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247 Attractive Man Masterclass Asian Summit Review from Carl

Hey All, I’m typing this from my hotel room in Singapore. We’ve had a crazy time so far this side of the world, with enough video blog material, media appearances, fun crazy BS, and of course, intense lessons from the field. Don’t worry in time, I’ll find away to disperse the good shit all over […]

Physical Escalation Tactics to Be Taught on the Masterclass Asian Summit

A lot of guys are wondering about Kino or Kino Escalation, but the REAL DEAL in physical escalation is Physical Distancing. I’ve been around enough to watch some guys do touching real creepy because they consciously think about it. You don’t need to touch a girl consciously for a few times, you need to master […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast #4 – Masterclass Los Angeles Bootcamp Review and Results

A lot of the newer guys that bumped into this site have been wondering what really happens during our live camps. Maybe some of you have taken a handful of PUA boot camps or seminars and want to hear about the difference when you take a 24/7 Attractive Man Masterclass. Our Masterclass is a TOTAL […]

Champions of Choice Gold Coach Nolo Talks Social Domination Basics

“Spongebob!” …is what my close friends call me. “I want that chick!” I look around, “Which one?” He goes on to describe a the girl wit the cute smile in the grey jacket. “Go talk to her” “I cant man,” This girl is sitting not two metres away from us and has somehow immobilized my […]