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On Self-Doubt, Dating Problems, and The Movie Hitch: Download the Oct Real Men Real Game Podcast Now!

CLICK HERE TO PLAY OR DOWNLOAD THE FREE PODCAST NOW! This is our welcome back podcast! It’s been awhile since we’ve updated the main site due to the month-long, sold out Live with Troy Experience as well as 4 Private Instruction camps last month that went simultaneous with the event. This podcast goes for around […]

July Real Men Real Game Podcast: Rejection, Failed Advances, Finding the One, and MORE!

PLAY/DOWNLOAD THIS HOUR-LONG FREE PODCAST NOW!!! CLICK HERE All these questions are 100% from you guys. I got a good number of questions even with the late notice and I have to say they have been LEGIT QUALITY QUESTIONS from our fans. This truly shows that our organization is training our guys right to see […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast: Real Men Real Game Podcast # 9 with Troy and Henry. Listen now for FREE

THE 05/19 PODCAST with 247 AM VP Henry Song For our Pre-Expressive Power launch hype, we’re launching another VALUE LADEN 40-minute “Real Men Real Game” podcast with Troy Dizon and Henry Song. Just like our previous podcasts that our clients freaking love, here’s a no-holds-barred, totally spontaneous and free flowing podcast where we talk about […]

247 Attractive Man Instructor Spotlight: Carl Verneshot talks about Archetypes and Date Conversion

  Download this 30-Minute Podcast Immediately! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Or hit Right Click and Save As to Download As promised here’s the free podcast me and Carl Verneshot did last weekend. If you don’t know Carl is one of our instructors who has been working with me for 5 years now. Why is downloading this podcast super […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast 8 – Real Men Real Game with James

Since we’re on the Lifestyle Design aspect of the game, we’re going to give  you guys another interview podcast with a client of ours who literally changed his body (lost a lot of pounds), is living a fun and exciting life, AND is currently in a beautiful relationship. …..AND he didn’t begin the path that […]

One of the Most Important 247 Attractive Man FREE Podcasts to Listen To

It’s official. For the Champions of Choice November Pack, which releases on the 16th of November, we will be focusing more on the Social Media aspect of meeting women. All members will be receiving the SMT (Social Media Tactics) Jump Start Video on their packs which will show you how simple it is to set […]

Download Our FREE 247 Attractive Man Teleseminar From Last Sunday Below!

Thanks to the guys who voted for this to happen AND the guys from the different time zones (US, UK, Australia, Asia and Middle East) who showed up, we got this teleseminar up and running. What makes this teleseminar different than anything we’ve done is that ITS PURELY Q&A, meaning for an hour and a […]

247 Attractive Man Podcast #2 August 7, 2010 – Troy Interviews Europe Instructor Julian Falcon

Oh, How Far We’ve Come. You may be new to this website and this organization, but our “story” spans around 5-6 years. Collectively, the team you see right now have done around 300 boot camps, seminars, and even vacation-camps over that span of time. 24/7 AM is more than just a dating company. It started […]