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Shop Contraband is 247 Attractive Man’s personalized shopping service for men. Over the years we have invested a lot of our time, money, and vision in becoming legitimate style wizards for men here at 247 AM. Launched back in February of this year, we have helped so many clients become more stylish, more fashion-forward, and more educated in the realm of fashion.

More importantly, we have given our clients IMPACT. Anyone knows that when it comes to attracting women in your life, time does not matter. What matters is the initial first impression and the impact you give them because that is what lasts longer. We constantly do that everyday implementing our game plan at Shop Contraband.

If retention and 247 attractiveness is very important to you, then I would not miss this one-time opportunity to get on our Shop Contraband VIP list. Its completely free and it will be open for a small window of time.

To start the festivities, we will begin with a 30-45 minute online teleseminar by myself on style, swagger, and fashion. It will be completely free and will be given ONLY to those who opt in the email list below. Again, this will be given ONLY to the guys who put their email addresses below. By doing so, you are GUARANTEED the recording of the teleseminar.

See y’all there!


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