247 Attractive Man Private Instruction Review: Saturday Night 5’11” Model Pull

Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic

Hey guys. I would like to share and immortalize my unforgettable 247 Attractive Man Private Instruction weekend with Troy. I can say first hand that I experienced “the magic.” I got laid 3 separate times during the camp, one for each day, and Troy did not disappoint.  My private instruction camp was one of the most exhilarating, eye opening experiences of my life and in terms of results, this camp went above and beyond which is what Troy says is his goal when he teaches live programs. He wants to get every client on the path of 247 Attractiveness beyond the 2 and a half days together. I hope you enjoy the lessons here because I myself look back and reminisce on what happened a lot.

I met Troy 6 months back and I remember him telling my Manila Weekend classmates that I would eventually get real good with women. That really stuck with me because I was the type of guy who really longed for getting an elegant, classy, attractive woman (as I am elegant and classy as well). The problem was that I had made some cardinal mistakes with women according to Troy that a real-time, live program could only fix. So without hesitation and knowing what he already has done for me (I got laid after the Manila Weekend and the night before the PI too), I signed up!

A few minutes before my PI, I gave Troy my 3 page pre-event questionnaire on what I feel I am missing as well as what I wanted to know during my 2 days with him. He said it was the best pre-event questionnaire he’d ever read due to the details and honesty that I displayed. From there he took his white board and started talking non-stop for hours. The lecture ended and like many others who have taken Troy’s programs I was a zombie.  I immediately found myself with confusion and occasional AHA moments to the point where digesting made me zone out at times.

There were some crazy times in this camp, and honestly I wasn’t thinking all of this would happen within 2 days.

Sometime during our discussions, a very beautiful girl messaged Troy in Facebook and Troy showed me in real time about how some women really don’t mean what they say (see How to Attract Many Women video at the free lessons). The girl was basically throwing bones. She told Troy that she won’t be going around Manila when she visits because she might get bored. Troy didn’t bite the bone and instead replied by telling the girl not to go out then and just stay at her condo. The girl then immediately contradicted her previous message and said that she wanted to go out and do all sorts of things. I got startled how fast the girl changed what she was saying. I remember what Troy taught in the Coaching Class Plus on Escalation and how guys shouldn’t bite the bone that women would throw. In this instance I saw what I (and 99% of the other guys) did wrong… only this was in real time, with Troy typing on his laptop just beside me!

He also discussed archetypes and how important it is because it attracts people to me. First, Troy changed into his designer clothes, belt and shoes. He asked me what my impression is and I told him honestly he looked like a bad boy but still approachable by other people(his black and white checkered polo had a high collar that reminded me of Counts in medieval Europe, while the fit exaggerated his traps and shoulders). He then removed the checkered polo and put on a black fit shirt. Right then and there the aura of the room seemed to have changed. He transformed to an approachable bad boy, to a completely different unapproachable mean cocky swagger. He then switched to different ones to explain which ones he would wear on a date/to a club/to meeting out with friends, etc. That was the best lesson in archetype I ever had. He was transforming from one to another thing in a matter of seconds.

When the night has approached us, Troy gave me last minute instructions on the bar setting. He then left me to change my wardrobe. I was in the bathroom and found myself staring at the mirror. I told myself that this is it. I must perform tonight and not let Troy get disappointed. Although I am just a student, I felt that he had expectations of me. Moreover, I reminded myself that it’s not my goal to be a 247 guy. My goal was to be an elite 247. I told myself to stop thinking onwards, flow with the 247 lessons and never to choke.

We entered the bar and I quickly spotted a tall (with high heels she stood about 5ft 11 inches) elegant woman. I asked myself how come I have never had such a woman. This girl is the type that would normally stun me before I got into 247. Troy then told me to approach her but refrain from showing initial interest during my small talk to her. I did the small talk. Told the girl I will come back at the high point.

Minutes later she’s still in her spot waiting for her friends, and Troy tells me to tell her, “Listen, you should join us in our table or else you’ll look like you lost the lotto or something.” I never thought I would be able to say that to a tall, attractive woman. Troy just told me to trust him so when the timing was there I walked over and said it. To my surprise (and everyone at our table), she came!!!

The next hour or so was me projecting confidence and a fun vibe that got me initial success with 247 before the PI. I also made sure not to make the previous mistakes I used to do which was being needy or pushy. Troy took me to a half time break outside of the club and gave me a final briefing on what to expect if it all were to go down. We discussed foreshadowing and pulling. When we came back, she was REALLY looking for us hard! This was the effect of retention, Troy said… where all you have to do is make a very powerful impression and from there you can leave and she’ll want you more.

Troy made his gracious and really ninja exit from the club then, and sticking to the game plan we moved to the other spot to unwind. The server came to us and said, “its the last call for drinks.” When I said okay the first thing she said was “lets just go back to your condo.” Before I knew it, we were at the 247 condo, she’s in MY BED and I was working on her!

The effects of 247 lessons didn’t just end at the condo on that night. The girl stayed in constant touch with me even after almost 2 weeks! And no, this was not a lame girl. I eventually found out that she has a graduate degree and was previously a directress of a modelling group. She was exceptional, and Troy showed how the system made getting exceptional girls too easy. The system is truly designed to get those types of girls, not lame ones. Oh, this chick also new what to do with her body on the dance floor, trust me.

As I look back on those 2 days and 1 night of PI, I still get excited on what happened. The lessons, realizations and experience gave me a new outlook in life, something that I could use not just in getting women, but in different areas of my life (that’s why 247attractive is called LIFESTYLE). I also noticed that my PI was very specific to where I am currently at in my life. I look at the reviews of other students on their PI and they seem to have received other lessons that were not taught to me. For that reason, I plan to continue with the Champions of Choice, Coaching Class Plus and maybe after 1 year, get another PI. I suspect that I will be almost a different person by then. So the lessons will not only be different, but Troy himself would have new lessons because he can build on the experiences of other clients.

Mr. Beans

2012 Private Instruction Alumni

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  1. By Mr A4, March 29, 2012 @ 11:04 pm

    Congratulations! I liked the part where you wanted to strive for being an elite 247 AM. I’m happy for ya Mr. Beans!

    • By Mr. Hong, April 10, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

      thanks A4. The next objectives are consistency and going to a higher level

  2. By Mr A4, March 29, 2012 @ 11:06 pm

    Also wanted to throw out it’s definitely a lifestyle not just something you can turn on or off. It’s always ON.

  3. By bry, March 30, 2012 @ 6:56 am

    Yeeeeeeeeee buddy.

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