What is Preconceived Seduction? Part 1 – The Game Hasn't Changed

We all know the deal:

The method (call it 24/7 AM or TDD) works…

We have real results from clients…

And the concepts are simple and universal…

Now it’s my task to organize things for you so that you can apply this stuff now and get results for yourself.

For years we’ve kind of kept the root of our system “in house,” but with recent chains of events unfolding its time we gave it a name befitting of it’s purpose:

Preconceived Seduction

This foundational article (with an exercise you can use right now to get started) will put things in perspective for you if you’re a beginner trying to figure all these pick up and seduction concepts out and are looking for parallels between what’s real and what’s not.

It’s pretty lengthy but I guarantee you that it’s going to be an instant reprogram once you read this.

First, a here are the five natural attraction attributes. If you want to know more about them, grab the free ebook on the right. For now, keep reading.

  1. Leadership
  2. Unshakability
  3. Humor
  4. Consistency
  5. Being Comfortable Under Your Own Skin

Ask a woman, any woman, if any of these attributes would naturally attract her. You’ll get a resounding yes. Pick up or no pick up, women will always be drawn and sexually attracted to these five attributes. It is also my belief that men who attempt to do pick up are made to believe that they do not need to have these attributes and through an artificial medium can somehow “make” women attracted.

The problem of most men who start learning how to meet and attract new women is that, most think that the game involves

  1. Going to a bar or club or doing day game
  2. Meeting a woman through a cold approach with nothing – zero developed attributes
  3. Creating ‘something’ (say attraction) out of nothing via artificial mediums
  4. Somehow transition from that ‘something’ into sex or a relationship

This particular system is laid with a LOT of engineered sticking points, ambiguous promised results, as well as TONS of unnecessary data when the actual goal is something that happens EVERY DAY and is NOTHING ESPECIALLY NEW.

Here’s what I mean:

People who don’t practice “pick up” are INCREASINGLY STILL getting laid, getting girlfriends, and are making babies

There you have it if you think you’re so special by learning the weird stuff.

If you have no women with you right now and you’ve been looking at other people who have girlfriends (beautiful girlfriends), then let me tell you that they didn’t use any special pick up techniques.  Matter of fact a lot of those didn’t happen from a cold approach either. Let me discuss further.

What most guys don’t realize is that the game hasn’t changed AT ALL when it comes to meeting women. We’re not talking years here. We’re talking decades and centuries. Here’s a sample of a survey we did over the weekend that was passed on over different social groups and were answered by both men and women.

In Preconceived Seduction (PSED), our basic game plan goes like this:

  1. Create a 24/7 Game Plan
  2. Find Women who are “in tune” with our game plan
  3. Convey the Attributes Patiently
  4. Apply the Game Plan
  5. Get the Woman, Have More Women Coming

Believe it or not, this is the ENTIRE system in a nutshell. It’s also why the results over at our camp are way higher than what most people do practicing “pick up” for 8-12 months.

In addition, the data above simply suggests the following conclusions:

I. To this day simple cold approaches without any type of game plan remains to be the least used methods to meeting women.

It’s the most intriguing to learn for men who have no experience with women, however the actual “game” does not really require it to be the ONLY way.

The key sticking point in this game is rejection. It’s an engineered problem simply because the guy using a cold approach does not have any conveyance skills – the woman actually knows nothing about the guy and with a cold approach this guy has to convey the attributes in less than a few minutes. There’s no game plan, hence no PSED, and the girl rejects him out of face value.

A negative effect of this method is that a  lot of men become emotionally damaged by rejection. The recurring images of women turning their heads and saying no can actually hurt men’s chances to approach another woman, even if they actually have the potential of attracting them naturally. It only takes a handful, and men will start shifting their frame of attracting a woman to plain convincing. They will start plowing and stacking their material to convince a woman. Obviously this doesn’t work.

The blind spot in this approach is obviously the conversion. Most men who do this are absolutely clueless when it comes to actually getting the girl. They’re looking for that magical transition from approach to whatever sexual result they are expecting.

II. The Fact Remains that the Top Spots to meet women are through Common Interest Groups and Social Circles.

When you have an entire ‘community’ of guys ignoring this statistic and are so adamant with one-on-one or small group cold approaches, then what you see is a bunch of guys who actually do not have any solid social skills to create a “germination” of their attributes on a mass scale. Hence, the few and ambiguous results.

I have been in the business for several years, and RARELY have I met a romantic relationship come from a cold approach without PSED. What that means is the guy approached the girl in some random, transiting, and uncharacteristic spot and “somehow” through randomized and uncontrolled chains of events got her romantically committed to him. In those rare instances, I also noted down that these guys had to do a lot of work before they actually hooked up, plus of course many of them failed or got stuck.

Most, if not all my hundreds of clients approached women in either:

  1. Social events they were familiar and in common with, or
  2. Through a pipeline network of social friends and allies

You see, rejection can be avoided if you actually find groups that share the same interests as you. Do not ignore the statistic above. When you’ve found and joined them, then your rejection factor lessens by about 70%. You, and the women you want actually “live” in the same world.

Remember that you are still approaching these women. However, the usual pick up sticking points of “what to say next” or “how to introduce myself” are greatly avoided. If you’re in the club scene the easiest default things to say are “wow, when is Tiesto coming back to Singapore?” or “I’ve never tried that brand of Vodka” or “How do you know so and so promoter?” Again, it is all about step 2: Finding Women who are in tune with your game plan.

When your interactions with these women are not limited to mere minutes, now you can start conveying the attributes. This should close out the remaining 30% rejection factor. The bonding of similar wants between you and the women in your groups, plus the conveyance of the five attributes will add up to natural attraction.

Applied in a mass scale, then you’ve got more women than you can handle. Plain and simple.

Learning and Mastering PSED will allow you to create the game you want to play, from taking a girl home all the way to being happily married to a woman you really love. It’s all totally possible.

So, here’s where I want YOU to be at:

I want you to use step2 of the basic game plan for PSED as a blueprint for carrying out your missions of meeting and attracting women. Again, here it is:

  1. Create a 24/7 Game Plan
  2. Find Women who are “in tune” with our game plan
  3. Convey the Attributes Patiently
  4. Apply the Game Plan
  5. Get the Woman, Have More Women Coming

Here’s a Simple Exercise you can do RIGHT NOW to get you started. Answer these questions:

  1. What do I want to get out of this? (Casual relationship, one night stand, girlfriend/serious relationship, marriage)
  2. What ‘interest group’ or ‘social circle’ am I in right now?
  3. Are there beautiful, attractive women in my current group?
  4. What are other interest groups or social circles that spike my interest and curiosity?
  5. Are there beautiful, attractive women in those other groups?
  6. Can I get what I answered in question 1 from these groups? Mark a “YES” or “NO” for each.

This one exercise should put you mentally in perspective and realistically ready to apply PSED. Do it and post the answers on the comments section below.

Now if you want HUGE gains in your ability, hey take a live program with us or check out our various online seminars. We’ve put up our latest city schedule from the US to Asia to Europe so definitely check it out.

Here’s just ONE testimonial from one of my clients who constantly applies PSED and our 24/7 Attractive Man concepts:

“Women are No Longer a Question”

Women? For the first time of my life, women are no longer a question. I got divorced almost four years ago and at the time I wondered if I would ever find a woman that wants me.

I studied the whole PUA thing and did improve a bit, however there was still had a lot of nervousness anytime I would get around any good looking woman.

Not until I started implementing the 24/7 Attractive Man principles did I start to truly see the improvements that I wanted. The biggest piece of that was simply by putting myself in the social circles that include the type of women I want in my life and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I completely COMMITTED myself to improving myself. I knew that if I improved myself, the women will come.

I have not only put myself in those social circles where beautiful women are overflowing, I am a major part of it. When I walk in the room people scream my name. Women scream my name. I can now walk into at least 3 social circles with ease and comfort.

I just finished reading your latest article on Preconceived Seduction and completely agree with it! The work is being done for me via my social circle. In the words of my mentor Troy Dizon, DONE!

Meeting up with these women and escalating sexually is simply done by immediately sexualizing the conversation. I am training as a boxer and workout quite a bit so sexualizing the conversation is easy. Then throw in my salsa and bachata dancing… women immediately visualize her and I getting very hot and sweaty together.

I then use facebook to display all my dimensions and pipeline more women. Seriously? It’s that easy at this point. 24/7 Attractive Man!


Thanks Troy. I am eternally grateful.


Dallas Texas
Private Client and Champions of Choice Member

On part 2 I’m going to talk about the Attributes so stay updated. Again, if you want to make REAL progress and have consistent results with the guidance of a mentor who’s trained many men like Lazy, then sign up for a live program or an online workshop to get started.


P.S. In a few days I’m going to post more valuable articles and basics on the site. I’d like everyone serious about getting real, long lasting success with women to have everything within reach so they can have that full awareness to succeed. The materials will delete tons of false data out of your head and thus make your technique much, much better in field. My clients often report that  becomes meeting and attracting women is a lot easier and enjoyable with the recent surge of information in this blog. I also get a lot of funny comments from my private mentoring clients saying that I’ve “given in” and told most of y’all the secrets. Hey its all in good will.

P.P.S. We have announced the date for our Beginner’s Launchpad online workshop. It’s a less than 10 client seminar that will be totally different than anything you’ve ever experienced, and it comes with four top-level, remastered Champions of Choice products and a free gold coach workshop seat. Not bad for a $149 pre-sale price tag when it’s valued at around $1500. Reserve your seat now here.

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