What is Preconceived Seduction? Part 2 – Eliminating Misconceptions about the Game

If you’re reading this, then you’re still on the path to 24/7 Attractiveness and want to make more sense out of this “dating women thing.”

Most of you are new to this, but some have been reading on the results, mastermind emails, testimonials, and of course, our first article on Preconceived Seduction.  Well, here’s another FOUNDATIONAL article to eliminate misconceptions and set things straight before you start applying the stuff on this site.

The BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION in this crazy seduction community is that…


I write emails every day religiously to my mastermind group who downloaded the report and the other goodies from this site. I will admit also that I’m on other people’s mailing lists and it’s quite funny to see what they’re sending out to their subscribers to give them some mini-hard on. Stuff like….

“How to Make Out with 4 girls in 4 nights…”

“The Fountain of Youth Kiss Trap…” and

“How to Kiss Close 10 Girls this New Years Eve…”

(FYI this all comes from the same guy)

See, when you’re sending this out to a few hundred asexual pick up artists, you shouldn’t even be called a coach, you should be called a pipe dream maker. You should actually stop trying to teach guys on how to get girls turned on, because apparently your ACTUAL expertise is HOW TO TURN GUYS ON. Sheesh!


It’s no surprise to me that guys who actually got laid with the pick up stuff still ask for instruction here at 247 Attractive. There’s only one root cause of this: They PLOWED THROUGH their women, both in technique, and in bed.

Ever had drunk sex? We’re not talking about you and her liking each other and then you both decide to get buzzed up in your home (something I regularly do with some Ice Wine), we’re talking about getting a (usually ugly) bitch drunk in a bar and cavemanning her home to some plowfest. It happens a lot, and believe it or not its the SAME GUYS that come to me later saying that to this day they have NO IDEA how to become attractive to women.

See, when these guys wake up the next day knowing they just fucked Big Foot, they also realized that the women NEVER DECIDED to act on them. So they walk through life with a big question mark on where they stand with women. These guys have no fucking clue as to what their attractiveness level is because well, Big Foot doesn’t count.

One of my last Private Clients, who got laid this way actually came to me because he said “I never want this to happen to me EVER again.” Part of his bootcamp experience is on the testimonials section (Sunday she was in my room).

You know the guys who “rate” women? 99% of them have NOT fucked or dated a 10. Why? Because you need Preconceived Seduction to do that, NOT pick up. Quality women aren’t stupid, you know.

Okay heres another story…

I knew a very wealthy stock broker who came to me despite banging the HOTTEST broads in the world. They were the most expensive escorts money could buy – beauty pageant winners, celebrities trying to make some money on the down low, and just straight up 21-year old hotness from Ukraine. He was banging them all every time his firm made a big acquisition or trade (see the movie Boiler Room – a similar scene happened there).

When he got out of it, his mind was completely fucked. It was like my reference to Porno on my 24/7 Attractive Report, because money made the decision for the women. Now that he faced women who wouldn’t take the money, he was COMPLETELY LOST. Again, he walked though life with a big question mark in his head.

Finally, here’s another guy who came to me not too long ago was this guy who adamantly practiced the Mystery Method. Seeing this guy in the field was like watching “The Pick Up Artist” as he did EVERYTHING by the book.

…and if  you were a pick up artist… MAN you would get a fucking hard on watching him do his stuff!

Who lies more (BAM) Best Friend Test (BAM) Hold My Hand for the Cube (BAM)…. Girls are smiling, laughing… its fucking great!

BUT He missed out on something VERY VERY FUNDAMENTAL. NONE of these women FELT SEXUAL about him. Matter of fact the reason he switched completely to us was because he became sick and tired of watching the women he liked just AUTOMATICALLY feel sexual for us!

No matter what “Gambits” or “Touch Tests” or “Trust Tests” he threw at em. To them, he was just a big teddy bear that was very entertaining.

So let me repeat: PLOWING, FORCING, or PUSHING will NEVER make women feel sexual for you and DECIDE to act on it.


It’s all a chemical reaction inside of her if you ask me. I’m no scientist but I know when the “love chemicals” are in effect. She’ll look at you differently, her tone of voice might sound more soothing, and her breathing mildly deeper than normal.

This is VERY different from Compliance, guys. Compliance will get her used to following your lead, but Compliance WON’T get that “love chemical” cocktail to start running.

As I’ve said before, make it a premise that SHE DECIDES. Once you’ve made that premise, then you can start using the arts of Preconceived Seduction on her. It’s also the day you get relieved of any pressure to attract women.


Sometimes it’s a little filter, and sometimes its not. Either way, NO WOMAN will be made to decide to get sexual.

What’s the filter? Obviously the FIVE ATTRIBUTES!

  1. Leadership
  2. Unshakability
  3. Humor
  4. Consistency
  5. Being Comfortable Under Your Own Skin

When you demonstrate these attributes (whether one at a time, or combinations of each), imagine that you’re literally handing her a love cocktail to drink. Each attribute is a symbol of your personality, character, and more importantly the actions you take each and every day.

Are you a push over? an agreeable moron? a door mat that your friends take advantage of? a guy who would rather watch a Zac Effron movie with her and a bunch of screaming girlfriends rather than do your evening work out?

If you’re this type of guy, then out go the love chemicals.  No matter what moves you try to pull, if there are  No attributes, there are no sexual feelings, and no decision on her part.

Here’s the Good News: Attributes, can be fixed and made stronger. Ignore any pick up technique if you do not have ANY attributes down. You’ll need an overhaul of your beliefs, actions, and lifestyle to do a complete 180 if  you do not have these attributes developed. If you do have some developed, then work on your weaknesses pronto.

Here’s even MORE Good News: Attributes are 24/7. The fact is, these attributes are built each and every breathing moment, whether  you’re at work, with your family, friends, and of course when you meet women. It’s the SAME ATTRIBUTES over and over guys. So, do you have to be a leader ONLY at the bar? Of course not.


I’ll start off with what happened: A hot second cousin of mine who I have never met before tried to hook up with me. Yes, you heard it right. If you need more time to absorb re-read the previous sentence.

This was during my player years, age 21-23. This is when there was no pick up community around and it was 100% attributes baby. All I knew at 21 was to build on the five attributes, and when they’re naturally there, things will just happen.

And boy did it happen, LOL.

It all happened ONE DAY, during our huge 300 something person family reunion which was attended by lots of people I didn’t know of. Take note that I had NO CONTROL of the progression of this seduction. It’s one of the key moments in my life that my awareness shot through the roof.

Being a Leader (read my new about us post to find out my thoughts on leadership), I naturally wanted to help out the organizing team, and so I helped design power points for some presentations during dinner. I also became close to the my other cousins (some 2nd and 3rd) that I didn’t know previously. That instantly created status. (ouch, Leadership + Status ALREADY geez!)

When the actual reunion came, I was fucking surprised that there were a LOT of CUTE GIRLS. Of course I wasn’t saying it openly, but wtf were these some of my family members? I was checking the family tree for any relations. Kidding. But seriously there were more than a handful, and although I was saying this to myself little did I know that BEING ME would reel some of them in. Particularly a very cute theater actress second cousin.

During that day I conveyed Leadership (which also had status tied into it), I was funny (through me socializing and creating those kick-ass powerpoints), I was comfortable under my own skin (I goofed off a whole lot), AND I was consistent with me helping out with the organizing committee. (I kept leaving at a high point, didn’t stay with any particular group at one time, and when I was really needed to help I dropped everything to do what had to be done – organizing a 300 person dinner and overnighter can be a bitch.)

Just a side note, the more you convey the attributes over time, the more you’ve got a gradual build up of the love chemicals. Remember that demonstrating these attributes CAN BE QUICK, but what you really want is a powerful combination of each to take it home.

So, what do you think happened? MASSIVE LOVE CHEMICALS HAPPENED.

That night, while I was comfortably sleeping in a family suite with my other cousins, guess who fucking sneaked up on my bed? Yes, you got that right. I was shocked as fuck, but it really woke me up to the real science of attraction. No, I did not hook up with my own cousin. I leaped out of the bed and found another room, lol.

I’m known in the company for being the master “cobra jack” artist (cobra jack means making women fall in love – read how Rafa does it.). I don’t mean it, but because I project the attributes OVER AND OVER for certain period of time, it causes an OVERFLOW to where the only thing running in their minds are love chemicals! When you’re in love all logic goes out the window.


Look, you can read our stockpile of results, testimonials, and after program successes. Heck, if you’re a researcher you can go to our old site and browse through the lay reports – THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. Literally all of them were NOT PICK UP PIPE DREAM REPORTS. These were scenarios where we used our attributes, projected them over time – whether short term or long term, and then the women DECIDED they wanted us.

If you want a more realistic, grounded to reality, absolutely working model for seducing women without the pressure of three seconds or three minutes, then do it the 24/7 Attractive Way. You can get our stuff regularly by joining our Mastermind Group Below (and get the goodies)…

OR you can step it up by joining our $30 a month membership program called Champions of Choice, or if you want a total weekend experience sign up on our Live Masterclass Events in a city near you.

See you guys on the next articles or on the Mastermind Group!


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