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247 Attractive Man Product Review: Champions of Choice Consistency Secrets Audio Pack

I hate to say it but Troy did it again this time with this Champions of Choice release this month with Consistency Secrets. In my opinion, it’s the best CoC to date as I’ve realized lately how important consistency is to how you feel about your life and relationships in general. You can have the […]

247 Attractive Man Review: A Champions of Choice Member Speaks!

I’ve been with 247AM for a little while now, actually for years, but until recently I have to admit that I hadn’t been following what Troy was recommending that I do to the letter. I still had echoes from past systems that I tried to employ that was pretty much unsuccessful. Troy is right that […]

Champions of Choice Drills Pack 2: Conversational Leading and Dancefloor Drills now Available!

  On this YEAR ENDER PACK we have FOUR Drills on Conversational Leading and a DOUBLE FEATURE FOUR Videos on Dance Floor Drills. That’s right. I love throwing left field stuff out there for our loyal Champions of Choice Members. When I said we were going to end this COC Year with a bang, I […]

The Champions of Choice August Gold Newsletter on the Girlfriend Season is OUT!

I’ve gotten a ton of emails from members of my Champions of Choice club asking WHEN I would be releasing my August Gold Newsletter. Yes, I’ve been holding off on this until the end of the month, primarily on the reason that I wanted to time this perfectly for my Champions of Choice members and […]

New Limited Product Release: Champions of Choice August Pack is on Closing Dates with Women

This Limited Release Pack will be available for download for Members until September 15. With all the momentum swinging from the ultra-successful Unshakability Pack last month, Troy releases even more bombs on this 45-minute Audio release that DIRECTLY talks about how you can close women sexually from a date. – What a Date is, in […]

7 Days Left! Watch the New Video Blog Now on Dates

The June Champions of Choice Attractive Charisma Pack is RETIRED Email us here for back order info The Champions of Choice Membership Program LEARN MORE About our Premium Member’s Program HERE Read the Free Supporting Articles Below: What is Charisma? How to Attract Women in Groups Neediness with Women Explained

New Gold Newsletter Releases on this Month’s Champions of Choice Pack!

Alright guys, its June six and its the start of another month of learning, application, and getting better as a 247 Attractive Man. Come June 17th, I’ll be releasing yet another Champions of Choice Gold Newsletter from our Premium Membership Series, leading up to the June 20th release of Developing Charisma for the 247 Attractive […]

First Time Ever: We’re Giving Away a FREE Champions of Choice Audio Track from the April Foundations Pack

Yes, this isn’t a joke. TODAY you’re getting the opportunity to download an ACTUAL AUDIO from the latest Champions of Choice “Foundational Theory” Pack which releases tomorrow, June 20. FREE OF CHARGE. This Audio, which is ONLY PART 1 out of 6 Valuable Audios on our Foundations Pack is about How to Create a Game […]

247 Attractive Man Champions of Choice Review: Client Gets Laid Again plus His Keys to Success

Waking up today, I found myself toasty and next to a beautiful lady in my bed. She turned over and cuddled right into me, and it felt natural. I guess being in a transitional state was my sticking point, defining what kind of relationships I want, and once I decided all I had to do […]

Champions of Choice Member Review: Member Gets to Third Base on a Date EASILY

Hey Troy, I just want to really thank you for continuously putting out good stuff that help guys like me become better people. Since I met you last November 2010, I have been trying to apply the things I learned from the Masterclass and the cocs. You changed my perspective in how to handle women […]