247 Attractive Man Podcast #2 August 7, 2010 – Troy Interviews Europe Instructor Julian Falcon

Oh, How Far We’ve Come.

You may be new to this website and this organization, but our “story” spans around 5-6 years. Collectively, the team you see right now have done around 300 boot camps, seminars, and even vacation-camps over that span of time.

24/7 AM is more than just a dating company. It started off as a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who really had a huge desire for life transformation. Naturally, it’s the same guys you mentor and teach that eventually become your best friends. I mean, why look anywhere else, right?

This podcast is one of those special ones, because I’m interviewing a valued friend, comrade, and probably one of the best i’ve seen in the game, Europe Instructor Julian Falcon.

Call him the sniper, the charmer, the king of pulls. MANY of our followers have tried to grab his legendary diary from 2008, because he literally did a daily log of everything he did post-boot camp from day 1 to day 38 when results just had a domino effect. It sucks that the valuable information in that diary is gone forever.

The stuff he reveals on this podcast is MIND BENDING… however it’s the golden nuggets, such as his MENTALITY and MANTRAS, as well as his tool kit of 24/7 Attractive Techniques, that you should take a note of.

On this Podcast Julian and I talk about:

  1. Some of the CRAZIEST “pick up moments” we’ve ever had that you’ve never heard ANYWHERE ELSE.
  2. Our 2-set rule. How to handle two girls by yourself and take the one you want home without getting cock blocked.
  3. Julian Falcon’s MANTRAS to make you a more SOLID PERSON altogether
  4. Julian’s First Steps to Getting Good with Women (It starts with the movie Inception)
  5. Two Stunning Swedish Girls Freaking Out on Us! Julian and I Reminisce Amsterdam ’08…
  6. More KEY LESSONS on making mistakes… and not making things awkward with women
  7. The PERFECT Social Domination Mentality and MORE Vegas stories…
  8. Being a Cross-Cultural Ambassador WORKS!… and so does being the “club manager”
  9. Julian Talks about Finding a good mentor and a great set of friends
  10. Julian Discusses the Fine Details of using Energy and Excitement to Make People Feel Good
  11. WHY Julian is called “The King of Pulls”

….and MORE!

His teaching pedigree is unparalleled. He taught straight for 3 years alongside myself all over Europe, the United States, and is a repeat offender on our Asian Summits every year. (He plans to be on the November one so better save your seats early!). For a guy who was a virgin till he was 24, what a learning curve!

He is currently teaching our London and Frankfurt Masterclasses so this is a good start to get to know what he’s like and what you can learn from his immense coaching background.

If you need to reach him ASAP and find out about his programs in Europe, it’s julian@247attractiveman.com. He currently has a Masterclass in London in October as well (see schedule here for payment terms). Enjoy!

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