247 Attractive Man Podcast # 3 August 20, 2010 – Troy Interviews Shane Groove

I’m a 5’4″ Asian… and I think guys around me who are much taller and good looking can get girls and I can’t because of that…”

This was the first sentence Shane Groove told me during his Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program consultation call. It’s not uncommon for me to hear this from my clients, and on this podcast, you’ll hear about where he was, what he did to do a complete 180, and how he focused on the good things to get a better life filled with attractive women, interesting things to do, a healthy social circle, and a job that makes him happy. So smash your limiting beliefs with this podcast!

On this Podcast Shane Groove and I talk about:

  1. Smashing Limiting Beliefs like Being Afraid to Success because of your Height, Race, Position in Life, etc. FYI Shane is a 5’4″ Filipino Guy and it was his biggest roadblock… or so that’s what he thought it was…
  2. Having a Great Lifestyle and NOT having Women in it – We talk about Shane’s Old Sticking Point before he got mentored.
  3. Shane shares a painful moment in his life that made him turn things around
  4. A Re-enactment of his first “AHA” infield moment. Shane shares the ONE thing he used to succeed during the day time.
  5. Shane Gives Tips on What to Do When You have Literally Nothing to Begin With
  6. Shane and I Talk about Practicing Solo and Doing a Self-Evaluation
  7. I Share a Powerful Mental Note that will help you Kick-Ass in the Field
  8. Shane Gives Away some of his Old Notes from His Lifestyle Blueprint Mentoring Program back in 2009 that changed his life.
  9. Shane shares his favorite 24/7 AM Technique from the Wiki, and Answers Questions from our Listeners.
  10. Troy apologizes to the listeners for having too many kick-ass programs and explains a good road map of what program to talk based on your needs and budget.

Here are Some Pertinent Links from this Podcast

1. Ask Shane – Email him HERE

2. Join Shane’s Free Meet up group in Korea – Click HERE

3. If you want a long-term lifestyle design program, check out our Lifestyle Blueprint Mentoring Program Video FAQ today AND get a slot with a $100 discount. For a free consult, email troy@247attractiveman.com.

4. Get on our College Invasion Seminar tomorrow! Click HERE

Hold on tight! because we still have more Real Men/Real Game Podcasts from James of Singapore Strait Times fame, Ceciro from San Francisco, and Lazy from Dallas!



2 Comments to “247 Attractive Man Podcast # 3 August 20, 2010 – Troy Interviews Shane Groove”

  1. By Mr A4, August 22, 2010 @ 9:44 am

    WOW! This was free?! This is some pure gold here guys. Listen to this and take it to heart if you’re looking for ANY small or big change.

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