November Champions of Choice Double-Feature: ARCHETYPES AND APPROACHING

“NOW is the BEST TIME to be a Premium Member of Champions of Choice…”

– Chris, 22, Boston

As I promised, the last 2 COC’s to end such an explosive year are going to be SO GOOD. On this month’s premium member audio, I’m going to delve into 247 AM’s unique brand of approaching women and situational awareness, coupled with a full dissection of what archetypes are and what you can use to pull a strong preconceived seduction BEFORE the approach.

If you’re sick and tired of doing hundreds of PUA-style approaches that set you up for rejection and a crushed ego in the long run, then this is the COC to own.

On this COC, you’ll find a better way to approach women that:

1) Won’t kill or destroy your ego, you still get to keep all of it.

2) Will make your situational awareness tighter, you’ll become the “Jason Bourne” of the dating world with this stuff.

3) Make you improve how women take notice of you, and

4) Will allow you to make creative and witty things on the fly,

If this is what you’ve been looking for, then this double-feature COC is a MUST-OWN.

On this COC, you’ll also learn my personal style tips that will make you look way more attractive to women. I have hundreds of guys literally following my style guide, buying the same tops, jeans, and shoes that I get, and do my body symmetry exercises over what their personal trainers tell them to do because they work! I’ll go over that on the Archetypes section of the COC. If you need a powerful image fix, then definitely add this COC to your collection.

More on this over the weekend. The NEW Audio Pack releases on November 23, a late release because of the London Masterclass this weekend. Sign up until November 17 and you get to keep this month’s release, PEAK INTEREST before getting ARCHETYPES AND APPROACHING next week.(Click Here)

For more about our premium membership program that 85% of 247 AM clients are on, Click Here


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  1. By Shane Groove, December 15, 2011 @ 9:29 pm

    I haven’t had time to listen to this until today. But Troy, this is one of the best Champion of Choice podcast I have heard. Man, if i heard this when i first started what damage i could do! You are an idiot if you don’t download this and listen to this now!

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