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247 Attractive Man Essentials: Shane Groove

  What’s in a man’s closet? Our latest website feature on 247 Attractive Man highlights some of our many success stories and role models our guys follow. Again, we are not pick up artists. We mentor and teach our clients on what it takes to become attractive all the time. The first stepping stone obviously […]

Dating Intelligent Women and Intellectual Conversations [New Mailbag Sessions Video]

This video is going to be about my personal experience and insights on dating intelligent women and my many, many insights on connecting with women on an intellectual level. This was a total trip down memory lane for me and I enjoyed answering this question thoroughly. Our mailbag operation was so successful. We had many […]

247 Attractive Man Results: First Date Lay with Frank the Eagle

Hey guys, this is Frank “the Eagle” writing from Germany. I am an alumni from the Amsterdam Masterclass 1.0 this year with Troy and Julian. I wanted to share with you a Christmas field report about a first date-lay that just happened to me just recently. I was pretty happy to tell this to Troy […]

247 Attractive Man Ideology Part 1: Taking the Bitter Pill

After almost 50 live programs completed and a record three Lifestyle Retreats in a year, I need a break. I have never been so appreciative of home since I’ve been out on the road for most of the year. I was in Asia half of the year, and the rest was in the United States […]

247 Attractive Man Review: London Masterclass Bootcamp

Yes its time for another 247 Attractive Man bootcamp review. If you’re curious to find out our live camps operate, then you should definitely read this. For post-camp results don’t forget to check out our free “Real Men Real Game” Podcasts to see what happens to our clients weeks later. But anyways back to the […]

The Investment Mindset

Look, lets just get the magic pill thing out of the way shall we? This is another golden post for everyone who gives a damn on how they want to become attractive the right way. But first, lets raise your awareness. TRUE FACT: The dating industry is probably 90% BEGINNER, i.e. tons of bad habits, […]

What is Charisma?

What is Charisma and how do you develop it? I am most certain that I have it, my instructors and “black belts” in the system have it… and most prominent figures in history, politics, and the financial world HAVE IT. Most men I know who are learning to be good with women DESIRE IT PRETTY […]

Incredible Video Lay Report: 247 AM Instructor Shane Groove on his Night with a 6-ft Tall Blonde Girl

This story was too good when we heard it over dinner that we HAD TO share it to you guys today so keep reading. Often times, the “black belts” at 247 Attractive Man meet up, share experiences, train in the field, have some bonding time, etc. This weekend, we had the pleasure of having Shane […]

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First Time Ever: We’re Giving Away a FREE Champions of Choice Audio Track from the April Foundations Pack

Yes, this isn’t a joke. TODAY you’re getting the opportunity to download an ACTUAL AUDIO from the latest Champions of Choice “Foundational Theory” Pack which releases tomorrow, June 20. FREE OF CHARGE. This Audio, which is ONLY PART 1 out of 6 Valuable Audios on our Foundations Pack is about How to Create a Game […]

247 Attractive Man Review Singapore Masterclass – Met Her at the Club, Had Her Topless by Day 2

Yes, its another very successful program review for our last Singapore Masterclass, coming from a client who started off as a very shy guy despite the fact that he had what it took to be very good with women. Read along to see what happened to him during the Masterclass and MORE IMPORTANTLY what happened […]