a pick up fartist) looks for at the speed of a Lamborghini Super Veloce. I have never failed to send great content […]

Oh Boy, Another Troy Dizon Blog Post. This is Going to be a Controversial One.

It’s Troy Dizon blog time. Today we’ll talk about getting in your head, more PUA fallacies, my solid stance on the dating industry and the PUA world, and some words from the heart. This isn’t a “tips” thing, it’s a blog – so expect me to go all out on this one. Grab a Mountain […]

New Blog: The Truth Behind 247 Attractive Man

At this point, just checking the hundreds and hundreds of searches on 24/7 Attractive Man, there are like, 3-4 people who search for the terms, Troy Dizon Scam. Understandable, because it seems like this is the only spot online that can demonstrate consistent growth and results from our clients. Not over one time, but over […]