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‎”After The FIRST Mentorship call with Troy: Two investment banker meetings, special privileges at the venues I frequent and an invitation to guest perform for a band HAHA, and of course the women….”

– Drei, Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program Alumni, 2011

These VERY EFFECTIVE Online Programs of ours have been around for ages. We’re nearly a decade in the business of coaching and very few of our competitors can decipher how results-oriented our distance programs can be. It doesn’t mean that you can’t attend a Masterclass or Private Instruction Camp OR that your budget doesn’t fit that you can’t get high quality instruction fromus in almost ANY level of the game.

90% of our “success stories” that you see all over our website started with the Mentorship Program. That is a plain fact. I have had close to 75 Mentorship Clients since the beginning and we continuously mentor clients anywhere from Los Angeles, Japan, Miami, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

This program is the beginning of the quality mentoring process we’re most famous for. Some got their results in as fast as the first call and some got their foundations solid because of it. You can be a total beginner, intermediate, or seasoned 247 AM veteran and there are hundreds of ways you can take your skill and lifestyle approach to the next level with this one-on-one program with Troy.

In the Mentorship Program Package, You will get 4 One Hour, Customized Calls with Myself that go directly on creating a foundation for mindsets, skillsets, and lifestyle blueprints to immediately have success with women. Before the program, you will receive a pre-event-questionnaire from me that will help me gauge your current situation and skill level as well as your weaknesses and sticking points. Once answered, all that remains is the scheduling and its on! All you need is a phone (if in North America) or a skype program (FREE for overseas and the US) with a headset.

All calls with myself are going to be recorded and sent back to you for referencing. Its been said that once you gain experience through the mentorship program and relisten to the audio recordings they reveal new learnings that you may not have touched before.


Here are Some Featured Client Reviews on the Mentorship Program:

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We put our money on winners. Majority of our coaching is dedicated to those who want it all, and who are determined to reach it through constant learning, practice, and development. It is the basis of our success in the dating world for almost a decade now even without Mainstream recognition. We don’t need thousands of clients that eventually leave due to lack of motivation or training. A few good men is what makes up the life blood of our organization.

We Believe in Medium to Long Term Coaching. We have weeded out the magic pill thinkers who want things fast without any basic knowledge of how to get women and we’ve kept the results-bringing clients to ourselves. This is why we’ve been so successful over the years. Like a Martial Arts Dojo, we believe in a progressive belt system wherein we guide our clients and their growth over months and years.

This Inner Circle program is a scheduled Monthly Group Coaching class online with Troy and other 247 AM Instructors. Every month we will do ONE, one hour group online class that will go through training on

– The Fundamentals of Desire and Attraction

– Using the 5 Attributes in practical, day-to-day scenarios

– Guidance and Training in the Art of Effective Conversations and Storytelling

– Learning the 4 Vibes – Dominant, Sexual, Fun and Charismatic

– Learning and Sharpening New 247 AM Skill Sets

– Working on Skills that Need Improvement

…and More

Our Success Lies in our Coaching

The Coaching will be personalized to members of the group, so each and every member will get the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback on their progress, as well as have access to Troy during special group chat sessions throughout the month.

The Coaching Plus Class will also help you connect with other members and track each other’s progress. We’ve found that we have better results when we have groups of guys taking our classes because of the camaraderie each one builds during their transformation. As a member you’ll have access to special chat sessions with other members to learn from each other or in some cases, kick each other’s rear ends if anyone’s slacking.

Members will also receive a Bi-Monthly Platinum Newsletter. Our Champions of Choice members have benefitted from our Gold Newsletter over the current year since Its been created. So, for our Coaching Class Plus Clients, you will be receiving a bi-monthly Platinum Newsletter with current updates on your learning as well as introduction of new concepts for the upcoming classes to prepare you.

For NEW Clients: this will be your road to learning everything you need to know about the 247 AM System. It is essential for every client to get multi-dimensional training through Coaching Class Plus. We highly believe that if we put the pieces together for you in a customized manner, you’ll get to your dating and lifestyle goals faster than any other method. At only $50 a Month for our introductory price you can’t beat that.

For Current 247 Clients: Consider this your constant upgrade training. If you’ve been a Champions of Choice member all year long and want to take things to the next level with Troy’s coaching, then we suggest you take the COC Discounted Price below. At $36 a Month for our introductory price you can’t beat that.We invite you to be part of this special coaching circle. Our FIRST CLASS STARTS IN SEPTEMBER. Click Below to Sign up!


ICF is currently not being offered BUT you can scroll down below and back-order previous ICF's and the Manual included. I suggest getting ICF 4 - Troy

“ICF” or Instant Connections Formula is our seasonal, usually SOLD OUT teleseminar that teaches a stand-alone skill set – PERSUASIVE, CHARISMATIC CONVERSATIONS.

The direct benefits of knowing and applying this skill set has been SIGNIFICANT – men who have tried a class reported better connection with people through conversational skills, more descriptive and expressive story telling, and the ability to persuade whoever is listening through the ability to “embed” their messages through words and stories.

As much as we’d like to add this to say, Champions of Choice this entire skill set is something we’d like to personally teach over a 2-hour period and drill our clients while the class is ongoing.

Here’s are What our ICF Alumni Had to Say about the Program:

“ICF is truly mind-blowing, and i would recommend it to anyone, and everyone..”

I have always been facinated about building PRs with people and how to connect with people, and wonder why sometimes it work with some people and sometimes not. As a matter of fact, i have tons of frustrations about putting things in the right place, as sometimes things just fall into place easily and most of the time it does not.

However, having said that, i was still quite reserved in attending ICF. Why? Because with so many products out there, this could just easily be any other products out there. However, as time was pushing me, and the price seems attractive (only at $85), i just decided to take a risk. But even after i signed up, i still had my reserve!

After attending ICF, Troy has open up my mind and brought my understanding to another level. He shows you how it can be done, how it is done and how it can impact people, easily, through his explanation and demonstration. There is no complicated science nor scripts to digest. Everything was short, sweet, and straight forward.

Now, in my mind, i am beginning to see the mistakes i have made, and how i can improve on my communications.

Troy, thanks for the ICF! For all the information you had given us, the price at which you offered ICF could be placed much higher.

From the bottom of my heart, i really enjoyed ICF.

Once again, thank you Troy.



“ICF is all about Captivation…”

Those were the words coming out of Troy Dizon’s mouth when he explained what this “Instant Connections Formula” is. It sounds so simple, but it’s a skill that when I stopped to think about it, very few people I knew of actually have. Could Troy Dizon, as good as he is at dating coaching, be able to teach the art of captivation? That’s exactly what I wanted to find out.

A bit about my background… I’m a 3rd year college student with a major in business administration, specifically small business/entrepreneurship. Obviously, the major component of business is communication, not only to your crew and business partners, but to your customers and prospective customers. In fact, communication isn’t ‘major’ skill in today’s business market, it’s an ESSENTIAL SKILL.

I’ve done sales for other companies before with hit-or-miss success, and looking back, I believe my success came from the ability to communicate with others. Sometimes I would connect with them and get the sale, sometimes I wouldn’t and I would miss the sale. I came on board to take ICF in hopes that I would figure out a way to CONSISTANTLY connect and captivate whoever it was I was talking to, therefore improving my business success.

Now, learning something as complex and ambitious as captivation is no small task. It takes more than just getting on the call and just hearing what Troy has to say. What Troy instead did was made you learn in ALL THREE ways: Visual, Audio, and Kinetic.

We were all given a PDF manual of the seminar, featuring key notes already mapped out for us, and written version of his captivation stories and methods. As Troy spoke, he explained in depth each of the keys to getting someone’s attention, making them imagine awesome things, and give them an opportunity to act.

The true kicker of the ICF seminar, and what I didn’t expect of him to do, is actually stop the seminar and make us practice these skills right then and there. Yes, we learned form seeing the pdf, hearing him speak, but we also learned from practice and exercise. After every skill was explained in detail, there were working breaks where we would do an exercise and try out these skills. This helped incredibly because right afterwards he would see how we did, and we would receive instant feedback to help make us better. We would tweak and customize the delivery and try again, improving each and every attempt.

Overall, this seminar had a lot of pros. The PDF handout, the recording of the entire seminar afterwards, the instant feedback and on-the-spot answering of questions, all add depth and value to experience, making it feel 10 times its money’s worth. Another thing to keep in mind is Troy’s clarity (borderline bluntness) of feedback. No beating around the bush, he’ll say exactly what you need to fix.

Drawbacks? Only shot pride knowing that Troy hit the mark YET AGAIN! Being his friend and contact since 2008, I’ve taken part in many of the products and services he offers and seen every innovation he brings to the community. I thought I learned everything he knew until he blindsides me with ICF. A part of me came on board just to see if he would rehash any info he’s shared before…needless to say I was dead wrong (Troy, I hate you! Haha!).

Simply put, the stuff here is just what guys need when it comes to those who want to dramatically improve their communication and influence skills and also guys who are more ‘serious’ about life with goals such as getting a good job or networking.

Troy B

“ICF is a perfect complement to anything Troy has released, and I’ve been through COC’s and the Masterclass…”

ICF gave me a new perspective on how to use stories to make people relate to you without any pressure. As you are simply just telling a story, there is no pressure at all to care about what other people will think. It’s that undercover, which what makes it so good.

I always told stories without having any real goal of why I tell them. ICF taught me that you can adjust your stories so that you can get a desired outcome and later on make people react positively to you, another strong point.

After ICF like what Troy always does in all of his products, is that he made me aware of how I can use stories as a tool to make people react to you, convey what you want to say and the like. It is a perfect complement to anything Troy has released, and I’ve been through COC’s and the Masterclass.

Great stuff as always!


“Thanks for delivering an amazing, practical, no-nonsense product”

I’ve always been doing the whole statement-question-statement-question,etc which leads to nothing but information exchange. Often I will out of habit default to information exchange, but ICF has made me more AWARE of what I’m doing during my interactions.

I enjoyed the way that you taught ICF especially the story at the beginning about the guy who put all his energy into his career, that felt like you were talking about me cause that’s were I am in my life. For me to really make ICF effective I will relisten to make the skills set part of my life.



“I really enjoyed ICF IV and got a LOT of value out of it…”

I always knew storytelling was important but never came across a system like yours that spells out HOW to make stories captivating. I came out of the PUA system because I was becoming that chit chat master and while I got some results I knew I was capable of more. I’m working my way through your materials and I look forward to trying them out while interacting with girls.”


“Troy, I just finished listening to ICF 4 today. WOW, this is absolutely amazing stuff. it’s priceless. I’m gonna start to implement and practice in my daily life right now. Thanks for making ICF, you’re the man.”


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  1. By K, December 1, 2010 @ 3:10 pm

    Hey Troy,

    i was wondering if i have to take step by step from 1 to 3? Can i take the ICF first as it is gonna be coming up soon, and i really want to go through it.

    • By admin, December 1, 2010 @ 10:03 pm

      Hey K,

      But of course man. All you have to do is go to the link and reserve a slot. There’s no particular order in steps if you feel ICF is important to you go with it! :)


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