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New 247 Attractive Man Review: Before and After by David

“First of all I wanna thank Troy Dizon and 24/7 Attractive Man for changing my social life and for giving me a SEX life.“ It all started when when my school buddy  told me that he heard a dating coach who wasn’t a PUA go on radio then he asked me to look for Troy’s […]

24/7 Attractive Client Lay Report – From Meet to the Bedroom [Audio]

Here’s an audio version of an awesome same night lay report from early this year. One of my private clients, Stripes used literally all the basic techniques we use in the 24/7 System and laid a hot-ass MILF from meet to the bedroom. Listen closely as he reveals how he: Built allies Used Line of […]

Yes, I Turned Her to The Dark Side (New Lay Report Moments Ago)

If you have Moral High Horse Issues, I-Don’t-Mess-With-Women-Who-Have-Boyfriend Issues, or if you’ve got a heavy case of Nice Guy Syndrome, then close this page right now and check with us later when you’ve realized it’s your lack of duality that’s stopping you from succeeding with the ladies. BUT if you’re all about knowing more about […]

Masterclass College Success Review! (The Podcast You Have to Listen To!)

PLAY THE PODCAST BELOW OR Download this episode (right click and save) I am more than ECSTATIC to share to you guys this success story, because this guys journey has been about adventures, misadventures, mis-fires, and a LOT of battling his own demons… and ultimately succeeding. He’s a good kid with a good heart, and […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast # 3 August 20, 2010 – Troy Interviews Shane Groove

“I’m a 5’4″ Asian… and I think guys around me who are much taller and good looking can get girls and I can’t because of that…” This was the first sentence Shane Groove told me during his Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program consultation call. It’s not uncommon for me to hear this from my clients, and […]

24/7 Attractive Man Review: Client in Los Angeles Reveals How His Life Literally “Changed Gears” (New Audio)

Listen to this Audio Interview I did with one of my Clients in Los Angeles who just finished Call #3 of the Customized, One-on-One Mentorship Program. From getting a full-on lifestyle that magnetizes people, to getting his dream job in Hollywood, and having a great relationship with his girlfriend, our buddy A reveals what’s been […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast #2 August 7, 2010 – Troy Interviews Europe Instructor Julian Falcon

Oh, How Far We’ve Come. You may be new to this website and this organization, but our “story” spans around 5-6 years. Collectively, the team you see right now have done around 300 boot camps, seminars, and even vacation-camps over that span of time. 24/7 AM is more than just a dating company. It started […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Immediate Results from UK Student Within Just 2 Lifestyle Blueprint Mentoring Calls

“I Applied What you Taught Me, and Now I Have a Girlfriend!” I was deep into my strength training exercises at the gym when I got a notification from my phone 10 minutes ago. This was from my recent Lifestyle Blueprint Mentoring Program Student Foxfire, from the UK. For those of you who don’t know […]