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Why Follow the Path to Become 247 Attractive (Part 1)

Hey guys, today its “uncle tom” wise words time from Troy Dizon… To gain motivation and purpose in anything you do in life, you must understand the WHY first. If you’re gonna put your eggs in THIS basket – read and apply our teachings, sign up to be a COC member, take a Masterclass — you must be clear about […]

Troy Dizon Trains 5-Time US National Karate Champion (Pics)

Before I make that big announcement, here I am enjoying a well-deserved holiday season in Texas. The year 2010 was pivotal for us at 247 Attractive Man. Let’s see, we did a rebrand of Troy Dizon Dating first, we literally blew up Champions of Choice, over delivering on our most affordable product and getting a […]

In the Lab: The New Troy Dizon Blog

Hey, whats up everyone. I get asked all the time on how the heck I’m able to churn out some of the best content that everyone who is a real man (and not a pick up fartist) looks for at the speed of a Lamborghini Super Veloce. I have never failed to send great content […]