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247 Attractive Man Results: First Date Lay with Frank the Eagle

Hey guys, this is Frank “the Eagle” writing from Germany. I am an alumni from the Amsterdam Masterclass 1.0 this year with Troy and Julian. I wanted to share with you a Christmas field report about a first date-lay that just happened to me just recently. I was pretty happy to tell this to Troy […]

247 Attractive Man Review: London Masterclass Bootcamp

Yes its time for another 247 Attractive Man bootcamp review. If you’re curious to find out our live camps operate, then you should definitely read this. For post-camp results don’t forget to check out our free “Real Men Real Game” Podcasts to see what happens to our clients weeks later. But anyways back to the […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast #4 – Masterclass Los Angeles Bootcamp Review and Results

A lot of the newer guys that bumped into this site have been wondering what really happens during our live camps. Maybe some of you have taken a handful of PUA boot camps or seminars and want to hear about the difference when you take a 24/7 Attractive Man Masterclass. Our Masterclass is a TOTAL […]