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I am more than ECSTATIC to share to you guys this success story, because this guys journey has been about adventures, misadventures, mis-fires, and a LOT of battling his own demons… and ultimately succeeding. He’s a good kid with a good heart, and hey he deserves everything in this world, especially the Poonany.

If you remember, he’s the same guy who made that HUGE LEAP OF FAITH by being the first to apply the anti-self sabotage technique.  After his awesome self-revelation experience in Chicago during our Masterclass Live Program… the stars became aligned and he’s never looked back since.

So, tonight we’re talking to Henry. He’s read the stories, the insane reports, the post-masterclass reviews for YEARS, and NOW he’s actually LIVING those stories and shares what it feels like to finally get it. This is a can’t miss podcast.

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Here’s What’s on this AWESOME PODCAST

A Month After Masterclass and 4 DAYS into College and Henry Now Has a Girlfriend!

…Henry shares the COMPLETE REPORT on how it went down from A-Z (Do Not Miss It because it was a Picasso Performance of our 24/7 Attractive System!)

– Henry talks about how the 24/7 Attractive System is NOT about forcing girls or convincing girls, its just a system for conveying your personality that women are ALREADY naturally attracted to!

– Henry Shares a Powerful Core Value PLUS a Nifty “adjustment” he did after to finish it

– Douschebag Frat Guy Grenades Himself While Trying to Take Henry’s Girl!!! Listen to How Henry Dealt with it… and it wasn’t AMOGING

– The Shake Weight Tease from the COC August Pack FUCKING WORKED! ROFL

– Smashing the Moral *Fucking* High Horse

– Listen to Me and Henry Re-enact the “Hands Down” Funniest Moment of the Chicago Masterclass with the Borders Girl (the play by play that will make any beginner feel better)

– Henry did NOT have it easy… more stories of his hilarious MEGA FAILS as we reminisce

– Henry describes how important respect is, and how he got it from his friends in College.

– Henry gives a critical training tip that he believes every guy should use when learning 24/7 AM



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