Nerds, Geeks and Their Chances of Getting Laid

Screw how i look or how I smell, I haven't showered in 3 days...MUST....PLAY VIDEO GAMES.....

Can Nerds and Geeks get laid? Today on a wonderful Sunday I’m going to write a blog that should send shivers down your spine. Its about what I think about nerds, geeks, and what their chances are on actually becoming full-bodied 247 Attractive Men who are socially and sexually powerful. If you’ve got the balls to read it, go ahead. If you’re a girlfriend who’s sick and tired of your boyfriend’s video game addiction read up:

I was inspired to write this blog when an Australian Champions of Choice and 2006 Private Instruction Client sent me this:

“Bro, the style you teach of being the lazy man with the kick-ass lifestyle WORKS. There’s this chick that’s always wanted to meet me in our class and I’ve never talked to her before this and just by chillin out, averting a confrontation with a psychopath guy (using Unshakability) and then just talking about peanut butter and toast and who’s girlfriend we thought was hot she grabbed my hand and was like where are these callouses from, and I was like weights and jiujitsu. fuck if I know man I just know at some point she went up to pee and i went to grab a drink and on her way out i made out with her! NUTS!”

You’re probably wondering, “Hey, I have hobbies! Well why does this sh*t NOT happen to me???”

Weights and Jiujitsu? Peanut Butter and Toast? That guy who just got that result is also a good friend of mine. We both have our obsessions with jiujitsu and talk about it pretty often. Just like anything, there are good hobbies and bad hobbies in my opinion.  More importantly, there are hobbies that are just NOT SEXY and that is the buzz kill of them all. Remember that hobbies are what ENHANCES YOU and your projection of the Five Attributes (Leadership, Unshakability, Fun, Comfy under your own skin, and Consistency). It’s what makes those attributes look good. But does that mean its THE END for you video game addicts out there?

Here’s the good news: having a Balanced lifestyle doesn’t restrict you from doing geeky, nerdy stuff – some of my clients who produce results are “geeks” in a way and are into MMO’s like DOTA, WOW, Naruto, etc.

But if that’s everything you do and you don’t mix it with a hobby that a) is sexy by nature or b) showcases your attributes, then you my friend, are F****ED!

Try walking into an MMO cafe/Internet cafe RIGHT NOW and tell me out of the thirty something geeks in there how many actually have a chance to get laid at the club! Well of course even if they wanted to they just spent half of their day in a chair in front of a computer with headphones on so that ain’t going to happen!

I'm not the type who looks for trouble but I LOVE MMA and Boxing. They are both PHYSICAL hobbies that spell SEXY when women find out about them. Fighters Get LAID Bottomline because they have SWAG. Just look at ring entrances. :)

Now does that mean I don’t play video games? Of course not. As a kid who grew up with an Atari System and the first Nintendo, of course I love and appreciate video games! The games I used to just dream about when I was in grade school more than 10 years ago have now finally happened and I am enjoying this every bit. I maintain that I am still a big kid trapped in an adult body, so I absolutely love video games.

But when that stuff CONSUMES YOU, and BECOMES YOU, that’s where the problem starts. When you become IDENTIFIED as a geek-who-plays-mmo’s. The chances of you recovering from that are very slim if you’re not known for anything else that has some depth and substance.


I said this on our 247 Attractive Man Facebook Page (where you can get exclusive quotes and sayings from me as well as videos not seen here on the main site), that this is the process one undergoes to identity-choosing:

1) You choose your identity,

2) You set it in stone that THIS is who you are

3) Subconsciously EVERYTHING YOU DO will follow this identity through and through and you will do everything to be congruent with it.

Once you set it in Stone, THAT'S YOUR IDENTITY, so be careful what you choose!

That’s how identity works, just look at the generic guys – how the look, present themselves, communicate… even their work all spells generic. Was it really their fault? Not really. Generic guys chose their identities (maybe back in college when their parents asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up) and from there, over time, subconsciously they are just following congruency patterns of that. Well, same thing goes for Geeks who play video games. On the flip-side same thing goes for 247 Attractive Men. We choose good identities.


A NERD (which my wife calls me every other time) is an intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular field or profession… I, for one, have a HUGE library on my Ipad 2, and I spend some of my free time understanding the World Economy by reading charts and figures… so I admittedly, am a nerd sometimes.

A GEEK is a person with an eccentric DEVOTION to a particular unpopular interest, such as video games. A GEEK is also someone who is an unfashionable and socially inept person… So this really isn’t me because I don’t devote my time to my Playstation or X-Box more than 30-minutes a day.

What I’m saying is, don’t be a TOTAL nerd and don’t be a TOTAL geek. Doing so will eat up your lifestyle and KILL your chances to get laid with a real cutie. Being a complete nerd will make you horribly one-sided and boring and being a complete geek will make you awkward, shy, and totally neglect your looks or how you present yourself to women.

I forgot who said this, but everything comes in moderation. If you want to get your “geek” fix, then spend 30 minutes on it. If you want to get your “nerd” fix, spend 30 minutes on it. Again, as long as you’re mixing it up with hobbies and an identity that spells attraction to women, you should be okay.

On a final note, check out this guy from one of these independent bands I like. Yes, he looks geeky, but he has some other things and talents that somehow counter act that and balances it out. Here’s the video

I’ll talk more about Identity-Building on my upcoming Coaching Class Plus Monthly Sessions and on my One-on-one Mentorship Programs, so click on those links to find out what our programs are and don’t be afraid to email me at troy@247attractiveman if you have questions.



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2 Comments to “Nerds, Geeks and Their Chances of Getting Laid”

  1. By Alessandro Savage, August 21, 2011 @ 8:53 pm

    After reading this all I can say is that I totally agree with it. Being “nerdy” and “geeky” at something in particular shows that you have a passion for something but being too much of one can also hurt your chances if you go about it the wrong way. It’s one way to show that you’re not a one dimensional person and there are many facets to your identity. The way I see it is that women play pass the parcel and YOU are the parcel and each time she gets it, she unwraps another layer of your identity. Having nerdy qualities mixed in with other dimensions sets you apart from the others because you’re not easily categorized as only a “nerd” or a “jock” or a “sensitive man” and it keeps them coming back for more!

  2. By Che, August 23, 2011 @ 12:15 pm

    What I always love about Troy and 24/7 AM is how they always just keep it real and give you no bullsh*t!
    The truth might be hard to swallow but if you’re a complete geek or nerd and nothing else then the only girls you’re ever going to attract are complete geek or nerd ones. Are those really the girls you want?
    Identity trumps everything so you gotta be careful with who you choose to be.
    Sure I am a big nerd about some subjects and I still get my fix of UFC Undisputed or Metal Gear Solid for PS3 from time to time but that’s definitely not all I do, who I am or what I’m known for.
    The key is to moderate and balance it with other things that make you attractive and build on that.

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