Swagger Fashion Tips for Men: Rock the Air Jordan 4 White Cement Sneakers

WHITE SNEAKERS: Every guy needs them, and if you don’t own one you better start saving up for a decent pair. Now that its Spring (and Summer here in Asia), nothing looks better than a fresh pair of white sneakers to swag around with. This week, our pick goes to a timeless classic that we believe is one of the best pairs of white shoes you could ever rock: The Jordan 4 White Cement Sneakers.

ARCHETYPE COMPATIBILITY: What’s so great about these sneakers is that you can rock them with almost anything. If you spend most of your time out in the daytime, these shoes are perfect for you. For me, they work with my jeans, cargo pants, shorts, and the like. The combination of white and grey make it highly compatible with any color when it comes to tops, and so with my usual white, black and grey colored tees its perfect.

SWAG FACTOR: I don’t collect Jordans like a sneakerhead does. I hate to say it but for me the sneakerhead culture isn’t really conducive to meeting and bagging women (especially quality women). Its too eccentric a hobby for my taste (even when I picked that hobby up back then). To me, I would buy this purely for its looks. As you can see from the photos, they look pretty damn good on  your feet. For me, the grey details go really well with the white shoe. Wear this and I guarantee it will turn heads!

RARITY: this pair of J’s are pretty tough to get. I personally lined up a couple of hours and had no dice getting the pair. Upon its release 2 days ago the only guys to get the pair (plus their sizes) lined up 5-7 hours ago, which I think is pretty crazy for one pair of shoes. Nowadays, to get the pair you’ll have to pay a $100 premium on basically every sneaker retailer out there. It came out at $160, and now it sells for $260. Is it worth it? If you don’t collect many shoes and want one BALLER white shoe then of course it is. You need versatility so if you’re on a budget might as well own one kick ass shoe than 10 minor ones. My suggestion, let the hype die down a bit, then get a pair on Ebay. Watch our video on the sneakers below:

BE FLY THROUGHOUT SPRING/SUMMER: Over the next few weeks we’ll give even more suggestions to get your archetype on for the season of t-shirts, shorts, comfy pants and sneakers. We’ll also give you guys the exact websites we shop on so you can order these picks directly, As many of our clients know, archetype and having swagger is an integral piece to attracting women.

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