New Limited Product Release: Champions of Choice August Pack is on Closing Dates with Women

This Limited Release Pack will be available for download for Members until September 15. With all the momentum swinging from the ultra-successful Unshakability Pack last month, Troy releases even more bombs on this 45-minute Audio release that DIRECTLY talks about how you can close women sexually from a date.

CLOSE MORE DATES NOW! And end up in bed with women not keep going on dates with them! This product is the antidote for all those dry spells at night!

– What a Date is, in Troy’s DefinitionThe second audio in this series sets the record straight on what a date is versus a meet up. Troy explains that most guys think they should close on every meet up, and that’s what creates desperation and failure. Troy will increase your awareness by listening to this ONE audio and shares a Lay Report of his years ago.

– How to beat your FEAR of Getting laid – is there such a thing? Absolutely! Most guys can’t close because of fear of success. Troy shares a decade-long exercise on how he became proficient at closing dates versus most guys that go on dates over and over without any sexual outcome coming from them.

How to make a girl feel that she isn’t a slut – Troy points out TWO deal breakers that most guys fail on when making their intentions known and gives some real-world examples on how he closed out dates this way. This ensures that you NEVER make this mistake again next time you decide to let a girl know you want her sexually.

– What Dates Create TENSION and DESIRETroy shares a handful of scenarios that make the sexual escalation very easy and natural. You won’t even have to do that stupid “escalation ladder” because the date itself does it for you!

– What Games Women Play – that prevents you from laying her. Troy goes into some things women do at the LAST MINUTE to test you and how most guys fail by chumping out. Troy shares his wonderful solutions to this.

As always Troy backs this up with real world experiences and reports from the past with the actual things that he says when he’s on dates. This is a can’t miss if you haven’t closed your dates so far.

The New Champions of Choice Member’s Audio Pack Releases TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT for ONLY $29.95! For members, go directly to the Download Area and grab it so you can implement immediately.

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