247 Attractive Man Tweets of the Week and More Results

We’ve got a new treat here at 24/7. Every week I’ll be sharing some of the tweets and status messages our guys have been putting up. I think that through these you can learn the mentality of how our top guys roll, and as you know mentality is IMPORTANT!

But before that, here’s a quick rundown of the MANY (and I mean many) unread tweets or messages I get on my inbox, skype, and what not EVERYDAY. Today this comes from one of my Mentorship Clients and Masterclass Alumni.  At this point this guy is around 80-85% of his potential in getting a rhythm (something I’ll talk about soon) and I believe is kicking ass when it comes to getting laid, and because I want to let you guys know how simple it is when you take up the system, here’s a tweet tweet for today.

Client: “Troy..crazy thing happened the last weekend
i told u that i had a girl come to my home right…
guess what…”

Me: “She’s a guy. Kidding, sorry i just woke up”

Client: “and I just lead her…all the way… end of the night…i ask her…hey..stay with me tonight…lookin in her eyes..”

“…and she replies….where do we go? Now I had a logistics hiccup as my landlord’s back and i cant take her to my room…”

Me: “Okay. F***ing landlords”

Client: “BUT as you guys have taught me i had done my homework and had a place…a hotel apartment near my place as a plan B”

“….We go there…she becomes nervous as she knows the receptionist….but i tell her…it doesnt matter…”

“We check in a room and heavy make out…”

“She was shy in the beginning and didn’t go all out, but but as i learned from you guys…i gave her space and made out more…”

“10 minutes in…shes topless…”

“She wont let me go down…lol… I quote my Masterclass instructor in my head, Nash Casten… his fave line…
no means slow…”

“So after 30 min…the clothes were off..”

Me: You are a fucking Terminator. No woo-woo, all skill. Good work and well played.

As you can tell guys, it doesn’t take emotions or woo-woo (listen to the teleseminar recording we did the other day for more) to actually get girls to your house and get laid. It’s that huge awareness and seeing the situation for what it is, as well as having the RIGHT SKILLS to pull it off.

In my opinion, if what you’re doing is not working for you, then you should seriously look into what we got here. Stop doing Pick Up stuff, work on conversion and identity first.

Okay here are some Selected Tweets from our guys. All Gold in my opinion.

“Babe, I can’t promise you forever, but I can promise you this moment.” – Nash Casten (TRUTH that you can be honest about being casual)

“The Security of a Relationship isn’t a get out of jail free card to become a Muffin Again.” – Troy Dizon (on relationships and stopping learning just because you have a girlfriend)

“The surest way to happiness is not sitting around and hoping it comes to you, but going out there and getting it for yourself.” –Xavier Hide (on being proactive about what you want)

“Once, Twice… then Never Again.” – Julian Falcon (on making mistakes skill-wise) Listen to His Full Audio Podcast HERE

“Eliminate the Word WEIRD in your Vocabulary and the Moral High Horse runs away.” Troy Dizon (on the little components that make the Nice Guys not get girls). To crush the nice guy syndrome read THIS

“Nash, No Matter What Happens, DO NOT GO HEAD TO HEAD with a 24/7 AM Instructor!” – Random PUA (Messaging our OWN Instructor to watch is own back from…. well himself LOL!)

Have a wonderful Saturday. Join the Mastermind List because I’m going to blast a crazy transcript I had with one of the Platinum Clients. You can do so by looking at the box to your right and entering your email.

Remember, the TOP GUYS are always surgical and can separate state and emotion from going in for the close.


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