Neediness with Women Explained (plus Solutions!)


Acting needy lately? Who remembers Mikey from Swingers? I cringe every time I watch this video!

It’s crazy. More men are falling into the same mistakes time and time again. Once a guy gets somewhere positive with a girl the vicious cycle begins. I know because I’ve been there numerous times when I didn’t know anything. Every time I’ve felt like I had a legitimate shot at a chick I’d get into this level of excitement and emotion… unfortunately those very levels of emotions got me doing entirely stupid things (like stopping by her college retreat to give her a teddy bear in front of her friends… yes this was Troy Dizon circa 2001)… then wondering why I got nothing but an “awwwww….” and not building any legit desire from her.

From there men like my old self do the same IDIOTIC things:

1) He calls her more than  a handful of times

2) Drops too many messages/voicemails on her inbox, and

3) Generally makes a fool of himself when the girl doesn’t respond as often as he’d want to by getting jealous or insecure or in some cases, mad and angry.

He falls into the Neediness trap with women.

Not everyone is exempt from this problem that’s why I feel its a very relevant one to talk to in my Premium Member Newsletter this month of June (you can grab it HERE today for just a fraction of what you’d get having dinner out). I just think that its human nature to move forward whenever an opportunity presents itself and thats why many men do the same things. Well unfortunately, this is the realm of getting women and not just “anything else.”

The big proponent of neediness with women is what i call the Inching Forward Trap. This is something I mention a lot to my Mentorship Program and Masterclass Students a lot and i think its relevant that you become aware of this and why our system is so counterintuitive to everyone out there (and is more than 10 times effective!).

See, every generic guy thinks of dating as a LINEAR, FORWARD-PROGRESSING thing. This goes into their conversations, getting the phone number, and what THEY THINK is going to happen after that (which usually is nothing). Men don’t really have a true game plan or ace cards to bring in women that they interact with. They usually go from getting her contact number, pray a Hail Mary, and hope that they can juice the hell out of that contact until they fail.

If you’ve been a fan of our work since when we started years ago, then you know that we don’t play this stupid game of forward moving escalation. We understand that women out there are looking for us as well, and its just a matter of taking the technicalities out (which is what you learn by using our products and services) and not falling for the same mistakes.

Here’s my two cents on how NOT to be the inching-forward guy.

1) Know what you’re worth – meaning build on your attributes and dedicate your life to become an interesting fella.

2) Use what you’re worth and build a dating game plan – have dates and activities lined up to where you can use your said advantages to make women desire you more.

3) Have immense DISCIPLINE and stop yourself from immediately taking action without the two items I discussed before this – remember proactive is not always a good thing. Contrary to popular belief women don’t like surprises too often, and so don’t be jumping into bold moves just because she hasn’t replied to some of your texts. Please don’t buy a Teddy Bear like old Troy Dizon did almost a decade ago.

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1) Wanting More of her time and attention,

2) Assuming too much, and

3) The Hero Complex

Not only do I thoroughly talk about these 3 mistakes, but I do give out simple to follow solutions and ways to avoid them for you as well.

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3 Comments to “Neediness with Women Explained (plus Solutions!)”

  1. By klueh712, June 24, 2011 @ 12:52 pm

    This fits me a lot. But I have a question, I’m needy right now because of my ex-love. I’m far away from forgetting her it’s been 6 months already of no communication and talking, suddenly just last monday June 20, 2011, she hug me tightly during a training we had. And here it goes again, the feeling of love to her and my needy to have her is back again, what should I do? I remember her promises again that she won’t leave me but she did thanks troy you’re the best. :) I’ll be waiting for your reply.

    • By admin, June 25, 2011 @ 3:02 pm

      Hey Klueh712,

      I think Neediness also has a direct correlation with personal growth. The more growth you have as a person, I believe makes you less needy. A hug from an ex girlfriend might not be as emotionally charged if you get that from several women you are seeing and enjoying now that you’re single. I hate to be a pessimist here but I have to for your sake, but I’d immediately treat her as a friend and focus a lot more on growing personally and socially. Watch at how the needy feeling will disappear over time. Heck maybe she’ll end up needing YOU in the end because you’ve found your true worth.

      Now if you want to avoid being needy from the get go and keep it that way, GET THE NEWSLETTER BY BEING A MEMBER. You’ll thank me later.

      Good luck!


  2. By klueh712, June 26, 2011 @ 12:08 pm

    Ahmmm thanks troy, I guess the best thing to do is to move on. and for me It’s not my lost in the first place. Thanks a lot.

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