Beta Test our $10,000 Course for ONLY $100 this Sunday ONLY

In a random stroke of motivation to teach, our Manila fans will get the VERY RARE chance to beta test our Smart Money Beta Course THIS SUNDAY, Feb 26 on a live seminar (and for the rest of the world, a recording purchase option). Everyone will get the chance to test drive this course for only 1% of the purchase price we’re planning to put it on in the future.

As some of you know, our sold out programs are usually beta tested months before. We usually go ALL OUT on these beta tests, and the clients who have gone through them know that those moments trying these courses have been the most insanely rewarding experiences of their lives. Here’s the latest course YOU will get to beta test for only a fraction of the price in the future.

SMART MONEY: What the 1% knows that YOU NEED to Know

It’s no secret that since 2007-2008, I took my know-how, personality, and skills to the next level and left my key competitors and copy cats in the dust. I took $7,000 courses, met very influential mentors and experts, and surrounded myself with people that KNEW the secrets of the 1 percent. Since then, the business that is 247 Attractive Man has not only done so much good to so many men, creating a ripple effect of change and improvement, but financially the business exploded during 2008, the period post-financial crisis when everyone was losing money. Back then, 247 AM was called Troy Dizon Dating, and despite a really unorganized blog site, things were in the up and up as many flocked to find out what all the buzz was…. and over a short amount of time a huge amount of them were getting RESULTS.

In the latter months of 2009 we took a major re-branding. We changed the company name to something that really embodied what we taught and represented… something that would expand the business for years to come. When 247 Attractive Man came into the scene, the business ascended to levels I personally never thought was possible. All the programs (including Smart Money) that I have personally invested 10 years of my life in, were now coming into reality. With the 247 AM umbrella of programs, I was able to really delve into issues that I felt men TRULY NEEDED and went beyond the barriers of just meeting and getting women. Even right now, my obsession with fashion and archetypes turned into Shop Contraband, a personal shopping service for men.

In 2011, I personally took my financial know-how, entrepreneurial skills plus a new dimension that really changed the game. I added investment strategy in my plethora of abilities, studying market timing, asset classes, as well as actually putting a game plan to acquire such investments. From March to December of 2011, I took what we had and made key investment choices at the time that brought our assets up FOUR TIMES. Many of my friends who jumped in the bandwagon with me are up $5,000.00 with a less than one year investment. Many banks won’t even give you more than 0.02 percent on a savings account. Last time I checked I got less than what it costs to buy a cup of Starbucks in interest on one of my bank accounts.

Now while this was going on, the world economy was eroding slowly. Gas prices were getting higher (currently everyone is hurting with the $107 a barrel price), goods and services were becoming more expensive, and jobs diminished as companies started to trim the fat to save themselves from a slowing economy. What’s worse is that home values went down, bank interest rates were kept at near zero, and the middle class suddenly found themselves going through a crisis.

The thing is, the 99%, continue to live like the middle class and how they were taught by their parents. A lot of kids right now are still turning to education as their main weapon to get a “career” (a word I’m personally allergic to), getting themselves in debt only to get a job that eats up their time, taxes them highly, and pays them a wage that they will have to budget every month while the cost of goods rise sharply with inflation. Looking at it this way will make you think this path is much like a slow turtle that can’t cross the finish line. Well, it really is. See, our parents lived in a DIFFERENT generation, a time when industrial jobs were on the rise, education actually MEANT a higher wage, and saving money in the bank actually gave them a return. Now, many jobs have turned OBSOLETE because of advancing technology. MANY jobs.. even entire business are starting to get phased out of existence.

So, the course I’m offering this weekend is really a matter of life and death. Just by knowing what the 1% knows, what WE know here at 247 AM, you will get to CHANGE THE COURSE of your LIFE to a direction that will give you prosperity, financial well being, and happiness while the rest of the world is having troubles. I personally at this point enjoy the perks and benefits of this knowledge, being a wealthy man in nearly every avenue of life. I am certain this information will be golden to you once you receive it.

The Smart Money course won’t launch officially for the next 3-6 months, as we are building a company around it that teaches the course as well as other key productivity material we live and breathe every single day. This Sunday, you’ll get the VERY, VERY, VERY RARE CHANCE to Test Drive the Beta version of this Course for only ONE PERCENT of the price. This Sunday, Feb 26, you’ll be getting the four hour beta live seminar for only 4,300 Php.

NOT IN MANILA RIGHT NOW? All our fans and clients are going to get the chance to get the RECORDING of the Smart Money Beta Seminar held here in our Penthouse Suite Headquarters for the same price. The audio will be released the following day before our Boys Night Out appearance for download. After we release them, we won’t make this audio available again. EVER.

Why take it off the shelves? Because we’re on a beta test. We like having a small group of people and test our best stuff on them. We might tweak a few things moving forward, but the main meat of the course will be on these recordings and on the live seminar. So, what are you waiting for? Here are your options:


You can CLICK HERE and reserve your seat RIGHT NOW. The cost of the live seminar is 4,300 Php and will be held THIS SUNDAY, from 1 PM to 6 PM at the Fort Bonifacio Global City. We only have limited space at our headquarters, so please reserve your slot IMMEDIATELY by emailing me at with your FULL NAME and CONTACT NUMBER. Cash payments at the day itself are also accepted but you have to email us.

**NOTE*** Once we get into full capacity we will be deactivating the paylink so better get on it now**


You can CLICK HERE to pay $100 USD for the recording. Again, Monday morning Manila time I will be distributing the recording to the few people who will purchasing now. We only have a certain limit on recording purchases in our books and once that’s been sold out we will deactivate the paylink as well for this. So definitely order the recording that very well could be our $10,000 course in the future RIGHT NOW.

I hope to see you this weekend guys. I feel blessed to be in this position to teach what I’ve been working on the past 6 years to everybody.



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