Los Angeles Alumni Success Report: Same Night Lay 5 Minute Pull From the Kitchen to the Backseat

Hey Guys, we’re back with a success report JUST FROM LAST WEEK (when I was in Chicago and he tried calling me lol).

This comes from our Los Angeles Bootcamp Alumni and Long time Champions of Choice Member, Jj3rmz. (oh, he’s also a recent Instant Connections Formula II Attendee). If you want to know more about how we apply our stuff into Same Night Lays or One Night Stands, then keep reading.

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Okay, back to the report….

Jj3rmz is probably one of the few people who saw me from when I was advertising my stuff in little seduction forums back in 2005 and saw things exponentially grow from that period of time.  He saw my evolution of just coaching guys to pick up women to actually creating an entire blueprint for continuous success.

Now despite looking at all the theory out there, the problems men face with women are universal. One of which is leading… or in our case “green lighting” (see wiki).

A big problem I see with men is not having the DISCIPLINE to act on the moment of truth, or what I like to call, the High Point of the Interaction. Most men just crumble with self-sabotage or neediness feelings when things are going well with a chick, hence just riding things out past the high point into a low point…. once you get to a low point…. you’re DONE.

Let me repeat – you do NOT want to drag things past the high point into a low point. There are only two options once you hit a high point – lead or leave. It takes a LOT of self-discipline to see past the current good shit going on and take it to the next level. In this case our guy took it all the way to the back seat.

…and since we’re here to learn Preconceived Seduction,  here’s a POWERFUL COMBINATION of how Jj3rmz used his Line of Sight coupled with that discipline to act on high points to get what’s possibly one of the fastest pulls into a same night lay I’ve seen.

Take it away, brotha…

Hey Guys, here’s what happened to me this weekend:

Troy always talked about how I had a lot of potential. I had built a lifestyle of having many friends and acquaintances over the years and being around the right people usually pays off when it comes to Preconceived Seduction.

So the past weekend I went to my homegirls birthday party at her house. Presence is important as well as IMMEDIATELY linking up with your fellow allies, or what Troy calls, “The Gerber Babies.” As soon as I arrived I greet the birthday girl and do the usual birthday shot. I go around and start talking to all my friends that are there making everybody know that I have arrived.

To add to that, my friend is the DJ spinning House Music so my friends and I decided to get down and just have a fun time in the middle of the room. As a very good house dancer and capoeira student (Troy asked me to teach him lol), This was my moment to get into Line of Sight and show everyone what I was about visually.

See, when you’re having fun, and Troy always says this, the game plan momentarily goes out the window. At this point I didn’t really care what was going to go on after. I just knew I was having fun and having a good time with the people I’m with.

Then moments later in the kitchen I see this girl from before making eye contact with me from all that Line of Sight and Fun Vibe. I go up to her and say “Hey.” (I’m serious guys… hey)

I don’t really remember the conversation at this time, but this girl was all over me like arms around me and her face close to mine. Preconceived Seduction baby. This is a perfect example when the girl decided on me even before I opened my mouth!

I recognize the sign that this girl wants me. So all I did was just Lead, Lead, Lead. I said to myself, “LEAD OR FUCKING GO HOME WITH BLUE BALLS.” I lead her to the couch and started making out. I stopped, pulled a quick natural barrier, and told her “you’re soo bad.” Then told her “You know what. Let’s go somewhere more private.”

Me and her walked out the door and ended up in the backseat of her car. From here and out I just fucked the shit out of her. After were done we were having “backseat talk” lol She kept on telling me how she wanted me and I’m fucking hot and loves how I can dance because she told me she was watching me in that circle. She ends up telling me that I can get any girl I want in that party and told me “You know….you should go back to the party and fuck other girls.” I just banged this chick and she’s telling me to go fuck other girls. I NEVER had a girl tell me that ever. I guess you can say tonight I was The Hot Chick

This all happened in 5 minutes. Never thought in my reality it could be that fast. I remember Troy telling me in my bootcamp to have discipline. I recognized all the high points and from there it’s either Lead or Leave. All I did was just lead and got the job done.

I hope this helps you guys realize that Preconceived Seduction is WAY EASIER and WAY MORE EFFECTIVE than going in blindly and approaching women. If you have a skill, or awesome thing about yourself where you can perform with it within line of sight to the right crowd, it’s GAME OVER.

Cheers and I hope to see you on the Los Angeles Masterclass. Hot damn we need to build a crew here in this fine city!


Los Angeles Private Client, Champion of Choice and ICF II Attendee

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2 Comments to “Los Angeles Alumni Success Report: Same Night Lay 5 Minute Pull From the Kitchen to the Backseat”

  1. By T-Spartz, August 5, 2010 @ 4:15 am

    Dude, this podcast is insane. I even picked up a good amount of golden nuggets.
    FYI, I think everyone else loves it too. You’re out of bandwith. Haha!

  2. By Sly Fox, August 5, 2010 @ 3:51 pm


    That was awesome Jj3rmz!

    “If you have a skill, or awesome thing about yourself where you can perform with it within line of sight to the right crowd, it’s GAME OVER.”

    This is SO TRUE!

    I haven’t danced (the kind with glow sticks) to trance in a long time. I went to three clubs and danced and went all out with or with a girl. When I entered the third club, a cute chick stopped me at the entrance. With a lot of eye contact, she said saw me dance with a girl in the second club. Unfortunately, I blew it because I lacked the discipline and appeared too eager.

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