Alumni Success Report: From a Supermarket Pick Up to Making Out in My Pad

Hi Guys,

This is rockerboyjoe, Masterclass Alumni 2009 under Nash Casten, and current Mentorship Student under Troy. I have been busy lately at work with no days off and no partying. But I go through the podcasts and updates on the old website whenever possible. Putting into practice whatever I learn, I have had many learnings, hiccups and successes. I just want to share wid you guys, my family, my recent successes. This recent one happened to be a woman I picked up at the grocery/supermarket.

I always walk my way back home from work. I happen to pass by a local big supermarket every day and have made it a point to know the staff that work there because it’s a good strategy to build allies to set up the Preconceived Seduction. (I conveniently set this up using Champions of Choice)

I will be tired from the day’s work and an hour of travelling in my pool car. But that doesn’t stop me from being in a fun vibe, genuinely smiling and of course practicing my swagger. One of the cute staff would always stare at me and smile back. I opened her one of the other days with a Hi! That’s it …that was the opener….I know I was a PUA before and I never trusted that this would work a couple of months back as well. But I had the vibe and enthusiasm in me…..thats what made the difference. I talked about the mundane things like what she would do on the weekend as it was the weekend the next day.

I told her about things that I do on my weekends like a workout, ice skating or rollerblading, swimming , checking out the latest cool movie and of course party in the coolest clubs….She so was interested as I was not flaking and I was honestly telling her the truth.

Noticing she had some customers to attend to (an important calibration point in the 24/7 AM system called “the High Point“)…I decided to leave and said my byes.


The day after the weekend…I meet the same girl discussing something about this movie Avatar with her colleague. Since I had already watched the movie…I told her that it was a great movie and she should watch it in 3D. I tell her…..”the next  movie that comes out in 3D, WE are watchin it”…She becomes all excited and says yes. I just get her facebook id and leave.  She tells me that I’m bossy….I reply back “Yes I am!!”

Adding her up on facebook, I notice that she’s already married. But the hubby was in a diff. place. I chat with her a couple of times and get her number.

Time to Step it up: I then find out about logistics…like her day off, transport, etc. It turns that shes takin off on a Sat and me lucky boy got two days off for that week…but I check the movies in the theaters….none of them were 3D. The only good movie was Karate Kid….So I tell her….”I heard some awesome reviews abt this movie karate kid. Let’s go check it out. U get the tickets and Ill get food” (thus setting up a Mutual Activity Date)…she thinks for a min…and says….yup let’s go!!


We watch the movie and have a good time. She being married is shy and I understand it and tell her to relax. Later that night she texts me telling she really enjoyed her time with me and even thanked me for spendin time wid her. I didn’t push the interaction further, as I am now trained in the Jedi Art of Preconceived Seduction. (Masterclass + Mentorship program guys)

My logistics worked out cool this week as my landlord left on vacation and I had the entire house to myself. I meet this chick again at the supermarket and tell her about a movie that I downloaded. I start Painting Pictures and Foreshadowing. I tell her abt the things at my place…cozy room, 5.1 digital speakers, a big LCD screen…I tell her we should watch the movie together and it would be so much fun!! She all excited…says “Really?? Cool…lets watch” I schedule our meet at my place to a sat. and just leave her a message on her cell tellin her the time. She calls me up the next thing in the mornin and asks me “How do I get to your place??”

NEVER in my PUA life have I had a woman ask me this! I’m even MORE SHOCKED when she rang the door bell and was standing right at the doorstep of my house! First time guys!! This happened to me first time!!


Just like what I’ve learned on my Mentorship Program, I had did my homework too…I had tidied up the place. Made it more cozy, did a cleanup of the bathrooms, etc. We watch the movie “Yes Man”! Credits go to my Masterclass Instructor Nash Casten for telling me about this movie. I never knew abt this movie and honestly guys…this movie changed my approach to life.

We are already sitting so close and cosy and there’s a romantic make out scene in the movie where Jim Carrey kisses the heroine. I just pause the movie, move up and kiss her. She doesn’t kiss me back..but questions me..”Hey I’m not your girlfriend!!” I just look into her eyes and authoritatively say “SO??” We reach the end of the movie and again there’s a final make out scene. I move up to kiss her and this time…she kisses me back…gently though.

Then I remembered the push/ pull method. I just gave her some space and kissed her briefly. We then eat and after eating we make out again briefly….I pull her over me and we are in a woman ridin a man position. I try to escalate forward but she becomes hesitant and shy. I understand her feelings and give her space and make out more later.  She had told me she would stay at my place only till the movie finished. She came to my place at 12 Noon and it was already 6 in the evening. We watch some cool music videos that I downloaded from the net and make out a lot of times. But every time she ends up bein shy upon me escalating.

I remembered Nash telling me “No means SLOW”!!

So I call it a day and tell her that it’s my time to head for a workout. I get her a cab and walk her till upto it. Strange thing is, the next day she calls me to find out “WHEN MY NEXT DAY OFF IS??” I have planted the seeds for our next date and I will keep u guys posted.

I’m telling you guys. Once women feel that you’re a man who will lead them and make them feel great, they’re hooked.


  • I didn’t use stacked routines and openers like the PUAs do. But instead I genuinely told her what my interests and activities were.
  • Dimensions Matter – Knowing what you have to offer as an interesting guy and being able to verbalize it is KEY! Before I used to hide the fact that I loved swimming and movies. I thought they would not interest women whatsoever, until Troy pushed me to make those my main weapon. It’s been working awesome since.
  • Used Preconceived Seduction by Foreshadowing at the right time instead of ending up in back and forth conversations, phone talks or phone sex. Sorry PUAs
  • I didn’t push her into having sex….giving space. I know it’s gonna happen anyways!!

Hope you guys learned some aspects of the 24/7 AM game here gents. Seriously I’ve never felt so liberated.


Masterclass 2009 Alumni and Mentorship Program Student

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