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247 Attractive Man Review: No Miracle Pills, Thank You

Last weekend was my first time to finally have an in-field experience with Troy and the rest of the crew (with a seminar the afternoon before and a debriefing the afternoon after). It was one of those eye-opener nights, full of “aha’s” and “oooh’s” of realization. Let me talk frankly on my highlight of the […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Right After Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program Call 1

Here’s yet another 247 Attractive Man slash Troy Dizon Review from our huge vault of reviews and results. I’d like you to read it because this guy was a dedicated student with the right mindsets – so with the right mindset and approach to training you too can get awesome results like him: Troy! I […]

247 Attractive Man Champions of Choice Review: Client Gets Laid Again plus His Keys to Success

Waking up today, I found myself toasty and next to a beautiful lady in my bed. She turned over and cuddled right into me, and it felt natural. I guess being in a transitional state was my sticking point, defining what kind of relationships I want, and once I decided all I had to do […]

247 Attractive Man Dating Decoded Client Review: RESULTS!

I knew the Dating Decoded results were coming like I knew PUA shit was rubbish back in ’03. So, as you guys know the recent seminar franchise under 247 Attractive Man, Dating Decoded finished a few weeks ago. Now I’m not the type to just release ANY program out there if it isn’t RELEVANT. We’ve […]

247 Attractive Man Tweets of the Week and More Results

We’ve got a new treat here at 24/7. Every week I’ll be sharing some of the tweets and status messages our guys have been putting up. I think that through these you can learn the mentality of how our top guys roll, and as you know mentality is IMPORTANT! But before that, here’s a quick […]

Masterclass College Success Review! (The Podcast You Have to Listen To!)

PLAY THE PODCAST BELOW OR Download this episode (right click and save) I am more than ECSTATIC to share to you guys this success story, because this guys journey has been about adventures, misadventures, mis-fires, and a LOT of battling his own demons… and ultimately succeeding. He’s a good kid with a good heart, and […]

247 Attractive Man Review: Immediate Results from UK Student Within Just 2 Lifestyle Blueprint Mentoring Calls

“I Applied What you Taught Me, and Now I Have a Girlfriend!” I was deep into my strength training exercises at the gym when I got a notification from my phone 10 minutes ago. This was from my recent Lifestyle Blueprint Mentoring Program Student Foxfire, from the UK. For those of you who don’t know […]