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24/7 Attractive Client Lay Report – From Meet to the Bedroom [Audio]

Here’s an audio version of an awesome same night lay report from early this year. One of my private clients, Stripes used literally all the basic techniques we use in the 24/7 System and laid a hot-ass MILF from meet to the bedroom. Listen closely as he reveals how he: Built allies Used Line of […]

Yes, I Turned Her to The Dark Side (New Lay Report Moments Ago)

If you have Moral High Horse Issues, I-Don’t-Mess-With-Women-Who-Have-Boyfriend Issues, or if you’ve got a heavy case of Nice Guy Syndrome, then close this page right now and check with us later when you’ve realized it’s your lack of duality that’s stopping you from succeeding with the ladies. BUT if you’re all about knowing more about […]

Instructor Success Report: From “Hello” to the Date to My Bed

We don’t post our success reports because we want to get a rise out of you or anything, they’re there so you know that we focus on fundamentals and skill sets that doesn’t require you going out of character or learning 57-steps to mastery. This one is a classic because it has all the elements […]