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These retired classics were being used by our many clients as early as 2008. Grab the chance to own the basic foundations of our system by grabbing these releases.

We are currently in Season Five. If you want to download the most current releases go to the Champions of Choice Member’s Download Area immediately.

Season I (Troy Dizon Dating/Pre-247 AM – 2008)

This Season Includes:

Social Domination

How to Get a Girlfriend

Online Tactics of a 247 Attractive Man

The Science of Knowing Yourself

Conversation Master 1

They say, “to understand a system you need to understand its early roots.”

These first COC’s were developed and given to less than a handful of first subscribers throughout 2008 under the company name Troy Dizon Dating and on Troy’s 4th year of consistent teaching (as you’ll hear it through the recordings). If you’re a historian at heart you’ll LOVE owning this season.

The membership program was named Champions of Choice because Troy’s main reason for getting good with women was to have choice in picking the best women and the best relationships from all the fish in the sea. The first releases were absolutely FOUNDATIONAL and EXTREMELY RELEVANT as you can see from the titles.

This exciting monthly program that gave out very relevant topics in 50-60 minute audios, coupled with surprise announcements of next month’s releases, led to a huge subscriber base that we have today at 247 AM four seasons later.


Social Domination

What’s in this COC: A step-by-step system on how to talk and mingle with strangers in virtually any social environment by using excellent communication techniques and timing cues we provide in this pack.

Best For: Men who want to know how to act in most social environments, make friends immediately, and make a favorable impression in a VERY efficient manner.

Note: This is also Shane Groove’s favorite COC because it helped him dominate nearly every social environment in front of him

Buy Social Domination Now ($39.95)
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How to Get a Girlfriend

What’s in this COC: The foundational presets and transitions needed to take platonic interactions to deeper and more meaningful conversations that lead to something more than just a hook up.

Best For: Men who are looking to get a girlfriend out of their training, who want to get more personal with women faster and learn the process of how that turns into something more intimate

Note: While Troy has dated numerous women (an insurmountable number), he has only been with 4 long-term relationships that lasted 2-3 years each and admits that he used a slightly “tweaked” approach that is outlined in this COC.

Buy How to Get Girlfriend Now ($39.95)
Order the Entire Season at a Discount


Online Tactics of a 247 Attractive Man

What’s in this COC: The online scene is one of the most underrated backburner strategies to achieve dating success. This product gives you a no-bullshit crash course on how to set it up as well as maintain a great online presence and get dates almost as easy as breathing. This very critical COC is about creating an online dating machine from your lifestyle.

Note: A client of ours who used this COC was able to attain 30 plus dates and slept with 11 of his dates in less than 2 weeks. This is also the first time Troy mentions the phrase “247 Attractive Man.”

Buy Online Tactics Now ($39.95)
Order the Entire Season at a Discount


The Science of Knowing Yourself

What’s in this COC: One of our Emeritus Instructors, Aaron Dan breaks down the important process of Self-Inventory. You’ll find out which facets of your life are important to communicate to women, how to hand pick them, and how you can verbalize yours effectively.

Best For: Men who lack the ability to effectively communicate “who they are” to women and rely on using irrelevant topics instead that tend to make their conversations fizzle out. If you have a hard time articulating yourself this is the perfect COC.

Here’s a fun fact: Troy always mentioned that Aaron Dan was “the next big thing.” Ironically, 2 years later the next big thing was Aaron Dan’s ONLY Private Instruction Client, Shane Groove!

Fun Fact #2: Aaron Dan’s ONLY known You tube video was about Sexual Eye Contact. Ironically 2 years later Shane Groove created a n entire training program on eye contact called Expressive Power!

Buy The Science of Knowing Yourself Now ($39.95)
Order the Entire Season at a Discount


Conversation Master I

What’s in this COC: This without a doubt was the most popular and most sold COC for more than a year due to the amount of golden nuggets inside. Here Troy breaks down 247 AM’s conversational approach and why its so effective compared to everyone else.

Best For: Men who are in desperate need of a working conversation system to use with their interactions with women. Close to 100% of all newbies and those who won’t admit they are newbies have a very poor grasp of how to create captivating conversations with women that flow perfectly. This COC teaches that.

Buy Conversation Master Now ($39.95)
Order the Entire Season at a Discount

Seasons 2, 3 and 4 of our previous Champions of Choice offerings from 3 years ago plus other specialized recordings will be available on back order very, very soon to those who missed them when they were released.

What Members who Purchased Champions of Choice are Saying:


“Thanks Troy for COC 2! I am currently in a great relationship with a fine lady that shares similar values, goals and beliefs as mine. I am enjoying the chemistry and the sense of humor we have as well as the friends that we’ve met along the way as a couple. We are steadily growing day by day and life can’t get any better.”

Rick, Singapore

COC 5 – Conversation Master is my favorite CoC yet. One of the things Ive always been unsure about was my verbal skills. Now I know why. As you might know, Troy lists off a bunch of major mistakes that guys make when talking not just with girls, but with people.”

“I have been making most of those mistakes, and now I know why Ive been having a hard time relating with people, and not getting mutual agreement very well. Ive always have had this problem, and now I actually have a real solution.”

“Thanks Troy, this one truely is, even beyond the others, a true goldmine for no bullshit information!!”

Kasper – Mentorship Program Alumni, Champions of Choice Subscriber and Masterclass Attendee

“I’m Just finishing up COC 4, I gotta thank you again man, NOBODY’s EVER been able to point out such a deep seeded problem like that! Increadible! I dunno how else I can thank you man, this is definitely a new beginning”

Teddie – Champions of Choice Subscriber, Skype Program Alumni

COC 1 is WAY different from other methods as it focuses mainly on making FRIENDS INSTANTLY! If you’re “THE MAN”, then you’re just fun to hang out with – the rest will come on its own. I used the stuff here immediately when I went to a local bar during happy hour and made out with a woman that night.”

Carlos, Los Angeles

“Troy…Seriously…PROPS MAN… COC 5 was EXACTLY what I needed (sounds needy lol)….learning from other systems was cool, but this one answered all my questions man…Everybody explaining it to me sounds like rocket science..then YOU come in and I get a paradigm shift for sure…looking for a live program now for sure!

Jeff – Champions of Choice Subscriber, Pure Night Attendee

“COC 4 is my first COC and straight up, this one was bad ass!”

John B.-  Private Instruction Student, Champions of Choice Subscriber,

COC 4 and COC 5 are must listen to podcasts. If only COC 5 came out earlier, after listening to the podcast, I realised what I did with a girl that I got to know a while back was taking an elevator straight up to the friends zone. So looking forward to school when it starts in August!”

Nocturnal Sheet – Champions of Choice Subscriber



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