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THE 05/19 PODCAST with 247 AM VP Henry Song

For our Pre-Expressive Power launch hype, we’re launching another VALUE LADEN 40-minute “Real Men Real Game” podcast with Troy Dizon and Henry Song. Just like our previous podcasts that our clients freaking love, here’s a no-holds-barred, totally spontaneous and free flowing podcast where we talk about some KEY TOPICS as well as INFUSE OUR LEARNINGS to thousands of our listeners. You can listen to this podcast below or download it for your MP3 player.

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Whats on today’s Podcast?

– What does it mean to have an Attractive Lifestyle? A friend whose been around almost all these Pick Up Gurus ask if doing pick up forever in the clubs is what constitutes as an Attractive Lifestyle. Here’s a personal insight into Troy’s life as well and how he tells you how to live it.

We’ve got a TOTAL CURVE BALL SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the Lifestyle Retreat 2.0 in October and WHY you should jump to Manila for the Retreat OR Upgrade Training/Advanced Bootcamps from Sept-October!

How can I meet more women and expand my pipeline? A client from Dubai who has had IMMENSE SUCCESS using our system asks about it.  Henry expounds on his College Experience as well. Troy also reveals one of his absolute favorite TV shows and you can learn from it.

Mindset Training: How to Become Fearless (like Troy and Henry) and not think about the consequences. A listener asks us from Texas.

How to have a very successful Masterclass: Troy and Henry reflect on the ups and downs students get while on our live bootcamps and what potential bootcamp attendees should expect.

Can you be the Ugliest guy in the room and still succeed with women? A listener asks if looks are a big deal since he sees a lot of “not so good looking guys” pull tail.

PLUS the JUNE Champions of Choice announcement after Expressive Power


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