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Live Program Event Schedule (Masterclass, Private Camp, UGT)

Note: All prices shown are in USD. Click on the Event link for FAQ
City Date Event Type Availability Immediate Payment(Credit/PayPal) Separate Monthly Payments(Credit/Paypal)
Dubai UAE
Mar 2 – Mar 4 Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend BOOKED! Full Payment $1850 USD BOOKED! BOOKED!
Singapore City
Manila Philippines
Mar 15 – Mar 16 Private Instruction BOOKED! Full Payment 1450 USD BOOKED!
Seoul Korea
Mar 24 – Mar 25 Walk with Troy and Experience the Magic Weekend 2 SLOTS BOOKED! Full Payment 1850 USD BOOKED!
Las Vegas
June 9 Walk with Troy and Experiece the Magic: Pure Vibe TBA 

Email for information

Full Payment 600-700 USD TBA 3 Payments of 233 USD
Manila Philippines
Sept 6 – 17 Live with Troy and Experience the Magic 2 Week Package 2/2 SLOTS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! Full Payment 2800 USD SOLD OUT! Black Card Members Email us
Manila Philippines
Sept 15-30 Live with Troy and Experience the Magic 2 Week Package 2/2 SLOTS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! Full Payment 

Email for Booking

2800 USD SOLD OUT! Black Card Members Email us
Manila Philippines
Flexible Live with Troy and Experience the Magic 3 Day Package 1 SLOT BOOKED Sept Full Payment 

Email for Booking

1600 USD BOOKED! Black Card Members Email us
Manila Philippines
Flexible Live with Troy and Experience the Magic 1 Day Package 1 SLOT BOOKED 

Email for Booking

Full Payment 600 USD BOOKED! Black Card Members Email us
Singapore City
Oct 5 – Oct 7 Private Instruction SOLD OUT Full Payment 1800 USD SOLD OUT Black Card Members Email us

We’ve been asked numerous times to put up a program menu of what you can learn during your 2 and a half days with us at the 24/7 Attractive Man Masterclass, so here it is from start to end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Length of the Program?

The program starts at 1:30 PM Friday and Saturday for theory and drills, breaks off at 6:00 then resumes at 10:00 for field work. Sunday starts at 12:30 PM then ends at 3:00 PM for the debrief and post program lessons.

What is the Student/Teacher Ratio?

Depending on the availability of coaches geographically, the Masterclass has a 3:1 ratio by default. In some cases where we can include apprentice coaches it may ramp up to 1:1.

What are Other Associated Costs to the Program Price?

If the Masterclass is held in your local city, then there are no additional costs. However, if you live in the suburbs and want better logistics then you may want to book a hotel room for the weekend near the practice spots. If you are going to attend a Masterclass outside your city then the additional costs are for travel and your hotel room for the weekend. We suggest that you contact your instructor for assistance.

Another associated cost is your incidental expenses for the weekend, and that may include entrance fees to various nightclubs as well as meals and transportation.

Masterclass Program Itinerary

Mindsets and Rules of Engagement

  1. Mindset Conditioning, PSED
  2. Small Leads to Big
  3. Nice Guy and Moral High Horse Syndrome
  4. Skyscraper Theory
  5. High Points vs. Linear
  6. Gut Instincts
  7. Vibe
  8. Failure, Feedback and Damage Control

Increasing Dynamic Awareness

Awareness of the Attributes

  1. Leadership
  2. Unshakability
  3. Humor
  4. Consistency
  5. Being Comfortable Under Your Own Skin

Awareness of the Dynamic Between Men and Women

  1. Female Psychology 101 – What women want vs. need
  2. What Women Really Mean
  3. Character, Image and Archetypes
  4. Niche Theory
  5. The Sequence of Closeness
  6. Core Values Bonding
  7. Leading Dynamics
  8. Sexual Vibe

Communication Channels to Use

  1. Verbal
  2. Nonverbal
  3. Conveyance

Skill Sets

  1. Creating Social Presence and Status
  2. Social Domination and Working a Venue
  3. Line of Sight
  4. Captivation
  5. Getting Mutual Agreement AKA the “Yes” Effect
  6. Planting Seeds
  7. Foreshadowing and Regressing
  8. Nonverbal Sexual Body Language
  9. Sexualizing Interactions
  10. Humor
  11. Creating Natural Tension Barriers
  12. Physical Escalation and Leading
  13. Daytime Applications of Skill Sets
  14. Old School Tactics
  15. Wingman Tactics

Retention Creation

  1. Building a Blueprint for a Powerful Identity
  2. Congruency
  3. Dimensions (3 Lessons)
  4. Relatability and ICF

Systemization of Your Dating and Social Life

  1. Commitment Wheels
  2. Logistics Instruction
  3. Setting Atmospheres of Intimacy
  4. Social Strategies 1.0
  5. Creating your own World
  6. Different Dates
  7. Online Application of Skill Sets

Post Program Support

  1. 1 Hour Support Call 3-4 Weeks after your Live Camp
  2. Champions of Choice War Room Alumni Only Forum Access
  3. Additional Discounts and Longer Payment Plans to 247 AM Products and Services

Read What our Current and Previous Clients Have Been Saying:

“‎Troy Dizon gave me one of the greatest gifts: THE POWER OF CHOICE. I will never forget that brother!”

I suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. Her movements on the bed startled me. She rolled towards me and laid her head on my chest. My eyes were wide open as I was entertained by this thought: I have just made love with the most beautiful woman I have ever been with.

It is hard to imagine how I got in this situation. Like many, I was driven by the idea that I deserve beautiful woman in my life. I mean why not? I didn’t think I was a loser. On the contrary, I demanded excellence in everything I did. I had a great job, a good group of friends, yet I couldn’t attract the women that I wanted.

I came up with reasons why I wasn’t able to get with woman. I blamed my height and my ethnicity. Women don’t want to be with a short minority. They want men who are tall and good looking. They want people like my tall handsome friends, not short men like me.

Frustrated by all of this, I became desperate. I searched the internet for information. I invested in e-books and sites selling the PUA way of life. Regrettably, I fell for their sales pitches and wasted a good year of my life to canned lines and negs. Honestly, what sadden me the most was not that I didn’t attract women, but I was becoming something that wasn’t me. I felt that I was corroding the essence of who I am.

Somehow, someway I was lucky to stumble upon 247AM. I read all the articles and listened to the COCs. I believed in what 247AM was all about. The concept was simple: Be the man woman want in the first place. On the contrast was the PUA style: Use these lines and peacocking tricks to cover up your inadequacies. Though believing in the 247AM method, I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. In hindsight, I know why now. I was focusing my efforts on mastering the micros of interactions but my macros was wack. My core values, my identity, my lifestyle were not suited to getting the results I wanted. I needed more direction.

I signed up for the Lifestyle Blueprint Mentorship Program one day. I was only able to take two calls with Troy but it changed my life. I realized how needy I was. I realized I did things not for me, but to please others. I did not own who I was and my identity was at the constant mercy of those around me. I started to understand the value of owning my identity and began my road to becoming the man who I am today.

I eventually signed up for a Private Instruction Camp. I wanted full emersion in the 247AM way of life. I had a great instructor, (currently in emeritus status) who was a living example of how one could truly be himself (in his case, a nice guy with game) and still get with amazing women. He assessed me, showed me how to improve and gave me direction with my life. I asked him questions. I wanted to know how he thought, how he made decisions, how he prepared himself for the night. I was eager to learn and wanted to be just like him and do what he could do. At the end of that weekend, he not only showed me the way, he gave me a map of how I could improve and continue the path for myself.

I returned back to my life armed with new knowledge. My aim was to become better at being me. I continued my journey for self -mastery and I began to see results. Sometimes I was successful, other times I was not. I remembered the words said during my PI: “Things won’t happen overnight. Continue to try and get more experience and you will get better”. Experience did make me better. I was constantly improving and continuously growing. The family at 247AM was exactly that, a family. When I was successful, 247AM celebrated my success with me. When I struggled, 247AM was there to guide me and mentor me. I continued to feed my mind with knowledge and continue to grow. I listened to the COCs, read the articles, attended the dance seminar and practiced putting the theory into action. Everyday I got better. Every moment I became truer to myself.

I dropped her off the next morning. Shortly afterwards I got this text:

“I know your busy and you don’t have to respond. I just want to thank you for a wonderful and intimate night. You’re an amazing person and I didn’t regret this experience at all. Now I agree with you, go with what feels right at the moment Take care of yourself and this is more like a see you later because I would hate too say goodbye!”

This text says it all. While with this beautiful and amazing women I was truly myself. Having my core beliefs, my lifestyle and my swagger all in order I wasn’t afraid to be who I am. She absolutely loved me for it.

Life is short and I intend to live it up as much as I possibly can. Everyday I want more. I want more adventure, I want more fun, I want more ways to improve the lives of others. Everyday I strive to become a man of quality. This is the 247Am\M way of life. Follow its path and women will love you for it.

Shane Groove

April 2010 Private Instruction Client NOW 247 AM Instructor just 1 year later

“Troy, Thanks for Being My Obi-Wan…”

“You have been the apparition that has been guiding me away from mediocrity, and I have not even shaken your hand.”

“I am leaving Houston after practicing this constantly and I have cobra-jacked multiple women. I use the skills primarily at work, and it has resulted in literally cobra-jacking the entire staff. I own that restaurant when I walk into it. I have fucked 60% of the staff, and infiltrated their circles and fucked those girls too. It is all about the core values bro. I emanate a genuine vibe that comes from complete honesty.”

“My favorite moment in knowing your system is when I get a woman to a show with foreshadowing, sing about sex while looking a woman in the eye, and then plug a core value after the set. Sara Loeb said she would love my dick everyday while I was inside her. BAH DAH DA DAH DAAAAH I’m loving it.”


Champions of Choice Member

Houston, Texas

“I’ve Only Owned 3 Champions of Choice Releases and this Stuff is PURE GOLD..”

Troy..MAN…..I just gotta say, this month’s COC is ABSOLUTEFUCKINGGOLD. I was laughing to myself throughout because time after time I’ve been making EXACTLY those mistakes you were talking about. I exchange very flirty and dirty messages with girls all the time but THEY WENT NOWHERE…and more often than not I didn’t follow up.

I found myself doing the reassurance bit you suggested on the October Pack from time to time and was surprised when you mentioned it, IT WORKS.

One of my favourite parts was about setting a concrete time, nothing ambiguous like “lets hang out sometime”-guilty of that like..just a couple days back. Coming from the pua background I was surprised when you made a point about not being a manslut on facebook, it makes perfect sense.

I’ve only had 3 cocs so far and this is by far my favourite, good stuff man, I have hence made adjustments to the way I roll. Many thanks Troy, this is just awesome.


Champions of Choice Member

“It was Seeing Them in Action that Awed Me…”

Quite simply, the energy the crew had was so unrestrained, dynamic, and fun. They were drawing girls in from left and right. And I’m sure everyone in the club had their eyes on the crew and would have joined them in a flash if they could, because I COULD FEEL IT.

When I witnessed the ease with which the crew got girls laughing, got girls’ numbers, got innocent, shy-looking girls grinding up on them, got hot girls turning away from their “guy friends,” I was like, “These are the guys I always wanted to be like, the kinds of guys I admired even when my girls left me for them.” Yeah, sad but true, but I didn’t care anymore because here I was, learning how it all worked directly from the guys who did it 24/7.



2010 Masterclass Alumni

“‎I admire you Troy for what you’ve created… the System works SO WELL I am not joking”

I’m an old Private Client, and I haven’t gotten in touch with the more recent evolutions of the system, but now you’ve made it easier for people to understand the system because of the 5 attributes. What i do now is just remind myself of the attribute that i read in a given situation and it’s STILL WORKING!

Now I honestly just turn down women and a handful of Fuck Buddies who just want me for sex, because now I’m looking for more than that… a good sign you told me that shows I am growing in all aspects of my life! It’s really THAT SIMPLE!  I am now on that path to finding women who are not just physically beautiful, but are great in all areas as well.

Thanks again!


2009 Private Client

“I was able to Move On from a 2-Year Relationship Using Troy’s System…”

I have been a follower of Troy Dizon and his fellow gentlemen for quite sometime now, i have used the methods most effectively and i GUARANTEE it works.

i recently got out of a 2 year relationship, and like an average guy, i was afraid i would have a hard time moving on, but with my knowledge of the 24/7 attractive man lifestyle, i have managed to change the path that i was about to head.. I’ve recently had successes hooking up with women and it was very rewarding meeting someone tonight and having a great time, wonderful time i should say!

I’m just really greatful about the knowledge that i have, i feel that it would be harder if i didnt have the self confidence that i have and the natural charisma that was molded to me by troys methods, it would be difficult for me to get to this happiness state that im in..

I feel very greatful Troy, thanks, i feel awesome!!!


Client, Pennsylvania

“I was working with some Troy Dizon material lately and i’ve to say it’s really working and worth it plus he’s a solid and no-bullshit teacher.”

I don’t exaggerate but that’s what i really experienced working with his material.


Purchased The College Invasion System

“Sunday Night of the bootcamp she was in my room…”

When I was signing up for a boot camp  several months ago, I still had some doubt about the quality of 247 AM program because my past experiences with some other pickup school had solidified my disbelief about the idea of teaching someone to be better with women through tactics and micro-techniques at conversational levels. However, I still wanted to improve and had a hope that learning from someone else could create a spin on my view and somehow magically correct my understanding about how to seduce women. So, I decided to give just one more try. Thankfully, Troy’s philosophies on dating were different from other PUI’s that I had met, and his confidence in teaching his knowledge was strong enough to correct my understanding on the concept of sexual attraction at all levels.

What I liked about his teaching style was that instead of trying to force a set of new theories into my head, he seemed to first carefully diagnose things that I was doing wrong or misunderstanding, and then helped me correct them with conversation and implementation of concepts.

In addition, Troy’s teaching style seemed to focus on developing client’s awareness of various theories on the nature of sexual attraction through adequate examples and practices, rather than making endless attempts and hoping a few lucky number or kiss-closes out of them which are unlikely to become anything more.

I liked Troy’s approach better than the former because understanding these theories allowed me to develop practical skills on my own after the PI, so trying as many approaches as possible was not our concern that weekend: the main concern was to thoroughly understand the theories. Troy also ensured that I understood the theories as a system rather than separate individual pieces by asking me questions and providing explanations how many theories are linked together after each approach.

After summarizing this long story of what happened during the camp, one thought remains the clearest in my mind: I have learned much quicker and more from failures than successes. In the future, I will make lots of attempts and errors to constantly learn and improve. I am very excited about my future journey of those failures in my dating life.


Private Client, Toronto Canada

“Troy is a great instructor. In the field, he is the real deal. As a coach, he is the real deal. As a friend, he is the real deal…”

So, here I am, one month removed the from Masterclass. I feel like my life has completely changed. I am not a different person, but I carry myself in a different way than I used to.

I have more fun. I get the girls that I want. I take things a lot less seriously. Im a lot more free. I can basically walk around and do whatever I want. If I see a girl that I find attractive, I know that I CAN get her and I know how to have fun with her. I know how to approach her, escalate her, direct her, close her, and continue the interaction further. If she’s moving, I know how to stop her. If she is working in a store, I can handle that too. I know myself a lot better. I know how to project myself. I know how to lead.

I know how to do a whole lot of cool stuff, and I learned a lot of it from Troy. He is a great instructor. In the field, he is the real deal. As a coach, he is the real deal. As a friend, he is the real deal. If you listen to him and follow his direction, you will get to where you want to be. I listened, I followed and now, here I am.


2008 Masterclass Alumni

“Troy, here’s what I got to say. Thank you. Finally I have a “normal” social life going on, not this PUA shit, and you were right. I got my shit together, and within 2 months I did get a girlfriend.”

“I mean finally, we’re those guys in the clubs having fun with the girls “naturally. In the past, the recurring question that kept coming back to me was: How come these people are having more fun in the clubs than I am without having my knowledge of picking up women? Now I understand. We’re really not PUA’s anymore. We’re just guys who have fun going out. We go out with regular groups of girls all the time, and doing this makes meeting new women WAY easier. It’s really different having a steady group of chicks AND meeting new chicks.”

“What’s even crazy is that *another famous pick up artist* and his instructor were on the dance floor trying to infiltrate our group. They did not look fun and looked like they were all business – plotting their next strategy. It was ridiculous. Again, thanks Troy. I can officially say we’re HUMAN NOW.”


2008 Masterclass Alumni

“What a Game Changer…”

Hey Troy, thanks again for the Prospecting series on the Champions of Choice October Pack. That’s some genius stuff dude!

I literally had an epiphany; i was prospecting on FB while listening to you talk about prospecting and all of a sudden i realized that a girl was prospecting me and i didn’t even have a clue until i got to the part where you started talking about the signs!!Complete game changer/awareness eye opener!


Champions of Choice Member and Mentorship Program Alumni

“I’m Glad I Bumped Into You Guys…”

Unlike all the other seduction crap that I regret reading, 24/7 AM actually helps me love myself and appreciate life. Here’s a log of my progress in the past quarter. I’m a very slow learner, but I’m enjoying the process.

You’re absolutely right about like attracts like. Based on my experiences and feedback from my female and male friends, I learned that I’m innately witty and funny. Using the (surprisingly) free tips I’ve read from this site, I’ve bumped into and befriended some professional comedians. Now I know where to take my women on dates. Comedy and sharing laughter is part of me.

I have really good friend who affirms your lessons. He showed me a collection of pics of women he banged. Most of them were in their undies. Then he said, “These are the rewards for being and loving yourself.” Boy, that really struck a chord in me.

Again, Many Thanks


Recent August 2010 Champions of Choice Member


“Troy’s Masterclass boot camp is simple, easy, and fucking powerful.”

I promise you this.. You WILL get laid. A LOT. The only thing I need to worry about now is my supply of condoms. Must.. Get.. Party Pack!! And my bed.. It’s about to break anytime soon because of those crazy chicks. Why memorize bullshit lines, strategies, gimmicks, and “secret” techniques that take too much time and effort when you can attract the women you want in less than minutes??! It WILL change your life. It’s that AWESOME.

There’s this chick, who’s a grand daughter of a famous political figure in my city.. I pulled her to my place a few days ago with almost no effort, she always pays for the cab and I reward her with sex.. Instant Fuck Buddy. All I had to do was use the 4vibes on her…

Update: My Bed Actually Broke, and one of my ex-girlfriends is a Norwegian Model


Masterclass 2009 Alumni

“I’ve gotten the privilege to meet some really talented guys in the community, had my share of successes, etc… but Troy — he’s a walking dynamo.”

What’s the dictionary definition of dynamo?

1. A generator, especially one for producing direct current.

2. An extremely energetic and forceful person: a vice president who was the real dynamo of the corporation.

Most of the guys I’ve met in the community (newbies, oldies, wannabes, instructors, etc…) have lacked the rare quality that makes a natural a natural: strong inner game. If you know you’re the shit — who or what is going to tell you otherwise? Does a lion ever ask for permission? That’s what Troy impressed upon me. Skills are skills. Anyone can learn them if they have the discipline and will. But skills can mask a weak inner game. After a little over a year of being in the game (luckily I found him first and have never looked back), I’ve had my share of successes and found my little niche in the pickup world. Like most guys who’ve been at it for a little while, we stop posting as much because it becomes a routine and we stop pushing and edging out our skills. Troy changed all that.

SEEING IT IN ACTION after reading and trying to practice on your own — talk about fireworks going off in your head. I remember after the first night I kept saying: “I fucking GET IT, now!” =)

Here are some conversational snippets from how I got a number of a hot Abercrombie Store Manager:

Troy: Do you know store game?

JK: I don’t do store game.

Troy: Why? It’s so easy, bro!

JK: I really don’t shop too much and don’t like being the creepy guy picking up girls in their place of work. Troy: Whatever. Wanna check out the Abercrombie store? It’s always fun in there.

JK: (uhh…..) ok.

Troy: Remember, lead, lead, lead. Look — get that hot chick in the front. Now go, go!

And that’s all I remember about the beginning. I forgot what I said to the store model girl, but I remember leading her toward the men’s jeans section TELLING her I needed some help. Next thing I know, the model girl goes and gets the hotter Asst Store Manager, we talk, regular convo game, she gave me GREAT customer service, and ended up buying the jeans because I really liked their fit. Then Troy calls me on my cell phone after about 10-15min:

Troy: Where are you?

JK: Uh…. I’m still in the store.

Troy: What’s going on?

JK: Well, she’s really cool, but she’s now behind the register, looks busy, and I can’t seem to find a way to get her out of there for isolation, blah blah blah

Troy: Doesn’t matter, just do it!

JK: Ok (this feels like bootcamp! ha!) Next thing I know, I’m at the register, she’s moving away from me, but I call out her name:

JK: AFMgr! Come here (I turn, walk away from the register, she’s following me, and I isolate her in the corner where she helped me find these kickass jeans).

This was the hard part. Really. Lead, lead, lead. What happened next was just standard convo game but with lots of emphasis on making statements and showing my dimensions.

I took Troy’s advice and asked for the store’s number and TOLD her:

JK: And while you’re at it, why don’t you type in your cell number as well. (smiling)

AFMgr: (She’s kinda blushing. It’s cute, endearing, and genuine). Sure. Why not? (smiling).

I met Troy outside the store and can’t believe how easy it was. What was stopping me? Myself and my social programming. In fact, it was kinda easy pickings and I was mentally kicking myself for not really trying any of this before. Thank God I found this guy.


San Francisco Private Client

“Your Stuff is the MOST Authentic and Goes Beyond Using Techniques…”

Hey Troy,

I’m from Australia and I just want to say your materials are the BEST out there for helping guys succeed with women. After reading your site a lot of it makes sense! I can always relate it back to why the natural guys I know succeed in life.

That’s one of the best parts I like about your work; it’s very natural & authentic because it goes beyond using techniques. You actually guide people into becoming a naturally attractive person by embracing what’s already inside of us. After that it makes perfect sense as to why you’d be attractive in general and to the opposite sex. I’ve only followed your blogs & listened to your podcasts but even that has helped me tremendously. Thanks a lot of your work!


Champions of Choice Member

“Since Being a  Champions of Choice Member I’ve been with 5 girls in the space of 3 months.”

Found the community 2007. Had fun learning how to be a chit chat master, however a year later, no real results. Exit. Felt I was getting weirder and less normal.

Had a year outside the community, DETOXING.

Found Troy, Listened to the podcasts, no bullshit golden nuggets in there. Watched the videos – dance game is GOLD!

Therefore signed up for CoC. First as a trial. But after the results and changes I started to see, I’m in.

So far I’ve been with 5 girls in the space of 3 months.

Girl 1 – My FB.

Girl 2 – Now ex-gf

Girl 3 – ONS – it was at her birthday party, she liked the gift I gave her haha

Girl 4 – Shes just dying to see me. Its SOO on when I do (CoC 5)

Girl 5 – Current gf

Girl 6 – will see haha

I listen to the podcasts to get into the 24/7 Attractive care-free attitude. Listen to the youtube (I converted them) conversations between Troy about x=x, presence etc as these remind me of what is KEY. Then after that, blast some music – prepartying, on my way to the boys. And then review my COC podcasts for more solid frameworks.

My analogy: Its all in the pot, like a really good soup. I must say, the soup is just soo good. Thats all that matters to me =D



“What Happens In Vegas, Like My First One Night Stand… Gets Posted on 24/7 Attractive Man”

I Went to Vegas for a convention for work this past week. I flew in Monday and had some spare time so I decided to go check out this ice bar in Mandalay Bay. The walls, stools, tables, even the glasses are made of ice. I thought that would make for a cool photo to send to friends so I went.

Walked inside and there were only a few people in there (10 at the most, this place was cool but small). I started talking to the people next to me. Nothing special, just “Hey how are you?”, “Wow this place is cool”, stuff like that. 2 other women walked in and started talking to this group that I was hanging out with.

2 real estate agents from wisconsin. One was married and the other was 41 years old and single with 2 kids back in WI. I was talking to both of them and the married one went off to get another drink and browse at the ice sculptures. The 41 yr. old hangs around. At this point, I knew something was cookin’.

More small talk except I foreshadowed things I wanted to do in Vegas that the two of us should do together. I’d check out her lips while she’s talking and then foreshadow what we should get for dinner.

We go get a small bite to eat (the 3 of us) and then she says she has to change and the 3 of us go up to the hotel room (they were sharing.) I have a beer and we start to go back down to House of Blues but I left my photos from the ice bar in the room. We go back and get them and head to the elevators. We get in the elevator (it’s only us now) and as the doors close I think of one of the last podcasts of the Instructor Insider series. There was an excerpt that went something like this:

“Guys, if you’re talking to an older woman and you find out her age, and she finds out your age, and she’s still talking to you………….she wants to ride you. That’s it.”

So with that in mind as soon as the doors close, I walk right over to her side, put one hand on her cheek, press her up against the wall and start kissing her. The elevator dings to signal a stop at one of the floors and I go hang out on the other side again.

We hit the house of blues and I meet her co-workers (awkward because they all know what I’m there for). Drink a little and she finally turns to me and says,”You know I’m 15 years older than you right?” (I’m turning 26 soon)

“Yeah. I don’t care.”


With that I said those famous words that I never ever used to say (and therefore would never get laid) but have started to love. “Let’s get out of here.”

Back to the Paris, up to my room, bada bing bada boom. My first experience with a milf.

Jeff R

2009 Masterclass Alumni

“Champions of Choice 1: Social Domination is very good and will make you a lot more social in 60 minutes”

The first thing Troy speaks about is how to get into a good state before going out. I would usually just go out without any preparation, which meant that I was lacking energy when arriving at the venue. I then faced the task of bringing my energy up in the venue, which I often found hard to do. This time I followed Troy’s advice and I felt amazing. I carried this feeling to the concert I was going to and suddenly people were noticing me and smiling at me right when I walked in, which made me feel even better. When previously the first set of the night was always a bit of a struggle, this time I found it hard NOT to open people.

Troy then speaks about how to make insta-friends at a venue. Previously, I would not “sarge” when I’m with my non-community friends. It just felt weird to go and open this 3-set over there and then the 2-set in the corner etc. This, however, is different. I can go and open groups while I’m with my friends and then introduce them to each other. While they’re still talking to this group I can open another one and then merge them. It was so much fun doing this at the concert on Friday. And the same thing worked equally well at a house party I went to on Saturday. And it even worked in the club we were going to after the house party.

All in all, I can only recommend being a member. COC has helped me tremendously this weekend and to be honest I only implemented a couple of things. There’s a lot more golden nuggets in it, which I’m going to put into practice the next time I go out.


Champions of Choice Member

“She came out the door after a little while with her purse at hand, smiling, like trying not to giggle, and we left…”

After reading the posts, listening to the free audio and some of the stuff on the forum I finally decided to purchase COC 8 the day that I woke up from a dream. In it was a beautiful girl at my side, she was really cool and hot and just when I was about to leave with her in the dream she went to the bathroom and never came back, and I left alone.

That day late at night I paid for what I thought was COC 8 (it still had not been published), but it was COC 7: Killer instinct and Closing Strategies and it turned out to be just what I needed.

It was 2am and I couldn’t sleep until I herd it all, it was different than I thought but it was late and I went to sleep. That Saturday I felt the change in the night, in a dreamish way I went to work (waiter) feeling normal, this pretty girl was looking and me as I did my round between tables, I thought I herd her saying something about me as I walked by, didn’t give it much thought. I saw her outside in the wooden porch, I casually talked to her a little, she was smoking with a sangria in her hand, she smiled… And like in a movie where things suddenly happen to the main character I found myself alone with her in the small hallway next to the bathrooms, she wanted to know my name and was leaning next to the wall like I was. Her shoulder accidentally hit the switch in the wall and turned off the lights, instantly I when in and whispered my name in here ear, I felt her soft skin with my cheek, I felt her body, her tingling energy, I kissed her in the dark (while working!!!), I turned on the lights and kempt my way to the kitchen trying not to grin. She waited for me after work; we kissed again under the security cameras in the restaurant, and I asked her looking her steadily on her eyes, ‘What are we going to do tonight?’ she said nervously ‘I don’t know, but I think am leaving with you’. She said goodbye to all of her cousin and friends that were there celebrating her birthday, I waited outside relaxed not really believing what was happening or was going to happen. She came out the door after a little while with her purse at hand, smiling, like trying not to giggle, and we left.

This is what happened to me, I had a good time, and it wasn’t so difficult or complicated as I was led to believe, and it came naturally, like it was something I could do all the time and it was there but I just didn’t see it, its just sexual gravity, the way that things naturally fall.


Champions of Choice Member


“Here’s My First Lay Ever in a Club… Within 14 Minutes…All Due to Troy’s Advice in the Field”

Well, March 14, 2008. Day 1 of Troy’s Class. That night, everyone in the decided to party at this huge club. To be honest, I opened way too many sets (even opening those who I didn’t think were open-worthy). All of them were successful, though I did have one set that crashed and burned. Oh well, don’t care. She’s probably having a bad day anyway. Hope she gets over it.

So, we were all having a good time when the rock star, the master, the GOD entered the building- Troy. Said hi, told him about the Crash and burn, told me a few tips, and decided to help/test me by telling me to open to this 2 set that was dancing oh so sexilly a few feet away from us. He told me, “Bro, tell them this – ‘Hey, you girls look like twins.” It was the perfect opener, since they were both rather short, and both had nearly identical dresses. So I went in, said the opener, and boom! I was in.

As I was dancing with them, Troy, who was just behind me monitoring my progress, told me rather loudly to ESCALATE! I turned back to him and mouthed the words, “How?” Now, you guys gotta give me a break on this one, coz 2 sets are really tough! (ask any PUA) So Troy steps in and says, “****! Why aren’t you sharing your girls?” So I said, “Hey bro! Girls, I want you to meet my friend Troy. He’s the coolest guy I’ve ever met!” Or something like that.

Anyhow, after the introductions, Troy said, “So bro, this is where we split the girls” and I respond by hugging my girl (a hardcore 8 by any standards) and telling him, “Sure bro! I’ll take this one!” (I swear to God this is exactly how it happened) So we dance, with me emulating Troy’s dance routine. He was dancing with his chick, twirling her and all, and I was just copying exactly what he was doing.

When he said, “Nice! You’re good! You told me you weren’t good! You’re lying!” I said to my girl, “Man, you’re good! I thought you said you weren’t a good dancer?” Hahaha… Anyhoo, so, this all happened in like 5 mins, then Troy suddenly says, “Bro, take her to another spot!”

Now, this is key – taking her everywhere in the club. The importance of this is well explained in his talk, and I’m just too much of a scrooge to share it with you guys. Hahaha… Anyway, I told her, “Man, let’s go near the DJ. I want to dance where the music is really loud!” So we go there, and we were grinding each other.

I THEN decided to do Troy’s perfume thing. Man, that stuff is money. It just turned her on so much! Basically, I smell her neck, tell her it smells sooo good and that it’s intoxicating, ask her what it is, she replies, and I smell her again and again, with a few neck kissing in between. Here, I have a dumb moment – I tell her to smell me too even though I don’t have any perfume on, and I smell like sweat (not BO). She smells me, realizes I smell like sweat, and I dunno, she kinda laughs it off I guess. Guys – if you have perfume, ask her to smell you. If you don’t, don’t. Use common sense. So, I was smelling her over and over, kissing her neck at times, and every time I kiss her, she just digs her nails to my back. After a few minutes of this (around 2 or 3, possibly 4), this mini conversation takes place: Me: Hey, wanna go somewhere more quiet? HB8: Yeah Boom! (For those who don’t understand, it was instant sex. Girls are really smart. They know when you say that, you’re inviting them to go have sex with them) So we grab a cab, say to the cabbie to take us to the motel (while she was out of the cab of course) and he decides to take us to a motel.

Hehe… anyhoo, all I ever heard while we were fucking were, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmyGOD!!!!!” and this certain sound that sounds like this – take the index and middle finger of your right hand, then continously slap it to your left forearm. That descriptive enough? Hahaha… Now, a certain tip – even when you get there, you guys will still get some last minute resistance. It’s pretty normal. She will be saying things like, “My God, I can’t believe I’m doing this!” and try to push you away.

When she does that, don’t mind it. Just continue what you are doing. Don’t even pause. Trust me. After doing the deed, I took her back to the club. Jeez, I had to go back to my friends, right? So, after all that happened, deep inside I was like, “Yeah, go back to your friends! Go!” hahaha… And I didn’t need to take her number.

Like what Troy said, number closes are useless. Proof that I didn’t get her number? My cellphone had an empty battery. Funny thing – I take her to the loudest side of the club, so that I can take her to a place more “quite”. hahaha…

Troy, You’re Awesome!


2008 Masterclass Alumni

“Very Satisfied…. 10 out of 10”

Seriously, Troy is amazing…as a teacher and as a person. To see him in the field is like watching a master craftsman. When he watches you in the field, he diagnoses your sticking point within seconds and corrects you immediately. His Charisma “Spidey” Sense is off the charts!


Masterclass Alumni

“I am Living Proof of the Unimaginable Results These Guys Can Do To You”

My background comes from a very conservative country. Girls were like taboo to me and the thought of talking to a new girl sent shivers down my spine. I was very active on the Internet and paid for many self-help and pick up products back in 2005. I tried the stuff out over and over “sarging” at malls, bookstores, and clubs, getting nothing more than a number and a date. Thereafter, I was fed up with the system and read Nash Casten’s email to our local lair and links to the site. After reading all the success stories, I wanted to be a success story, I had some money saved up and so I took the Masterclass as soon as it was available.

On the Second Day of the Masterclass: I had done something I had never done before…I was dancing on the dance floor. Secondly, I made out with a woman and had her number and a date setup. All this on the second day of Masterclass.

One Week After the Masterclass I met this new colleague at work who is so pretty, all the guys wanted to take her out and the ladies didn’t like that she took all the attention. I did 100% what my instructor told me during Masterclass – while every guy at work came up to her asking for her number and a date – which I could see was starting to frustrate her – I just interacted with her normally. I did exactly what I learned during the class both on a micro and macro scale. I communicated my core values, projected the fun vibe, and sexualized the interaction at all the right points.  She has a boyfriend, but on the second date she was in my room naked.

2 Weeks Later after the Masterclass I met a new manager at work who’s super attractive as well that everyone hit on her as always. After doing more of the same, and this time establishing a better Macro Plan, she was in my place right after the date.  10 min after having dinner, we are makin out so hard and wild. The next min she is completely naked and strips me. As Nash had taught me to be prepared with condoms, I had them when I needed them. Condom on, I lay her. We then sleep for the night and when she wakes up in the mornin, she tells me that….she couldn’t believe she had slept with me. But she tells me tht I am wild and she liked it.

Again, I am living proof of what these guys can do. Its undeniable!


2009 Masterclass Alumni and Champions of Choice Member


“The Man is a Complete Teacher….It was EASY”

So even though I felt like I’d been making progress trying other dating boot camps, I couldn’t shake this feeling that my game was incomplete. I knew how to structure a conversation, but when going to a club, or going to a mall, I felt like a fish out of water.

After seeing Troy in action in Vegas, I knew I had to learn from this guy. Troy made pickup seem easy.  I now see what the finished product looks like, and I have a path towards that. The highlight of Friday’s instruction session was watching Troy work his magic on a hot hairdresser. During breaks in the interaction, Troy would pull me aside and tell me exactly what was going on. I’d mostly seen him do club game in the past, so it was a good contrast to see how tight his verbal game was.

There wasn’t much structure to the teaching — we were walking around a mall and working/discussing various outer game concepts. We also shopped to build an outfit for the night. My first impressions of the outfit we built was that it was loud. But when I put it on right before going out, I looked in the mirror and was like “Damn, I look good!”

Night session was spent working on non-verbal game and of course, shattering my reality. God mode. Presence. Going up to Amazonian women, spinning them and easily isolating them. Holy shit, it really was that easy.

The next morning, I felt confident enough to do day time approaches by myself. Before meeting up with Troy, I approached a girl who looked like she was daydreaming and we had a great conversation. Once Troy broke down day game for me, I was downright giddy. My mind was racing, and I finally saw the Matrix. We walk around the mall, and I find myself doing more day time approaches than ever — it was easy. # closed a hired gun. Approach anxiety? Minimal.

I spent most of the second night hosting my birthday party, but made sure to have my own fun at the end. Kiss closed this tall girl during last dance (while freezing out these other dudes), and then some run and gun for a late night meal.

The day after, we talk about what went right, what went wrong, and what we need to do both in-field and out in order for me to continue making progress. The guy is a complete teacher. Lastly, additional thanks to Stone for helping out. If I had to talk about your involvement in my weekend, I’d never finish writing this report


2008 Private Client

“Thanks for the Best Weekend that Changed My Life”

Take an ordinary guy like me with low self-confidence, little experience with women but the will to change things. Let this guy get in touch with an amazing instructor like Troy with an unbelievable amount of energy, inspiration and motivation. For me, this was the perfect match.

Not only did he believe in me more than I did myself, he pushed me into baby steps to greatness. I solved all the the tasks and whenever I did, he had the next challenge already prepared.

Getting confronted with situations I thought I could never handle I got more and more calibrated: Talking to strange people in a bookstore or in the streets, direct approach to get a coffee date, opening sets in a bar, dancing with totally strange women, dealing with the manager of a pub and getting a free drink of the manager, getting invited to a private party in a pub, beeing persistent in a group of 15 people shrinking to 5 to get a certain woman, handling other guys and stealing their women, dancing salsa at Leicester Square with a bride, supporting naturals to get other women, going for the number and the making out, running guns and doing the Falcon Block at Leicester Square, winging with Troy.

To sum it all up: Troy and put the best out of me, I always had, but never used. I have no idea how I ended up having Troy mentor me, thanks for the best weekend of my life and for changing my life.


London Bootcamp Review, 2008

“Guys, After you take a Bootcamp with Troy, You’ll Never be the Same.”

It’s like taking the red pill (or was it green?) like Neo did, your world will be turned upside down. Except there won’t be any agents trying to kill you, just a ton of hot women and a life full of wonderful surprises and adventures.

Here’s something crazy, after the Sunday Debrief, I left the hotel at 5am to catch up with some people at another party before catching an early train, and WITHIN AN HOUR of leaving Troy already kissed an attractive MILF at 6am. I knew her from before but was never confident enough to lead her. She said she’s been fancying me for 6 months! She’s now started seeing someone but I pitch the idea of secret hotel flings and she liked it. My first lay of 2008 could be an age gap record breaker!


2008 London Private Client

“Women are No Longer a Question”

Women? For the first time of my life, women are no longer a question. I got divorced almost four years ago and at the time I wondered if I would ever find a woman that wants me.

I studied the whole PUA thing and did improve a bit, however there was still had a lot of nervousness anytime I would get around any good looking woman.

Not until I started implementing the 24/7 Attractive Man principles did I start to truly see the improvements that I wanted. The biggest piece of that was simply by putting myself in the social circles that include the type of women I want in my life and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I completely COMMITTED myself to improving myself. I knew that if I improved myself, the women will come.

I have not only put myself in those social circles where beautiful women are overflowing, I am a major part of it. When I walk in the room people scream my name. Women scream my name. I can now walk into at least 3 social circles with ease and comfort.

I just finished reading your latest article on Preconceived Seduction and completely agree with it! The work is being done for me via my social circle. In the words of my mentor Troy Dizon, DONE!

Meeting up with these women and escalating sexually is simply done by immediately sexualizing the conversation. I am training as a boxer and workout quite a bit so sexualizing the conversation is easy. Then throw in my salsa and bachata dancing… women immediately visualize her and I getting very hot and sweaty together.

I then use facebook to display all my dimensions and pipeline more women. Seriously? It’s that easy at this point. 24/7 Attractive Man!


Thanks Troy. I am eternally grateful.


Dallas Texas

Private Client and Champions of Choice Member

There are so many things that I’ve learnt from Troy and his system that I don’t even know where to start. Having come from a pickup artist background, and being naturally stubborn, it was really hard for me to make the transition.  I had to drop everything I perceived as true, and reconstruct my interactions and mindsets to a completely new dimension.


But has that helped me?  HELL YES.  I can’t even begin to pen them all down, but I’ll tell you this.  I am more genuine now, I am less in my head, and I am finding it easier to converse with girls. Back in the day when I was still a PUA, I could never let myself be myself.  Simply because my head will keep thinking, “I need to keep her attracted to me”, “Is this a good time to build rapport?”, “Oh she said this.  I need to disqualify myself!”.  Holy shit.  With all so many thoughts in my head, how could I have a proper interaction?

In fact, all thanks to Troy and the local crew that he has helped built up, I learnt important lessons that quickened my progress and limited the time that I needed to alienate myself from all the PU theories and techniques, which DON’T WORK by the way.

Now I don’t say that without proof; 1 year after my Masterclass, I am enjoying my time right now with my fuckbuddy, and looking to hook up with another girl soon.  When I was doing that whole PUA bullshit, I lost a girl right after I slept with her, and I fucked up a potential relationship because I was doing that whole PU thing on her.  Retention rate back then, practically zero.

I am not here to convince anyone, but having been on both sides of the pond, my experiences tell me what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a little story for all you PUAs.  I recently saw a PU company conduct its bootcamp in Singapore.  At that time when I saw the interaction between one of the instructors and a girl, I wasn’t aware that the PU company was in town.  The interaction happened right beside me.  The first thing the instructor did, was to take the girl’s hand and spin her around.  That was already weird.  I was with my friend and we were both thinking, “is that a PUA?”  Throughout the interaction, the guy had this plastic vibe which just felt fake, and it was palpable just from hearing the guy’s conversation.  Eventually, the girl tried to excuse herself.  But the instructor wouldn’t let her go without reading her palm first.  Oh boy.  Needless to say, the girl didn’t hang around to “build comfort”.

So here’s a big thank you to Troy aka the Social Physicist , Xavier, Val and all the other 24/7 Attractive guys who have helped me in my journey. I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten.  I am still learning and wouldn’t consider myself excellent with girls, but heck, the system makes it so much easier.


2009 Masterclass Alumni and Champions of Choice Member


“I probably said it before, but I feel that what Troy teaches is bigger than pickup.”

For a generation of guys who grew up without fathers, being 24/7 Attractive is about defining what it means to be a man, to be a leader, to take risks, and to stand your ground. And yes, women today with their six-figure incomes and fast cars still find this sexy. And Troy knows this. And this is the genius of  what Troy has in store for you.

When I returned to my small hometown, I opened a cute Asian girl in the Laundromat, late one night. I practiced physical leading and we ended up salsa dancing while our laundry dried. A week later, I was approached by an exotic brunette in my gym who thought I was the dance instructor. I didn’t let her leave, though. I practiced physical compliance and got her to demonstrate her capoeira moves on the dance floor. Then I number closed her. Last night I found myself drinking wine in her bedroom. In two weeks I will fly to Dubai to be with my beautiful Russian babe to greet the New Year. I love this life.

I’m thankful I was able to take private instruction with Troy. Wish I could have spent more time with him. I had a lot more questions. I’ve met some amazing women this year. And I know this is just the beginning.


Private Client and Champions of Choice Member

“The Free Stuff ALONE got me laid!”

I Tried Out Troy’s Stuff, and guess what, Results! Let Me Just Say that there is no weird “artwork” necessary to make the 24/7 AM system to work. I’ve never taken a program with them but just reading the free resources ALONE has gotten me laid more than once. I can scarcely imagine how much more could I get with the premium stuff.




“I feel much more confident in interacting with people now..”

Thanks to you for the bootcamp training. I found a lot of answers to many of my questions, which was VERY important to me. I had fun times learning with you and your team. You were all very nice and supportive to me during the weekend.

I really do feel the change in me after the bootcamp. And i can see things in my interaction with people much more clearly. I have lots more understanding about why things happend the way they do. and i also really feel much more confident in interacting with people now.

Thank you very much!


2011 Los Angeles Private Client



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8 Comments to “Live Programs”

  1. By Han, September 9, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

    Hi Troy,

    I’m interested in the summit in Singapore this Nov. What are the program details like? Is it the same as the Master class?

    And why is it so much cheaper than the Masterclass itself?


    PS. your email and contact form does not work at all!

    • By admin, September 9, 2010 @ 11:52 pm

      Hey Han,

      Real quick, we subsidized the price for the Summit because of two things,

      1) We are in a celebratory mood (end of the year + me and Nash Casten’s birthday’s = let’s subsidize the price)

      2) We want people who have been saving up for the Summit to come.

      As for the content, its the same as the Masterclass. It will be 2 days though, instead of 2.5, but all areas will be covered.

      If you can sign up before end of September do so, as I am throwing bonuses out this month.

      Any questions, just email me here, Han.


  2. By THS, October 10, 2010 @ 2:45 pm

    hello troy.. i’m a Singaporean and i’ve only just heard about the Masterclass you’re holding here. unfortunately i don’t have a credit card yet(planning to apply for one but i dont know how long it’ll take) so i can’t make payment yet. is there any other way i can pay you guys other than credit card? alternatively please let me know when you guys are coming to singapore again for another masterclass so i can save up!


    • By admin, October 10, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

      Hey THS I’ve sent you an email about the alternative payment options :)

  3. By Neil, December 12, 2010 @ 10:37 am

    Come here in the Philippines!

    Want to attend your seminar but can’t afford your price! 😀

    • By admin, December 12, 2010 @ 4:54 pm

      Something big is coming up in Manila Neil, and definitely will be affordable :) Just be patient!

  4. By Jakeman, December 27, 2011 @ 6:39 pm

    we Malaysians felt a little left out here. Do come here and share your expertise. :)

    • By admin, December 27, 2011 @ 9:23 pm

      Hey Jakerman. I emailed you already don’t worry no stone will be left unturned :)

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