Riding on Emotional High Points to Succeed with Women at the Clubs

This article is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL if you want to succeed with women at loud night clubs or want to pull a one night stand out of there in a very, very fluid manner. It’s also a good article for beginners who want to decipher how successful club game works.

Reading all the testimonials (where you literally have to push page down 22 times) from the “good old days” brought me to evaluating the whole “high point system” in 24/7 AM that I concretely placed into the system in 2009.

I look back during the club game domination days in Vegas, the 14-minute pulls, the 5-minute pulls and even the 10-second pulls and they all point to the same direction – WE HAD FUN. LONG, FLEETING MOMENTS OF CRAZY FUN TIMES.

I’ve also looked at some of my not so good times in the club where a bad parking situation, the fat friend, try hard wanna be player acquaintances, and annoying smoke machines definitely killed the mood.

At this point I’m a mixture of some solid core values game mixed with my infamous “guru game” which is on the War Room, but make no mistake, if I hit an emotional high myself, all the stuff happens.

Fact is, if the environment and the chick is on an emotional high point, then it becomes SO MUCH EASIER to escalate on her. In our lingo, we call that “taking her into the stratosphere.” If you meet chicks that are ALREADY in this state OR can get women into this state then all that’s left to do is to LEAD.

But first lets talk about YOU, because for this to happen you have to be on the same “stratospheric plane” as the chick.

Here’s How YOU Get into an Emotional High Point:

  1. Pre-Party to Build the Fun vibe Early
  2. Stop Talking about Pick Up or Game
  3. Stop Making Excuses on Why You’re Holding Yourself Back
  4. Stop Going to the Rest Room First
  5. Stop Talking to Your Wingman About Observations, hence Killing Your Situational Openers
  6. Build Momentum Early by Talking to the Person Right Next to You. No Excuses.

Now here’s something really important: That there be NO BREAKS in the emotional high points… or else it could spell disaster when you green light.

When I anticipate such breaks (fun dying a bit, running out of cool shit to say, dry mouth, I get bored with them, etc), I simply excuse myself and foreshadow the NEXT emotional high event.

Back when I was teaching back-to-back boot camps in Austin, pulling FIVE blonde girls off of their dates was as easy as steps 1-5 of what I’m going to outline below. I remember jumping in, fun-vibed them, teased, danced, and kept riding on the high point. When I would anticipate that breaks would happen, I’d leave and tell them about the latest bar that opened and how it was the place to get buck wild for a white girl (lol).

(FYI if you need more info on the Fun Vibe, it’s all on this month’s COC August Pack. Download the Free Table of Contents HERE)

After their dates tried pushing themselves and turned the girls off, they were pointing at me from a distance, and one of them came over and said, “We’re leaving with you.” What’s really interesting is that the one who I thought wasn’t feeling me in the beginning was the one into me. When her friends scrambled in the next spot she grabbed me and made out with me!

Here’s How You can “Minimize” the breaks from Ever Happening:

  1. Pick Your Environment – get loud, party-ish places where there are little places to chit chat.
  2. Pick Your Crowd – don’t go where squares go. This is the weakness of “classy” lounges. It might “look” good, but the people in there generally suck at having fun. The little pretentious fucks. Go where the fun ones go, PERIOD.
  3. Tease Her – tell her she’s too tall/short/thin for you, or when she dances hot give her a dollar, say thanks and walk away.
  4. Learn some Dance Game – I can’t stress this enough. Dance game RULES.
  5. Do some “Balls to the Wall” Shit – This means making some over-exaggerated foreshadows, taking shots to seal the deal, facilitating girl to girl makeouts, pinning girls to the wall, or making two of them suck your nipples. I shit you not, I gained my notoriety in Singapore when a Russian hottie pinned me on the wall, took her top off and told me to suck her tits. She said later in her thick accent, “I Whaant to Fhaackkk Youuu”

So, this is how you totally dominate the clubs, like Vegas for example. Vegas is easy simply because being there IS AN EMOTIONAL HIGH POINT. I’ve almost always pulled in Vegas, but that’s assuming I ride on the high points, green light, have good logistics, and that I avoid ALL POSSIBLE emotional breaks in between.

See you guys on the next Dating Tips article,


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