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247 Attractive Man Essentials: Shane Groove

  What’s in a man’s closet? Our latest website feature on 247 Attractive Man highlights some of our many success stories and role models our guys follow. Again, we are not pick up artists. We mentor and teach our clients on what it takes to become attractive all the time. The first stepping stone obviously […]

How to Conquer Limiting Beliefs: Watch Shane Groove’s Story

    Have you ever felt that you were inferior in ANY way? Did feeling inferior have a significant effect on your confidence in meeting women and projecting a strong social presence? Well, If you want to know how one of our top guys got over his limiting beliefs and moved forward, then make sure […]

Incredible Video Lay Report: 247 AM Instructor Shane Groove on his Night with a 6-ft Tall Blonde Girl

This story was too good when we heard it over dinner that we HAD TO share it to you guys today so keep reading. Often times, the “black belts” at 247 Attractive Man meet up, share experiences, train in the field, have some bonding time, etc. This weekend, we had the pleasure of having Shane […]

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Shane Groove Video: New Years Resolutions from a 247 Attractive Man

Our most well-rounded player and one of the best trainers in the biz  is back in the game and he’s on running on PURE DIESEL on how he’s gonna do it. FEBRUARY: He’ll be arriving in Manila to hang out with me. Watch for it. MARCH: He’s coming home to the US Crew to run […]