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Champions of Choice Drills Pack 2: Conversational Leading and Dancefloor Drills now Available!

  On this YEAR ENDER PACK we have FOUR Drills on Conversational Leading and a DOUBLE FEATURE FOUR Videos on Dance Floor Drills. That’s right. I love throwing left field stuff out there for our loyal Champions of Choice Members. When I said we were going to end this COC Year with a bang, I […]

Champions of Choice Member Review: Member Gets to Third Base on a Date EASILY

Hey Troy, I just want to really thank you for continuously putting out good stuff that help guys like me become better people. Since I met you last November 2010, I have been trying to apply the things I learned from the Masterclass and the cocs. You changed my perspective in how to handle women […]

Brand New Champions of Choice Training Video Releases on the 9th (Time Sensitive)

Wow, we had a lot of positive comments on the new “Sh*ft Happens” blog post I just did. I’d like to thank you guys who posted a comment below or personally emailed me saying you liked it. Feedback is important to me, and lets me know what you guys would like to see more. On this email, I’m going […]