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Los Angeles Alumni Success Report: Same Night Lay 5 Minute Pull From the Kitchen to the Backseat

Hey Guys, we’re back with a success report JUST FROM LAST WEEK (when I was in Chicago and he tried calling me lol). This comes from our Los Angeles Bootcamp Alumni and Long time Champions of Choice Member, Jj3rmz. (oh, he’s also a recent Instant Connections Formula II Attendee). If you want to know more […]

What is Preconceived Seduction? Part 2 – Eliminating Misconceptions about the Game

If you’re reading this, then you’re still on the path to 24/7 Attractiveness and want to make more sense out of this “dating women thing.” Most of you are new to this, but some have been reading on the results, mastermind emails, testimonials, and of course, our first article on Preconceived Seduction.  Well, here’s another […]

What is Preconceived Seduction? Part 1 – The Game Hasn't Changed

We all know the deal: The method (call it 24/7 AM or TDD) works… We have real results from clients… And the concepts are simple and universal… Now it’s my task to organize things for you so that you can apply this stuff now and get results for yourself. For years we’ve kind of kept […]