24/7 Attractive Client Lay Report – From Meet to the Bedroom [Audio]

Here’s an audio version of an awesome same night lay report from early this year. One of my private clients, Stripes used literally all the basic techniques we use in the 24/7 System and laid a hot-ass MILF from meet to the bedroom.

Listen closely as he reveals how he:

  • Built allies
  • Used Line of Sight
  • Used the Five Attributes
  • Sexualized the interaction
  • and Used SHARP Logistical Awareness

….and the synergy of those got him a hot chick.

If you’re looking for some private coaching, you may want to consider the Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program or Private Instruction. For info, simply email me at troy@247attractiveman.com and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. We also conduct live programs for groups called Masterclasses and you can check the schedule out here.

If you’d like to see what other people are saying about us, other than that totally bogus puahate thing that came out when the site just came up (which made it totally bogus and baseless), you can check our reviews and testimonials here. When you have ACTUAL GUYS sharing their real results, ya can’t beat that.

(FYI that’s her actual photo, and yes he’s a 5’7″ Asian like moi)

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