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Masterclass Review: Los Angeles Client’s Experience and Results 6 Months Later

It’s REVIEW/RESULTS TIME yet again… and out of my many backlogged reviews on hand I’d like to share this one in particular because I truly believe in HOLISTIC, LONG TERM GROWTH from our clients… not one hit wonders. This review (yet again) proves that… and more. I wrote this on our new About Us page […]

247 Attractive Man Review Singapore Masterclass – Met Her at the Club, Had Her Topless by Day 2

Yes, its another very successful program review for our last Singapore Masterclass, coming from a client who started off as a very shy guy despite the fact that he had what it took to be very good with women. Read along to see what happened to him during the Masterclass and MORE IMPORTANTLY what happened […]

Troy Dizon’s Singapore Masterclass Blog March 2011 Part 1

Masterclass Quote of the Day: “Troy, I took your Masterclass because you’re the reason I’m dating four hot girls right now” – Client from SG 247 Attractive Man is currently dominating the scene in Singapore. We’re the best over here bar none. We’re getting featured in another publication and the publicist HERSELF said that every […]

LAID! ONE DAY after the 247 Attractive Man Masterclass Summit Review

Yup, you heard it right. Another one bites the dust. I keep saying this over and over that IF you let go of the stupid mental parameters and roadblocks that Pick Up Artist stuff do to you, (like making approaching a BIG DEAL… eckkk), then you’ll get to this level quicker and more consistently with very […]